Sunday, 1 January 2012

Lieberman ‘Enraged’ at EU Truthsters

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Israel’s corruption-ridden career criminal excuse for a Foreign Minister, Avigdor ‘Rosh Tahat’ Lieberman, has once again opened his moronic slack-jawed mouth before engaging brain, declaring to any fucker and their dog interested to listen to his racist blather that he was ‘Enraged’ - with a large capital E - following the release of a European Union memo which got very close to the truth in noting that Muslim Arabs inside the pariah Zionist state of Israel face ‘Discrimination’- with an equally large capital ‘D’.

Lieberman, a hard-core Jabotinskyist (follower of Jabot the Hutt) and ZioNazi bigot to the core, is stricken with a pathological paranoid propensity for publicly vilifying all manner of Gentiles and goyim alike – labelling anyone who dares even question Israel’s belligerent actions, let alone criticise them – as anti-Semitic Holohoax deniers who should be scourged, stoned, then crucified up-side-down like St Peter before them.

One of the worst possible examples of PM Bobo Nuttyahoo’s Knesset and ruling Khazar-Ashkenazi political elitists, Lieberman is constantly at pains to argue the flawed ‘Res Nullius’ legal principle for Israel’s theft of Palestine during the 1948 ‘Yawm an-Nakbah’.
This translates as the ‘Day of the Catastrophe’- when the Rothshite-funded kikester terrorist forces of the Haganah, Stern Gang and Irgun kick started the Palestinian Holocaust – a tragedy continued to this very day by the IDF’s ‘Shechita Ethnic Cleansing Squad’ and the bully boy thugs of the ‘Hafganat Koah Genocide Brigade’ – acting under the orders of the Ministry for Expropriation of Palestinian Lands – and the likes of Avigdor Lieberman.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Felix Fagin issued a statement on Lieberman’s behalf to the Pound of Flesh Gazette yesterday, condemning the EUSSR’s Brussels-based hierarchy – with the added whinge that the do-gooder moralist scumbag memo was composed and released without consulting the Israeli government or being granted their permission to expose human rights and wrongs abuses.

The document focused on the excesses of Israel’s far-right coalition and such heinous illegal acts as demolishing the West Bank’s Jolly Jihadi Mosque to make way for the construction of the St Shylock’s Synagogue for Latter Day Kikesters to serve the ‘spiritual’ (sic) needs of the illegal Israeli settlers.

This is the second time in as many weeks that Lieberman has been driven into dummy-spitting / high blood pressure fury at the European Union, angrily condemning them last week for having the chutzpah to criticise the massive expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank – (including his own squatter's mansion there) and warning they are ‘irrelevant’ to any peace negotiations.

Irrelevant eh? Hmmm, to him maybe – but not to the hapless Palestinians whose ancestral lifeblood farms and homes are being stolen by these criminals on a daily basis.

Of course career haters like Lieberman don’t like criticism – what fascist scumbags ever do?
But alas, criticism is the order of the day when petty tyrants of Lieberman’s ilk exhibit as much empathy for the Palestinian victims of the IDF’s terror tactics as Hitler’s Nazi SS storm troopers had for the occupants of the crammed ghettos of Europe during the 12-year duration Third Reich’s Final Solution campaign.

So Lieberman can scream and bawl all he wants over EU criticism and Brussels having the blatant audacity to dare print the truth over Israel’s venal racist policies - and declare “We are God’s Chosen People!” – but that one’s worn pretty thin by now after decades of anti-Semitic and Holohoax denier finger-pointing propaganda.

For a people who do so much whingeing about their historical / perennial ‘victim’ status to garner global sympathy, they surely do have short memories of the purported Russian pogroms and the Hitlerian atrocities visited upon their number when they inflict far worse crimes against humanity and punitive punishments on the Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip on a continual basis.

Oh yes, the West Bank and Gaza Strip - surrounded by 700-plus kilometres of the Israeli’s Great Apartheid Walls – with the Palestinians besieged inside the biggest Nazi style concentration camps on the planet.

Now, to mark the third anniversary of Israel's deadly 22-day duration Operation Kill Every Fucker military offensive against Gaza, the IDF’s chief of staff Lt. General Benny Kuntz has stated for the public record that they need to launch a ‘swift and painful’ mini-war offensive against Hamas - the democratically-elected government of Gaza - as Tel Aviv is losing its grip on the coastal strip.

Hmmm, more like they’re losing their grip on sanity and reality with their proposed ‘mini-war offensive’ – that’s just a politically-incorrect euphemism for ‘organised murder’ – which is acutely painful in any shape or form.

Thought for the day. Fuck the Rothshite crime syndicate banksters and their Zionist-Masonic New World Order global terrorist capital of Israel.

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