Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Catharsis of Socio-Political Discontent

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So, it was a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as per usual for the Royals at Sandringham – especially so with Prince Philip fresh back from having a final warranty service and passing his MOT for another year.
Same for the bonus-fuelled Rothshite crime syndicate’s banksters - and too the high-on-the-hog political elitist stooges – with their collective snouts and trotters sunk deep in the trough’s cornucopia – a fact guaranteed by their dominant control and dogmatic preservation of the class-prejudiced capitalist status quo.

Meanwhile we, the hapless tax-paying common herd – the sheeple – the useless eaters, the drawers of water and hewers of firewood - burdened with a double helping of festive season Tory austerity measures (thanks to Chancellor George ‘Fuckwit’ Osborne) expedited our Xmas preparations at best by venturing out to bleed the ATM down to overdraft level and load up the credit cards – or were left to shelter in homeless dejection on some wind-swept landfill site under a sheet of discarded polythene, rolling the last of the Golden Virginia, taking a swig from a half litre bottle of B & Q’s 10 year first malt Meths and eyeing up a fat seagull – or rat - for the Yuletide dinner.

To wit, from this marginalised and disaffected perspective we can sit back and employ the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight to see with crystal clarity that the core principles of our society are corrupted with a whopping capital ‘C’ and fucked up with an even larger capital ‘F’.

We, the common or garden peasants, comprising the 99% population of our once-sceptred isle, remain the perennial victims of a criminal cabal of elitists who, since the misrule of the venal Stuart kings – (and before) - have used their insidious Masonic-Templar-Zionist secret society connections to manipulate the monetary system, then concentrate judicio-political power and control over the nation’s lands and commerce in the hands of the select ‘divine right’ few – and all to the detriment of the proletariat.

Alas, reflecting on the elitist’s absurd sense of entitlement, nothing short of violent intervention will ever put an end to their Midas touch insanity. Like the substance abuse junkies, these money addicts have succumbed to a terminal stage in their affliction that renders them incapable of rational thought. They are far beyond the bounds of logic and reason and will never halt the materialistic pillaging until they have consumed every last resource Mother Earth possesses.

In a world that marches to the beat of the debt-based capitalist monetary system’s usurious heart, where the pursuit of personal ambitions and material wealth surpasses all else – especially so expanded consciousness and spiritual awareness – materialistic greed has taken on a religious cultist ‘Nirvana’ significance - with the common herd now, alas, also intoxicated with illusions from the earliest stages of their youth – from the cradle to the proverbial grave.

But since the advent of the 20th Century drive by Enlightenment politicians to empower the sheeple with property ownership via council house purchases and cheap mortgages – and have encouraged entrepreneurship that has resulted in a nouveau riche upper middle class behind the wheels of these ubiquitous up-scale Beemers - and Jag’s perched on a shithouse Ford Mondeo chassis - the elitist’s mindset has undergone a drastic sea change.

Now, with avarice aforethought and a moronic display of calamitous imprudence, the dynastic Establishment Controllers want all lands and property back under their totalitarian thumb – with the transient middle class buffer zone between the Mammon-worshipping Lords of Lucre and the Bloshie peasants ceasing to exist – much as it didn’t when Marie Antoinette’s ‘cake’ ran out and the dissident ‘Terror’ firebrands stormed the Bastille in 1789 – and again with the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. No middle class to cop the wrath of the have-nots – so the Bourbon and Romanov parasites joined the ranks of the extinct - like the dithering dodo before them.

Hence the conjuring of the global economic downturns –and this engineered ‘recession’ cum insolvency crisis with the ill-fated euro single currency. The plotted failure of the EUSSR – to be ‘Federalised’ into a technocratic super state – with the insidious spectre of fascism looming over all as ‘democracy’ goes out of the window along with the bathwater, baby and all.

However there are blatant factors these self-elected, nepotistic elitists, so comfortable with belief in their own bullshit and delusions and this vaunted fairy dust New World Order wish list - seem to overlook – for despite their public school educations, university degrees and lofty official appointments they’re not particularly bright when it comes to the game of thinking on their feet – and most definitely deficient in applying the lessons of history when planning for the future.

They totally miss the sore thumb point that the more of the common herd who lose their jobs, homes and material possessions in this manipulated downturn, the more who are likely to have time on their unemployed hands to stop, think and re-evaluate. The more people will wake up and realize the ’depression’s’ financial and political situation is engineered for the benefit of a very select few - and to the detriment of the many. Thus it follows that the more people who are directly offended by these draconian new anti-freedom laws and intrusive surveillance methods, the more startled, questioning, radicalised and activated they will become.

And the more people who are aware that the system’s crooked because that's the way some inbred blue blooded bastard wants it, the more the Bolshie peasants will be smitten with ‘Eureka!’ as they reach a series of very alarming, yet empowering, conclusions.
Per se, that the crises of unregulated fiscal disasters, democracy denied pantomimes and corrupt bureaucratic institutions will never be solved and righted by the scum who caused them.

So, what is better with the global manifestation of the 99% of useless eating common herd peasants having a bit of an Arab Spring or ‘Occupying’ some dump or the other to express their displeasure with the capitalist system?

Having them out in the open and visible under the ever watchful remote aerial drones and CCTV Cyclops in their city squares and tent encampments – monitoring their Facebook and Twitter posts, e-mails and texts - or evict and disperse them – pepper-sprayed, bludgeoned and water cannoned into submission – and hence driven underground and out of sight – to plot and scheme the downfall of the established order and status quo within the shadows of clandestine darkness as they realise the potential of the oak tree within the acorn?

Oh well, this is the ‘control’ mindset of the elitists – the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, the Round Table, etcetera, et al, ad infinatum. Too arrogant to browse the passage of history, their unqualified hubris renders them incapable of rational thought as they juggle a distorted rhetoric over common sense and logic – a policy fraught with the spectre of unintended – negative and catastrophic – consequences.

So, what’s the New Year and 2012 going to deliver – a manifestation of the misinterpreted Mayan End of Days prediction? Who’s up to donning Cassandra’s cloak and scrying the tea leaves – or casting the runes around the bleached bones of a dead heron? More displays of ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Syria – while ignoring the criminal abuses of the despotic ruling regimes on the populations of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – and Egypt?
Will it be the Israeli ZioNazis and the Great Satan kick starting World War Three against Russia and the People’s Marxist Utopia of China through an aggressive pre-emptive military strike against Iran? Or will it – against all odds – turn out an Alice in Wonderland – on drugs – ‘everyone lived happily ever after’ ending?

What we need on the job is the Thames Valley Plod Squad’s DCI Jack McFlash and his Crystal Ball Unit, whose Boy Scout ‘Be Prepared’ clairvoyant perspicacity prompted him to open the notorious Operation Mason file (TVP Tactical Support Major Incident Policy Book) which kick started the search for Dr David Kelly at 2:30pm on the afternoon of the 17th July 2003 – a full hour before the doctor left home - (and several hours prior to Kelly being reported missing) - to set out on
his ill-fated walk in the Grassy Knoll Woods – where he was waylaid by agents of MI5’s Foul Play department who assisted in his reluctant suicide.

Now, explain that one away at a Coroner’s inquest – which, to the undying shame of the British judicial system and successive governments, has never been held – YET!

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