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FS Hague up for Hypocrisy Award

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The UK’s Foreign Secretary William Vague yesterday informed one press hack from the Hypocrisy Gazette that he is absolutely sickened by the Houla Hoop massacre of unarmed civilians - men, women and children - in Syria, which he, in his unqualified arrogance, blames on the Assad regime’s troops, with nary a mention of the involvement of the Arab Coalition mercenaries led by the Libyan al Qaeda terrorist, Shaheed al Ka-Boom.

And on this finger-pointing score to attribute blame regardless of who the fuck did what, the pro-Zionist Tory FS Vague, while being a closet case poofter and crypto-Jew, has long since been outed as a career Rothshite crime syndicate gopher and kikester war criminal apologist with ‘Israel First’ stamped on his forehead – and on this issue obediently joins the Western black propaganda media machine – both working flat out like a lizard drinking to get the message across that the evil Assad regime is solely responsible for this latest war crimes atrocity – and definitely not the Qatar-Saudi funded terrorists posing as the ‘Free Syrian Army’.

Nope, nary a mention of the incriminating fact that the rebel mercenaries are trained, funded and armed by the West (and the UK) and, alike Libya, tasked with implementing this 'proxy war' and committing atrocities to smear Assad and his government and evoke condemnation from the UN.

Hence to achieve this end, these shitbags will order the execution of whatever atrocities are required to evoke a state of affairs to denigrate the Assad regime with culpability for their dirty deeds of villainy – targeting fellow Muslims – and thus manifest a state of affairs where the compliant Zionist-dominated UN Security Council can sanction yet another nasty NATO ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ military intervention campaign.

That is if, of course, permanent Security Council members Russia and China can be coerced into staying their veto power this time around – mesmerised to believe that further Western neo-imperialist expansionism in the Mid-East and Greater Asia to consolidate their regional military hegemony and control of natural resources presents no threat to their own interests.

Unfortunately, convincing the ultra-paranoid Chins and Russ’s of the above factors will be on a par with attempting to shove butter up a porcupine’s arse with a red hot barbeque skewer.

A pity that psychopaths like Vague and his ilk – all handy enough stooges to have on the Rothshite / Israeli team, working to advance the Great Satan’s Foreign Policy Initiative / 24 Protocols of Zion agenda – are so predictable and transparent in the enactment of their skulduggery.
Funding and loosing a bunch of Jolly Jihadi barbarians from the Mayhem, Havoc and Chaos Club to re-enact the Libyan scenario and reduce the once-well-ordered Syrian society and its infrastructure to ruins – just to bring about regime change and topple another skittle in the march towards Iran and global domination.

So, regardless of the UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Mick Clogg issuing such dire threats that the Assad regime’s athletes could be banned from the Olympics - and Vague insisting Basher Assad implement the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi An a Cuppa Tea’s ‘designed to fail’ sixty-six point plan - which originally aimed to bring about a cease fire and open political dialogue – Syria’s heading for total civil war and creating the required window for NATO intervention as long as the Arab Coalition / Western funded terrorists continue to slaughter civilians and have the hapless Assad regime and military cop the blame.

Regardless of the Syrian government denying army involvement and blaming the slaughter on the terrorist gangs – or Vague’s Twittering that Assad’s most senior diplomat in the UK will be summoned to the Foreign Office this morning for a severe wrist smacking so that ‘Zionist Willy’ can personally express his ‘absolute horror’ over the Houla Hoop massacre – which according to his faulty rhetoric serves to ‘shine a light to the whole world on the oppression and brutality of the Assad regime’ – it’s all a propaganda pantomime of Busby Berkeley proportions.

Alas, the 15,000 thousand deaths in Syria in the past year are sweet fuck all in comparison to what is planned – a continuing campaign of abuse, torture and homicide - if Assad doesn’t step down and turn the running of the country over to the rebel terrorist militias so they can become like Israel – a regional Beacon of Democracy. But it’s ‘bombs and bullets’ first – got to keep the military-industrial complex happy and in profit.

Like the Joker said “It’s all part of The Plan”.

Regarding the Olympics, Vague stated the UK government has the power to prevent members of the Assad regime from entering the country – with deputy PM Mick Clogg informing the Biased Broadcasting Corporation's Andrew ‘Bat-Ears’ Marr that if any member of the Syrian Olympic delegation was shown to be part of the ruling regime, they would be denied entry to the UK.
"The scenes of savagery on our television screens are revolting, stomach-churning – so if you've abused human rights – and that's shown to be the case - you are not welcome in this country."

Quite right too, Cloggy. Just a pity the same rule doesn’t apply to Israeli war criminals like Tipzi Livid and Co – the architects of Operation Cast Lead.

Regarding the BBC’s (Biased Broadcasting Corporation) hysterical finger-pointing and black propaganda shit stirring blitz against Assad & Co, the pictures they posted on their online news website depicting rows of victim’ bodies of the alleged government massacre in the effort to promote a NATO-led attack on Syria were actually photos of dead Iraqi children taken in 2003 in Al Mussayyib.

As to Kofi Annan’s ‘fubar six-point peace plan – it needs and extra point adding and expanding into a seven point plan – to stop outside interests arming the rebels / terrorists who have been tasked with an agenda of wholesale slaughter as per the Houla Hoop debacle, get it blamed on the Assad gang and hence derail the peace process and provoke intervention by Western powers.

Thought for the day. It is said that when the worth of a man’s word is lost, then the lie is the first step on the path to murder.
Now Willy Vague is Judas incarnate manifested - Israel's bitch - who has not only betrayed the constituents he swore to represent with his immoral promotion of military aggression and war crimes but stood as the mouthpiece ‘justification’ apologist for Israel’s 2008-2009 Festive Season offensive on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip where the IDF’s homicidal psychos murdered any fucker old enough to bleed. Then came Libya - and now Syria – and then Iran – Greater Persia - the Gulf region prize the West will choke on.

Regardless, fuck the Great Satan and Israel – and NATO - and the insidious ZioNazi New World Order.

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Absolutely spot-on as usual, never a word about the Gaza massacre, these fuckers make me sick.