Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Iran Set Up for False Flag Patsy Scam

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Leon ‘Noser’ Vendetta, the US Secretary of Defence, yesterday announced to White House press hacks that the oldest and most decrepit aircraft carrier in the known Universe, the USS Enterprise CVA(N)-65 – which also has the dubious distinction of being the first of the US 24/7 war-ready nuclear-powered carrier fleet ever to be launched - a very long time ago - is now heading for the Persian Gulf on a final voyage - to send a hostile and provocative ‘Mexican stand-off’ message to Tehran.

Secretary Vendetta informed the media “The reason we’re dispatching the Enterprise hinges on the fact that it’s due to be scrapped next year, so if Iran’s Republican Guard crazies go off half-cocked and sink it with one of their Soviet Sunburst ASCM missiles and block the Straits of Hormuz, then the Pentagon and Tel Aviv will have an excuse to bomb the shit outa the heathen-infested dump and install a Christian government that don’t object to eating pork scratchings and hot dogs. Plus it’ll save us all the expense of decommissioning the eight on-board reactors – and we’ll be able to claim the insurance money.”

Ouch! Anybody smell a potential US PNAC / Foreign Policy Initiative ‘New Pearl Harbour’ replay? Another 9/11? Another USS Maine getting scuttled in Havana harbour in 1898 with an explosive charge in the bilges to kick start the war against the Spanish? Another USS Cole / Port of Aden style suicide attack to demonise all Muslims as Jolly Jihad terrorist fanatics? Yet another Gulf of Tonkin Incident? Or another FBI-orchestrated Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing, perhaps? Another JFK magic bullet assassination? Another Mossad-planted micro-nuke in the drain outside the Sari Club in Bali to flash-fry a bunch of Aussie tourists and give Canberra an excuse to join the war on terror?

These people are so transparent with their sore thumb pantomime fiascos – they’re all dead give-aways due the loose-lipped, boastacious Bilderberg Group - and US and Israeli intelligence services - having more fucking leaks than Mother O’Reilly’s colander. They’d be better off with Wiley T. Coyote in charge of their false flag operations – or Wallace and Gromit.

Well, any fucker and their dog with a couple of brain cells still capable of telemetry can see that the Great Satan and Israel – along with their European Rothshite crime syndicate stooges Sarkozy, Merkel and Scameron - are going flat out like a lizard drinking to force the Tehran government into a corner and instigate a violent response. Frozen bank accounts and sanctions on anything and everything – plus the EUSSR and US oil embargo – all destined to have little effect.

Do these New World Order think tank beardies and anoraks, all kitted out with more degrees than a thermometer – and less common sense than a tortoise - burning the midnight oil while dreaming this bullshit up never consider the fact that their target nations aren’t exactly stupid and have foreseen – and hence prepared – to deal with such eventualities?

Hence little wonder that Flatbrokes, Broken Britain’s ubiquitous High Street betting shop chain, are giving top odds that the shit’s going to hit the fan before Easter – with either the US and Israel opting for a ‘who gives a fuck’ pre-emptive first strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities – or - and this being the odd-on favourite – the same pair of ZioNazi war-mongering psychos pulling another of their false flag attacks on themselves and then pointing the fickle finger of fate straight back at Tehran as the fall guy.

Anyone want to guess at how many subs the Israelis have in the Arabian Sea / Gulf of Oman / Persian Gulf right now? Three Type 800 Dolphin class diesel-electric units supplied by their good friends at Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG in Krautland – specifically the Dolphin, Leviathan and Tekumah.

Each sub’ is armed with 6 x 533 mm tubes designed for torpedoes or Harpoon missiles, and 4 x 650 mm torpedo tubes which can deploy mines, nuclear tipped cruise missiles, or swimmer delivery vehicles.
The Atlas Elektronik DM2A3 torpedoes are wire-guided active homing and deliver a 260 kilo warhead at a speed of 35 knots to a target over 13 klicks away – ideal for work in the Persian Gulf and hitting a barn door-sized 94,000 ton carrier broadsides.

So, bearing in mind that the Israelis have an infamous notoriety as a belligerent mongrel race with a genetic predisposition to hostility - (just read the Bible's Old Testament record) - and a well-known facility as being a bunch of greedy Khazar bastards given to stealing the lands of others (Palestine) – and the motto of their sneaky bastard Mossad is ‘By stealth we do War’ – (then, just like 9/11 blame some other hapless hi-fiving cunt – so typical of their entire history) – who’s up for a few bucks wager that old Admiral Billy Bob Redneck commanding the star-crossed USS Enterprise cops a salvo of Klingon torpedoes or a sneak Harpoon missile attack one dark moonless night soon – launched by the dreaded Mohammed al Patsy and Shaheed al Ka-Boom from their terrorist base on the Planet Q’onos?

Oh yes, right on – and a pity the matelots on board haven’t realised their intended fate yet – reluctant martyrs to the cause of a false flag op’ to be broadcast and promulgated out of all proportion by a compliant Zionist-owned media barrage of black propaganda – just like Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass distraction - otherwise they’d rename the obsolete carrier the ‘USS Sacrificial Lamb’ – then do the right thing - and mutiny.

And what for Iran? Nada – unlike the Great Satan and Israel, she’s comfortable and satisfied within her own sovereign, territorial boundaries – while the aggressors – the Western warmongers - thirst for her natural resources and strategic global positioning.
Alas, even gifted with the facility of 20/20 hindsight to reflect on the empires of history and their eventual self-consuming failures, this insane neo-colonial ZioNazi expansionism knows no limits – yet!
As the Cheshire Cat confided to Alice “We’re all mad here”.

To wit, let the lunacy run its fatally flawed course, for a grand naval engagement is always a sure boost for the undertaker and prosthetics industries – plus serves to keep the fish fed and fat.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, USS Enterprise besides, what else in the US / Israeli / European-NATO naval ensemble might be in line for a false flag hit?
We have the USS Carl Vinson (carrier), USS Bunker Hill (cruiser) and the USS Halsey (destroyer) – all three going round in ever-decreasing circles out in the Gulf of Oman.
Moored in Bahrain, from the US Fifth Fleet we have the USS Abe Lincoln (carrier), USS Cape St George (cruiser), plus the USS Sterett and USS Momset (both destroyers).
From Broken Britain’s ‘Senior Service’ we have sailing round the Gulf, courtesy of Posh Dave Scameron, the HMS Argyll and HMS Somerset (both frigates), HMS Ramsey (mine hunter), HMS Lyme Bay (landing vessel) and HMS Echo (an aptly-named survey ship).
Last but not least the French navy’s contribution – a newly launched Godermiche class frigate named in honour of the diminutive President Sarkozy – the ‘La Petit Merde’.

Question is – how efficiently are the Coalition of the Aggressors naval Phalanx and Aegis BMD interceptor systems going to cope against Iranian Sunburn and Sunburst missiles? All bets are off on that one. Ah well, sunken ships make great foundations for coral reefs – one thing the Gulf can always do with a few more of.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Tony said...

Brilliant again Rusty, it's like the Spanish Armada out there! Something big is going down for sure. I am currently listening to the worlds best teleprompter reader getting cheers every couple of minutes. Crazy crazy cunts, he's been a disaster. Hope and change? Horse shit.