Wednesday, 4 January 2012

US GOP Candidates all Psychos

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With the exception of the only true patriot and sane contender among this mongrel bunch of psychopathic Republican presidential candidates being Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, we are inclined to ask “Where the fuck does the GOP get these people – a mental institute or Fraggle Rock?

Okay, the illustrious Dr Paul besides - who as an honest man with America’s best interests at heart and not those of the Shylock banksters and trans-national military-industrial corporate elitists - has less than a cat in Hell’s chance of winning the Republican primaries to stand as the GOP candidate - all the rest of the wannabes are relying on the Zionist bloc’s endorsement and sponsorship votes – plus the mega-bucks Rothshite crime family donor shekels to finance their presidential bids – hence kowtow to the Israel First line of obeisance imposed by AIPAC and the legions of other pro-kikester lobbyist cabals infesting God’s own country.

Thus the reason we have the ZioNazi arse-kissing club likes of Michele ‘Bonkers’ Bachmann – (if this moronic dildo had another brain cell it would die of loneliness) screaming hysterically from Washington’s rooftops to initiate a pre-emptive strike on Iran – cos Tel Aviv want it so.

Same tune with Newt Gingrich – the corruption-ridden ‘Grinch’ that’s promised to spoil every fucker’s Christmas and nuke Iran as soon as the current White House incumbent - Kenyan cuckoo Barky O’Barmy-Soetoro-Shabazz – has left the building.
The Grinch’s first order of business as he walks through the Oval Office door will be to direct the Joint Chiefs to go to Devcon 1 and blast the shit out of Iran with a series of 10 and 20 megaton-tipped cruise missiles – just to keep Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and his nutty Knesset’s homicidal maniacs appeased – and add Greater Persia to their New World Order’s Mid-East conquest list.

What a bunch indeed – and all suffering from the ego surpasses intellect syndrome. 300 million Yanks to choose from and this is the best they can do? Michele ‘Batshit’ Bachmann; Newt Gingrich; Herman Cain; Mitt Romney; Jon Huntsman; Rick Perry; Cruddy Roemer – and last but not least, the graft and corruption-ridden witless wonder from Pennsylvania - ‘Rabid Rick’ Santorum who has jumped into the 2012 New Year campaign Iowa arena feet first with his pro-Zionist supplication to bomb the shit out of the Iranian nuclear facilities – whatever they’re processing.
So, Tehran’s fucked whichever of the clots gets nominated.

Oh well, a sneak all-out nuclear first strike by the US and Israel will shut Iran’s nuclear potential down a damn sight faster than the current half-arsed approach of impotent sanctions and having Mossad’s scumbag maniacs bumping off the country’s nuclear scientists and engineers in drive-by shootings, poisonings, kidnappings and car bomb attacks.

The Grand Old Party, eh – they should rename it the Total Fucking Insanity Party and front Homer Simpson as their candidate of choice. Well, Democrat or Republican, apart from the Duff addiction at least he’s got a genuine US of A birth certificate and a kosher social security number – along with the pre-requisite moron IQ that matches the rest of the GOP clowns who have been prepped to ignore the moral restraints of reality to forward the Project for a New American Century / Foreign Policy Initiative whatever the cost to the global environment – or that elusive ‘pantomime’ concept of ‘world peace’.

So, every fucker and their proverbial dog involved with this kikester-corrupted Republican circus without a tent are reciting the Zionist litany of ‘Bomb Iran’ like a bunch of mumbling penitents awaiting the sting of the Inquisition’s lash. Yet there’s nary a mention of Israel’s illicit and covert nuclear arsenal – nor their dogmatic refusal to allow International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors anywhere near their nuclear facilities – and stonewalling any and all demands that they sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

And in the background – visible as a sore thumb – we have the Great Satan – the Beast of Hypocrisy itself – the good ole US of A - the only nation ever psycho enough to permit their military to test a couple of nukes on a civilian population (Japan / Hiroshima and Nagasaki) – just to see how much damage they’d actually do. The mind boggles at their potential for justifiable criminality where public perception management is concerned - alike Libya – executed in the name of humanitarian intervention.
Hmmm, as the Cheshire Cat confided to Alice: “We’re all mad here”.

Thought for the day. Fuck the Rothshite cabal’s ZioNazi sovereign state crime capital of Israel and their absurd Chosen People pretence conjured to steal Palestine from its rightful historic population – and their corrupt ‘Four B’s’ stranglehold on US politics: Bribery, Blackmail, Bludgeons and Bodybags.

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Tony said...

300 million and this is the best they can come up with. Spot on mukka! It's the same every fucking 4 years lol! The highlight of the Iowa caucus for me was CNN "losing" their feed when some US serving vet starts to critisize the US and Israel. It's a mad world full of warmongering twats. Never their own children sent into the danger zone mind.

If there really was a god or any sanity in this world then Ron Paul would get the nod but as you've pointed out he hasn't got a scooby.

Happy New Year.