Monday, 9 January 2012

Neo-Cons Ramp Up Anti-Iran Propaganda

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Okay, since the ZioNazi military juggernaut started rolling towards its star-crossed morally-bankrupt fate in September of 2001, every fucker and their dog’s since been made acutely aware that one of the principle up-coming 2012 ‘conquests’ on the Great Satan’s regime change ‘wish list’ agenda is the Islamic Republic of Iran – a very handy piece of real estate that not only has lots of tasty natural resources – including zillions of barrels of oil and mega-therms of natural gas – but also borders the old Soviet bloc states and the north coast of the Persian Gulf -‘and’ dominates the strategic Straits of Hormuz bottleneck leading out into the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea.

Added benefits of the desired regime change would result in a Western-compliant stooge / puppet leadership in Tehran (as per the Kermit Roosevelt CIA-plot of 1953 in ousting the ultra-patriotic Prime Minister Mohammad Mosadegh and planting the corrupt Reza Pahlavi stooge on the Peacock Throne) and re-secure Israel’s threatened Mid-East military hegemony - then once Syria’s been trounced back to the Stone Age like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – provide a land bridge military control corridor from the Mediterranean to Afghanistan.

This will see the US’s belligerent psychopaths ready and set for the Mexican stand-off and Third World War scenario with the Peoples Marxist Utopia of China as they start to ‘flex their muscles’ in the Asian-Pacific region in a blatant containment strategy designed to curtail the Middle Kingdom's growing military power.

Hence the boosted black propaganda campaign by Tel Aviv’s kikesters and wicked Washington’s war-mongering neo-con Zionists - focusing on the more scent than substance fairy tale that Iran’s Republican Guard are pursuing a clandestine nuclear arsenal objective via the route of uranium enrichment behind a smokescreen of medical isotope research and electrical power generation - and have the scaremongering capacity to launch a democracy-devastating anxiety attack on Western civilisation within 45 minutes – that could prompt a massive rush on pharmacies for Xanax and a host of like Benzodiazepine medications.

Thus, to forward the US’s Project for a New American Century / Foreign Policy Initiative schedule – all based on the Rothshite crime syndicate’s Israeli Manifest Destiny - Chosen People fantasy (‘chosen’ for what, exactly?) – this continued existential threat narrative has to be spun anew and the plot thickened – and any other Coalition of the Willing dupes (Brits, Frogs, Krauts and the wannabe Qataris) dragged in to give their felonious schemes a modest veneer of legitimacy on the world stage.

So, now we have Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron sabre-rattling to the drumbeat of the latest warmongering misadventures stage managed by the Rothshite kikesters, with the UK’s Mid-East foreign policy decisions being outsourced to Israel – a practice adopted by Tony Bliar and his New Labour criminals in 2001 and a mantle now assumed by the Tory-dominated coalition – that will eventually prove to be Broken Britain’s undoing.

The ‘humanitarian intervention’ demolition of Libya was politically and morally wrong – Syria will prove the same – and any belligerent move towards Iran is festooned with geo-political tripwires – and fraught with omens of failure of Brobdingnagian proportions. Alas, Britain has stood up to be counted amongst the ranks of the top rated global pariahs who every fucker and their dog love to hate – the good ole US of A ‘Great Satan’ and the ZioNazi Israeli terrorist barbarians.

Here we have the shit-for-brains Tory stooges waving the banner of human rights in the face of the now-extinct Gaddafi regime – and currently at Syria’s Assad, whom they condemn for human rights and wrongs violations yet support even bigger despots in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain – providing King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa’s pro-Western Sunni-side up regime with latest killing technologies to repress the marginalised and disaffected majority population of Shite protesters calling for peace and democracy in their own country. Hmmm, and who said there’s no profit in hypocrisy?

What would throw an iconic spanner into the Zionist’s entire false flag op’s and black propaganda works is if the Tehran leadership turned around and said “Okay, we’re gonna shut the Bushehr 1 atomic reactor down and then dismantle all our nuclear research facilities – including the uranium enrichment centrifuges - under the aegis of the IAEA – all in the interests of world peace.”

Then the shit would hit the fan with the US and Israeli fascists turning round and screaming “Foul – it’s all a big trick - they've got the Bomb already!”- and still push for regime change and a first strike invasion.

Thought for the day. Fuck the Rothshite bankster syndicate – and their sovereign state crime capital of Israel – founded on the stolen land of Palestine – and fuck the Great Satan too – and all the trans-national military-industrial warmongers – and Big Pharma – and the Monsanto GMO Frankenfoods conglomerates – and the kiddie-fiddling Vatican’s moral-preaching den of hypocrisy.
Missed anyone out?

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