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Government to Ban ‘Critical Thinking’

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The sinister government front group Demos is shitting kittens that children are sourcing cyberspace websites to question what they’re being force fed by rote and indoctrinated with in school classrooms like so many pate foie gras geese being reluctantly stuffed to the gills with seven kinds of crap.

A report in the Daily Shitraker reflects Demos’ panic state at what they term conspiracy theories – specifically any and all critical thought that questions the status quo and official establishment consensus, broadcast by the Zionist-owned media networks and newspapers.

Demos is on a mission and out to abolish critical thinking in all its terrifying forms, preaching a mantra that students should only believe what the government and its compliant mainstream media muppets have to say.
Apropos, if we pursue that policy then we’re going to end up believing arseholes like Tony Bliar and his dodgy weapons of mass distraction dossier - and that Muslims hate our pork pies and democratic freedoms (whatever the fuck they are in this panopticon surveillance Big Brother society).

Hmmm, it was only the life-saving (sanity-saving, perhaps) device of critical thinking that got us out of believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy – and monsters under the bed – and fearing the dark – and the fiction that Dr David Kelly committed suicide in the Grassy Knoll Woods by slashing his left wrist with a blunt gardening knife. Likewise, that Mohammed al Patsy and his three Yorkshire cohorts blew up the London Tube trains and a double decker bus (and themselves) on 7/7 while an anti-terrorism practice drill was being performed at the very same targets – and neither Mossad nor MI6 had sweet fuck all to do with it.

And this is what has got the government petrified - students becoming engaged in critical thinking processes at a geometric ‘avalanche’ rate and questioning the official version of everything that goes ‘bump’ in the night.
Why not too, since a succession of shifty governments, present and past, have been caught lying and whitewashing all manner of scandals – from susceptible school kids being bombarded with black propaganda - likes Al Bore’s An Inconvenient Pile of Bullshit attempt to sell the anthropogenic global warming / Climategate scam. All are now totally devoid of credibility – their moral franchise pawned and bankrupt.

Demos is a front for the insidious Common Purpose social engineering ‘charity’, who mesmerise their stooges via neuro-linguistic programming, all in the advancement of Britain’s role in the a Federalised EUSSR and the New World Order.
(The Common Purpose brain-washing clique should not be confused with Common Porpoise – a genuine charity that caters to the needs of distressed pelagic mammals – as evidenced by its Dozy Dolphin logo).

So, Demos and Co, whose logo includes the Illuminati all-seeing eye of Horus (Golden Mean) within its design, are tasked with convincing the masses of unwashed peasants to believe the fables that officialdom foists on them.
Intrinsically they act as a platform for the ZioNazi elitists who wish to drastically alter society, eliminate our freedoms, and sacrifice British sovereignty and independence in the pathetic pursuit of the pipe dream of global government – a fatally-flawed concept, doomed from inception as evidenced by the current plight of the EUSSR 27 member Debtocracy.

So it’s on the official educational agenda to abolish the facility of critical thinking and reinforce official propaganda through the school room curriculum – and in the process demonize any fucker and their dog who dares challenge the fidelity of our chain of disingenuous, corrupt governments and their criminal activities - while they proceed to use stooge organisations like Common Purpose and Demos to infiltrate schools and act as Thought Police.
No government wants the sheeple, the common herd, evolving the facility of thinking for themselves, then having the audacity to start asking lots of awkward questions and bucking the status quo.

Awkward questions such as why, if there’s nothing to hide, did Lord Whitewash of the Coverups, who chaired the corrupt inquiry into the David Kelly assissted suicide scandal, secretly barred the release of all medical records, post mortem results and unpublished evidence for 70 years?

Same again with the Dunblane massacre, where 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Fremason Lord Willy Cullen of Shitekirk, tasked with the ‘inquiry’ into known paedo’ Thomas Hamilton – a procurer of young boys for his Masonic mates - going a bit squirly and murdering sixteen children – imposed a 100 year secrecy order on the details of the case – to conceal the depth of the kiddie fiddling scandal.
Just like Tony Bliar putting the blocks on the findings of the UK Plod Squad’s Operation Ore investigation into rampant paedophilia – before half of the House of Conmans membership got arrested.

Really, the vermin currently infesting Parliament and the House of Conmans – specifically the Conservative Friends of Israel, and their Lib-Dum Friends of Israel coalition partners – and too Labour’s Friends of Israel Club – want any fucker or their dog questioning why the government denounce despotic pariah regimes throughout the Mid-East for their horrendous human rights and wrongs records yet never voice one word of censure or criticism but conversely ‘applaud’ the sins of the psychopaths running the Rothshite bankster syndicate’s crime capital terrorist state of Israel as a shining example of democracy while the IDF and Knesset’s thugs visit the most disgusting racist atrocities upon the marginalised Palestinian populations of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip – with the latter besieged behind the Great Apartheid Wall inside the biggest concentration camp on the planet that surpasses anything Hitler’s Nazis ever conceived.

Hmmm, little fucking wonder Demos are attempting to shove shit uphill and ban crtitical thinking that might question and challenge the veracity of the established superstitions and taboos – and broadcast the fact that the government we live under are dishonest and intolerable.

Though if it wasn’t for critical thinkers such as Copernicus and Galileo, and too that brilliant heretic Martin Luther’s critical thinking capacity that prompted him to question the Church’s ingrained corrupt practices of simony and sodomy – and nailing his ninety-five theses to the door of Wittenberg Church in 1517 - then we’d all still be kissing a Roman Pope’s arse and kowtowing to priests – miserable in our ignorance – even though our Earth is the centre of the Universe – and God loves us all.

Oh yes, critical thinking and science be damned – the authority of the day, Bishop Ussher, delved into his vast resources of wisdom and proclaimed that the Earth was created on October 23rd, 4004 BC – a calculation improved upon by Sir John Lightfoot who reckoned the actual time of Creation was 09:00 am sharp (GMT).

Thought for the day: Who thinks Posh Dave Scameron’s Big Society concept’s a pretty good idea – even though it stinks of Communism? Just a pity the bastards trying to sell it are the same bunch of fucking hypocrites who ‘Broke Britain’. A coalition government comprised of scumbags who, in no way, represent the interests of the voting electorate they lord it over.

Beware too Scameron as he spews forth a flood of meaningless broad spectrum facile soundbites like the numpty ‘Big Society’ idée fixe – ‘There is more to life than GDP’ - and - ‘We’re all up shitcreek together’.

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