Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chen Guangcheng Flies Out – to Beijing

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Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng - who recently became the East-West Great Game chessboard’s one-upmanship strategy centrepiece in a most embarrassing diplomatic impasse between the Beijing’s ruling Politburo octogenarians and the pro-Zionist stooges in Washington – is finally on his way to the United States – or so he thinks.

The Middle Kingdom’s mandarins, whether under the Imperial Kleptocracy socio-political system of yesteryear or the corruption-ridden People’s Marxist Utopia doctrine forced on the hapless population by Mao and his officious gang of psychopaths, have a long history of being sore losers and are renown for resorting to whatever dirty deeds are required to come out as top dog in a foreign policy pissing competition – especially so where the Ham Shanks are concerned.

Hence once again, in a case of being regarded as ‘weak and impotent’ by submitting to diplomatic entreaties from the Great Satan and the Kenyan-Indonesian cuckoo Hope & Change hypocrite of an impostor squatting in the Oval Office to curtail Chen’s house arrest status and grant his application for a passport and an exit visa, Beijing’s ruling tosspots have resorted to a employing a spot of sneaky Oriental legerdemain.

The blind socio-political activist, a former rickshaw mechanic and self-taught barrack room lawyer, accompanied by who he believes to be his family, boarded a flight to the good ole US of A on Saturday afternoon to take up an offer of a funky teaching fellowship at the prestigious New York University - only unbeknown to Chen the plane simply flew around Outer Mongolia for several hours before landing back at Beijing’s Capital International Airport to an faux announcement of ‘Welcome to JFK Airport, New York.”

After disembarking Chen was swept through immigration and customs channels like shit through a goose, then ushered into a sound-proof limousine and conveyed to the sprawling Shaw Bros film studios where he checked into an apartment on their New York film set – currently geared up to replicate The Truman Show – with Chen as the principal stooge.

State Security Colonel Flip Flop Fong boasted to one press hack from the Hoodwinked Review “Hey, Chen’s blind and can’t tell shit from shinola. He’ll be happier here, wandering around the film set with a protest placard hanging round his scrawny neck – and we’ll tell the stupid foreign devil Yanks that he’s defected to Iran. That should stir up a suitable diversion and a most convenient black propaganda issue to get the Rothshite Zionists and the Islamic Republic into a synchronised Mexican standoff finger-pointing blitz - snapping at each other’s throats – and keep Washington’s noses out of our sphere of influence.”

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