Thursday, 19 January 2012

Manky Mossad Targets Boycott Campaigners

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A volunteer organizer with the pro-Palestinian ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions’ (BDS) campaign’s French wing, Mlle. Sapphie Godermiche, was sorting the mail last week in their Paris office and opened one envelope containing a sheaf of death threats written in both gutter Arabic and schoolboy French – and coated with a noxious white powder.

Being alarmed by the incident, especially the fact that the powder glowed in the dark, Mlle Godermiche immediately proceeded to a neighbouring medical clinic. The duty doctor – on noticing his patient was bleeding profusely from her ears, nose and gums – and weeping tears of blood as she watched her hair fall out in clumps while listening to the hospital’s Geiger counter clicking away at a ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ tempo - ordered her immediate quarantine – in one of the facility’s lead-lined X-Ray rooms.

After being dutifully alerted by hospital staff the Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (anti-terrorist unit) and other specialist police brigades, plus inspectors from the Paris offices of the IAEA – descended on the BDS offices in bio-rad hazard suits and seized the contaminated correspondence and envelope – which, following forensic examination, was found to contain enriched weapons-grade U-235 uranium in a pulverised, 37 micron form.

Inspector Pierre le Mott, chief of the GIGN team, informed one press hack from Le Merde that “These threats – and now too actual attacks - are the latest in a series of unpunished acts by pro-Israel militias involving the display of racist graffiti and posters at the Centre International de la Culture Populaire – which serves as the headquarters of several associations in the Palestine solidarity movement – including the affected BDS group personnel.”

“Looking at the evidence of today’s attack these anti-Islamist shits have now gone viral and intend to start a wave of physical assaults on the pro-Palestinian activists by using radioactive materials – so we can only speculate that their next offensive might involve a false flag strike like 9/11 by detonating a dirty bomb – and doubtless blaming it on Iranian terrorists and the fictitious Mohammed al Patsy.”

“But what can we expect when this little arsehole of a President of ours, the ZioNazi ‘sayan’ prick Sarkozy, gets his orders from Tel Aviv and the Rothshite crime syndicate and has given the go-ahead to prosecutors to falsely and outrageously charge the BDS campaign activists with inciting racial hatred, anti-Semitism – and also Holohoax denial.”

“Fortunately our courts have resisted the pressure applied by that poison dwarf Sarkozy and the Israeli embassy – and too a plethora of like Zionist groups out to suppress the boycott of Israeli apartheid by legal means. However, it now appears that the psychopathic supporters of the rogue state of Israel’s policy of Manifest Destiny colonialism - stealing every tiny bit of land the dispossessed Palestinians are left with – have decided to turn to violent actions.”

Meanwhile, back at the GIGN HQ forensics lab, it was determined that the envelope used to package and deliver the contaminated threat letter bore an Iranian postage stamp – one unfortunately bearing the 1975 issue image of His Royal Ruthlessness, Shah Reza Palaver – but with a Royal Mail franking mark indicating the letter was posted in Luton, UK earlier that week.

Applying the technique of the Doctrine of Signatures in the analysis of the offending U-235 it was determined to have originated in the reactor of Israel’s Dimona nuclear weapons plant in the Negev Desert.

The GIGN’s Inspector le Mott took up the story again “This envelope was posted in Broken Britain, not Iran – and some moron had pasted on a stamp with the overthrown Shah’s portrait on it – obviously filched from a stamp album. Then we have this threatening letter – written in fractured Arabic with back-to-front grammar as though cobbled together from a phrase book or dictionary – which is a dead give away that it didn’t originate in Iran as they’re Farsi speakers – not Arabic. Thus this concocted intrigue to throw the blame onto the agents of Iran by implying the U-235 came from their Bushehr 1 reactor or the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility has fallen flat on its arse.”

“Our compadres in MI5 have determined the envelope came from a branch of WH Smith in Luton, which coincidentally happens to be the base for the pro-Israeli English Defence League – who are completely funded by the Rothshite banksters and whose sole purpose for existence is to promote and spread the disease of Islamophobia. They are a racist organisation whose main activity was pro-hatred street demonstrations against the Muslim community – and now appears that they are going nuclear in their ambitions with the help of their Mossad controllers.”

“You know what their political credo is? - Peacefully Protesting Against Anyone Who Dares Criticise Israel. So I ask you, what has defending England got to do with launching terrorist attacks on people who criticise the neo-Nazi state of Israel for the litany of war crimes and human rights and wrongs abuses they visit on the poor Palestinian people – besieged behind their Great Apartheid Walls in the biggest concentration camps on the planet?”

“The British intelligence service and police are now investigating links connecting the EDL to this radioactive threat letter posted from Luton to the BDS office in Paris. Already they have discovered a recent wire transfer from Israel’s Ministry for the Expropriation of Palestinian Lands to the EDL’s bank account in Luton – so we know that the PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and his Knesset kikesters are involved.”

Conversely the English Defence League’s head honcho – career hooligan and self-styled ‘hardman’ Tommy ‘Tourettes’ Robinson, (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) a former landfill warden and seagull strangler and now owner / operator of the Luton-based Tammy Tumour’s Tanning Parlour - was interviewed by the media at the EDL’s Luton HQ in Scumborough Hamlets, where he informed one press hack from the Xenophobes Gazette that “It’s all a pile of effin’ bollocks tryin’ ter blame us cos some French slut got snuffed wiv some radioactive shite. So, where’s she bin fer her fuckin’ holidays, I’d like ter know – lyin’ on the beach at effin’ Chernobyl?”

Thought for the day. Are you supporting the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign that targets goods marketed by the illegal state of Israel? Is your ‘boycott’ effort confined to Uzi sub-machine guns and Galil assault rifles or does it also include a determined refusal to buy Jaffa oranges and kosher matzo or send out Hanukkah cards?

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