Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bliar Ready for UK Political Comeback

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As if we hadn’t seen enough of the arch-twat Tony ‘Trust Me’ Bliar and his shameful legacy of swapping Democracy for Debtocracy, involving us in this interminable and belligerent foreign wars adventurism with the Great Satan, creating a CCTV panopticon surveillance society, and forwarding the Thatcherite social engineering ‘globalisation’ policy of de-industrialisation and creating mass unemployment - plus introducing education policies that have brought about an upsurge in illiteracy and innumeracy, and left a generation of unemployable young people stranded in a jobless environment – the super-scumbag now has the brazen hubris to publicly announce he’s ready for a political comeback and wants to reengage in Broken Britain’s government.

This lethally-nannyish imbecile – a alleged closet case sodomite and war criminal of the worse kind, who counts corrupt abominations such as Lord Peter Scandalson – aka ‘Vermin in Ermine’– amongst his ‘friends’, was not only culpable of first-hand involvement in the assisted suicide / fatal coronary murders of Dr David Kelly and ex- Foreign Secretary Robin Cook – but also the legions killed, maimed and wounded in the concocted 7/7 London Tube terrorist strikes by Mohammed al Patsy and his gang of Leeds-based stooges (read MI6 and Mossad’s psycho kikesters) – on top of the hundreds of thousands of Afghan and Iraqi civilians who suffered similar fates through Bliar’s criminal complicity in the illegal invasions of their nations – all based on the 9/11 false flag attacks and a very dodgy weapons of mass distraction dossier conjured and spiced up by the venal spin doctor - Alastair ‘Twathooks’ Campbell.

Bliar, a certifiable raving megalomaniac, is scheduled to launch his proposed political comeback when he appears on a joint platform with New Labour’s juvenile leader Ed Millipede this July, in the aftermath of the devastating false flag Muslim terrorist attack planned for the 2012 Olympic Games venue.

This man, who did his fair share – and more – to add to the agonising death throes realisation of the Thatcher de-industrialisation policy to ensure Britain stayed broken, will be joined by his equally money-grubbing wife Cherie at the ‘blood n gore’ Olympics event to further demonise Islam and justify military retaliation and incursions against Muslim states - if Kwik-Fit can vulcanise her ‘burst tyre’ mouth in time with PIP breast enhancing silicon.

Seduced by the Rothshite ZioNazi crime syndicate’s Dark Side Investments arm, Terrible Tony long ago decided the ultimate destination on Life’s journey of self-discovery was to worship at the altar of Mammon and be bestowed with material riches (what banksters refer to as ‘lots and lots of money’) with spiritual enlightenment and attainments be damned – like Broken Britain’s tax-paying public.

The despicable lavvy-loitering Anthony Charles Lynton Bliar, once prosecuted for importuning in a Westminster public toilet, is apparently labouring under the fallacious impression that enough time has passed (and sufficient fluoride-laced tap water drunk) for the UK’s common herd to have forgotten the disastrous effect the Iraq war had on his already-tarnished image and how he was humiliatingly blackmailed and forced from office by that snidely porridge wog Gordon ‘Cyclops’ Brown in 2007.

The gospel according to his newly-hired spin doctor, Fellattia van der Gamm - an ex-Whitehall press hack and co-director of the prestigious National Islamophobic Propaganda Institute - the former New Labour PM, in his delusion Messianic state, has a ‘shock n awe’ message for the people of Britain and believes the time is right for him to make an impact on the home front after years wearing the political pariah cloak and fronting as an apologist for Baron Rothshite’s crime empire capital of Israel.

Obviously Fellattia’s going to have her work cut out trying to portray Bliar's cash schemes - charging up to £300,000 for after-dinner speeches and claiming a Parliamentary pension of £63,468 quid per annum - in a positive light when the latest accusations of greed revealed in the Daily Shitraker expose the fact he made zillions of pounds last year but paid sweet fuck all in tax via a complex web of dodgy offshore companies established by his Tel Aviv-based accountant, Shylock Scattstein to do HMRC out of their due of the £25-plus zillion quid income raked in since he departed Downing Street - by writing it all off as ‘administrative expenses’. But that’s the payoff rewards for backing the illegal invasions of other sovereign states.

Meanwhile, Bliar has attracted criticism and been branded a total scumbag and dog-wanker for combining his business interests with charitable work, plus establishing the dodgy Tony Bliar Benevolent Fund Foundation juxtaposed with his ‘official’ Middle East role as a peace envoy – abusing this position to amass a fortune at the expense of the marginalised Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip – surrounded by Israel’s 30-foot high racist Great Apartheid Wall and trapped inside the biggest Nazi style concentration camp on the planet.

Thought for the day: Bliar, the Mid-East peace envoy - another position at which he’s failed in a stellar fashion - (what a fucking joke when World War Three’s on the agenda with the imminent UN-sanctioned NATO invasion of Syria and a pre-emptive strike against Iran) – still has his venal sights set on the super-Presidency of the EUSSR and occupying the proposed ‘Anti-Christ’ throne in Brussels – then Jerusalem - when the posts of Jose Barofsoap and Herman ‘Catweazle’ Rumpypumpy are abolished and the ‘super-Presidency’ created – just for Tony.

So while this shameless tosser might be ready for a UK political comeback - do we really need another criminal scumbag joining an already graft and corruption-ridden government staffed by a merry mix of incompetents and sexual deviants?

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