Friday, 27 January 2012

ZioNazi Mafia Funding Gingrich Campaign

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So, the Republican candidate squabble for the GOP Presidential bid continues, albeit with a depleted line up of contestants willing to keep up the fantasy ‘war on terror’, further demonise Islam and bomb Iran back to the Stone Age - if they can only get their arses into the coveted Oval Office slot.
Apart from the only upright – and sane – bloke amongst the shower of shits – Ron Paul - what a bunch of dog wankers and tosspots they are – and all suffering from the ego surpasses intellect syndrome. 300 million Yanks to choose from and this is the best they can do?

Oh well, it’s all the Rothshite crime syndicate need to implement and discharge their Israel First and New World Order agendas – with Tel Aviv deciding US foreign policy to suit their advantage.
Any doubts, just think back to the last clot – Dubya Bush – now you couldn’t find a more stupid prick to be President if you tried – although he did have a genuine US birth certificate – and a Texan social security number – unlike the Kenyan cuckoo squatting in the White House right now – Mista Hope n Change. The Teleprompter Man

So, while Ron Paul’s chances are stricken by the fact he comes across as an honest bloke – the only one capable of intelligence, independent thinking and possessed with common sense out of the septic bunch - hence has as much chance of being selected as of Obama admitting he’s an impostor - at least the more lunatic fringe have now been eliminated. Specifically the batshit bonkers Michelle Bachmann; the equally dingbat Herman Cain; Rick Perry; Jon Huntsman and Cruddy Roemer.

Thus we’re left with the three likely lads: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and the graft and corruption-ridden witless wonder from Pennsylvania - ‘Rabid Rick’ Santorum - all stigmatised by AIPAC’s Four B’s Doctrine: Bribery, Blackmail, Bludgeons and Bodybags. Ah well, any one of them is up to doing the job – obeying the Rothshite crime syndicate’s orders – with a spot of ego-massaging and a few dollars thrown in. A Nobel Peace Prize, perhaps.

But a peek behind the polls, with the kikesters in control of the primaries’ vote count, indicates that ‘The Grinch’ is the boy the Ashkenazi Jews of convenience want in the White House.

Newton Leroy Gingrich - the type of person who intuitively prompts you to count your fingers after shaking hands with him. Another of the good ole US of A’s jukebox politicians – and they’ve got a Senate and Congress full of them - stick a few coins in and Newt will play any tune his Masters want – such as “What Palestinian question? The Palestinians don’t exist – they’re just a figment of some fucker’s warped imagination. God bless Israel. Israel forever.”

Yep, Newt’s the guy to push the implementation of the ‘Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act’ and the ‘National Defence Authorization Act’ to fruition – and clear out the Occupy 99% scum from their anti-capitalist squats and fill the FEMA camps like Auschwitz Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen.
If the Israeli psychos want to attack Iran then Newt’s just the man to have in the Oval Office to okay US support – and pre-emptive strike participation.

But Newt’s high on family values too – as evidenced recently by using the daughters from his first marriage to Jackie Battley to convince the media - and thus the public - that Marianne Githner, his wife from the second fubar marriage, is lying about the third wife - Callista ‘Blonde Moment’ Bisek.
Let’s not forget the character of this scumbag that AIPAC are pushing for the top job – who visited first spouse Jackie in hospital following her cancer surgery – to inform her he was shacking up with Marianne and wanted a divorce. Nice bloke.
No shit, Newt might as well be a shifty Shylock himself, doling out chutzpah of that audacious calibre.

So, who’s just bunged a big wad into the funding kitty for the Grinch’s campaign, might we ask? None other than the zillionaire kikester Sheldon ‘Monkey Boy’ Adelson – Nevada’s notorious kiddie fiddling poison dwarf cum Las Vegas casino owner cum Rothshite crime syndicate gopher.
Shifty Sheldon’s in tight with Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo, and reputed to be a faithful ‘sayan’ and paymaster for Mossad’s US ‘Kidon’ hit squads, A sponsor of Israeli art students. Thick as thieves (sic) with WTC owner Larry Silverslime – and a founding member of Las Vegas’ St Shylock’s Synagogue for Latter Day Hi-Fivers.

Doubtless the Grinch and Shorty Adelson have a lot in common, as if either of them dropped dead there would be no need to dig a grave due the fact both are so bent the undertakers could simply wind them into the cemetery sod like a couple of corkscrews.

For the record, following in the footsteps of fellow kikester Meyer Lansky, Adelson purchased the Sands Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (the former hangout of Frank Sinatra and the notorious Twat Pack) as the main vehicle of choice for laundering their crime syndicate earnings – and now, with his Chinese Black Dragon Society partner Stan Ho, owns the Cotai Landfill Casino Resort in Macau – an artificial island constructed entirely out of cast-off betting slips, knotted condoms, chewed beer mats, aborted foetuses and the mutilated bodies of no-pay losers snuffed by the Big Nose Tong.

Oh yes, just like Tel Aviv, if Beijing has a problem with US foreign policy, Adelson is the man they call – who is straight on the phone to his stooges in Congress – such as convicted criminal Tom DeLay. So if Newt gets into the White House, the US of A will be run by the Knesset – even more so than it is already.

Thought for the day. Within the Oxford English Dictionary’s indexed lexicon of 750,000-plus words there is none that accurately describes Newt Gingrich or his pathetic human condition - however it has been unanimously agreed by a conclave / synod of Democrats that the word CUNT comes pretty close.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a ZioNazi-infested area and may contain traces of apartheid, lunacy and galloping racism.

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