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Scotland Shames the Ancient & Noble Craft

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Unless the COPFS’s vendetta schedule is revised and once more delayed due defence counsel excusing themselves on grounds of self-preservation versus career suicide, then on the 16th January 2012 (a Monday) several zillion scrutinising web-savvy eyes around the globe will be focused on Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court as Scotland’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, along with the entire corruption-ridden judicial system, top the charts of criminal infamy and notoriety as they pursue their contrived mega-bucks expenditure pantomime of a ‘no jury allowed’ Breach of the Peace case against the Sassenach Cheshire stalwart do-gooder Robert Green.

Alas the chivalrous Mr Green transgressed the unwritten rule by up-ending a very nasty can of worms and this forthcoming 17th - or 18th - appearance (everyone’s lost count) before the Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court is in fact payback for his noble crusading efforts in exposing the dirty deeds of a cabal of establishment paedophiles that comprise Scaberdeen’s elitist ranks of officialdom - and focusing the public’s condemning glare on their decades-long ritualised sexual abuse and rape of pre-pubescent special needs children – as first laid bare and revealed by child victim Hollie Greig and her mother Anne in 2000.

Stonehaven? Que - why not centralised Scaberdeen? One might well inquire as they scan Google Earth for the landfill-sized septic dump and its backwater Sheriff’s Court. But come the 16th January the hibernating sheep and game fowl will be evicted and the courtroom staffed with a corps de esprit of vendetta-bent COPFS officers who should, in the name of justice and fair play, all recuse themselves from the case and be in the dock for perjury – or on the defence witness list – and definitely not prosecuting this now ‘cause célèbre’ case of a concocted Breach of the Peace against Mr Green.

However these busy bee judicial system drones have been tasked from ‘On High’ by Holyrood’s panjandrums and the COPFS - and too Grampian Sheriff Genghis McVomit’s junta of corrupt elements from the Duthie Park Masonic Cottagers Club – plus the festering pederast cesspits of Ferryhill, Bieldside and Binghill Road West – with abusing the ‘Brotherhood’ bond of Scottish Rite Freemasonry to achieve their nefarious ends – of convicting the honourable Robert Green by fair means or ‘foul’ – with the latter four-letter word in evidence since his shameful arrest in February 2010 while campaigning for public office on the streets of Scotland’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen.

With reference to the corruption of the Masonic ‘Brotherhood’ principles by the Scaberdeen hierarchy to achieve personal goals, conceal acts of gross criminality - and further coerce and pervert the path of justice, the following points are based on actual facts versus biased opinions or speculation.

To wit, let's not forget that the inquiry into the Dunblane massacre - committed by Freemason paedo’ pimp to Scotland’s beau monde and founder of the Highlands Halitosis Society - one Thomas Hamilton (Masonic Lodge Garrowhill, Lanarkshire Middle Ward) - was a massive cover-up expedited by Lord Willy Cullen of Shitekirk – and shamefully capped with a 100-year ‘Closure Order’ to protect the guilty elitists from exposure.

Former Scottish Masonic Grand Master, Lord Michael Burton, one of that rare breed possessed of Christian morals and a social conscience, publicly revealed in 2003 that Lord Cullen's official inquiry (read ‘cover-ups commission’) suppressed crucial information to protect high-profile legal figures and members of the nobility belonging to the secretive super-Mason cabal of Satanists, pederasts and sodomites known as The Speculative Society.

There are direct links connecting Thomas Hamilton, Willy Cullen and Lord George Robertson back to Dunblane's MoD-funded Queen Victoria School (a dodgy educational institute for the boarding children of military personnel - patron HRH Prince Philip aka the Duke of Edinburgh – aka Virus Man) - where Hamilton was for some obscure reason allowed the run of the place prior to the 1996 Dunblane Primary School atrocity.

Further, Lord Burton (aka Michael Baillie) revealed that he was bullied and threatened by other House of Lords peers when he tried to raise his concerns - stating for the record "There's no escaping the fact that there exists something sinister about the whole affair as pupils at QVS were regularly taken away and subjected to sessions of ritual sexual abuse.”

The halls of Scotland’s Brahmin ruling establishment – the private law offices, the Holyrood Parliament and the COPFS - are infested with Masons. Membership of the ‘Brotherhood’ is a perquisite to career advancement in the traditional professions north of Hadrian’s sadly diminished Caledonian apartheid wall.

Thus, any male who would hold his masculinity up to the threat of ridicule by wearing a tartan skirt will doubtless have no compunction in exposing one of his ‘man tits’ to secure the right to dress up in an apron like his Granny’s and engage in a series of ritualistic ‘Famous Five’ secret handshakes – and hence harbour nary a qualm of perjuring himself or abusing the vested powers of government office to protect a Brother Mason from legal retribution for his criminal sins – and the ‘Craft’s’ vaunted Christian ethos of honesty and justice for all be damned.

This ‘Brotherhood’ factor is so perfectly exemplified in a legion of ‘justice obfuscated and denied’ cases past. Ref the Victoriana Jack the Ripper debacle - and the stage set ‘disappearance’ of nobility’s favourite nanny-basher, Lord ‘Lucky’ Lucan. Too, reference the Vatican’s golden boy Roberto Calvi’s (aka God’s Banker) sins and demise - and his corrupt, criminal links to the P2 Masonic Lodge.

Anyone recall the horrific case of Marc Gervais Dutroux, the bonkers Belgian serial killer – arrested in 1996 for kidnapping, torturing, sexually abusing and then murdering a stream of girls ranging in ages from 18 down to 8?
Dutroux was Belgium’s psycho’ equivalent of Scotland’s Thomas Watt Hamilton – yet another low-ranking Freemason wannabe and paedo’ pimp catering to the perverse tastes of Europe’s pederast corps de elite while fulfilling his own sadistic fantasies.

Dutroux was protected from on high, with both corrupt police and social care workers providing information on vulnerable children that fitted the bill for his establishment client’s Satanic ritual requirements in the Black Mass chapel of their Château des Amerois cellars at Bouillon in the Walloon region – or the Château du Sautou in the Ardennes – owned by the equally-evil French serial killer and 33rd Degree Master Mason Michel Fourniret.

Dutroux, to all intents and purposes, was an outwardly seeming insignificant electrician from Charleroi - with a psycho bent for kiddie fiddling and generalised homicide – which belied the fact he was an intregal part of a EU-based Masonic membership pedophile ring with accomplices among police officers, businessmen, doctors, high-level Belgian politicians and European nobility.

Through these links with officialdom and to ensure that ranking establishment figures were not exposed, during the investigation into Dutroux’s crimes contracts were put out on the presiding judge Jean-Marc Connerotte, who later testified that the investigation was seriously hampered by government officials protecting suspects – which eventually resulted in the forced resignations of the Minister of Justice Stefaan De Clerck, the Minister of the Interior Johan Vande Lanotte, and Police Chief Pierre Sarkozy.

To quote Connerotte, who was later dismissed as head of the investigation for getting too close to the truth: "Rarely has so much energy been spent opposing an inquiry.”

In a rare move, the jury sitting at Dutroux’s eventual trial in 2004 - (eight years after Dutroux’s initial arrest and the commencement of the investigation into the paedophile ring) - publicly protested over the presiding judge Stéphane Goux's handling of the debates and the victims' testimonies claiming he was supressing the core value of vital evidence and perverting the course of justice.

Hmmm, sounds just like Scotland’s Holyrood Parliament, the COPFS, the Scaberdeen paedo’ Mafia and the Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court’s conspiratorial dealings with the concocted Breach of the Peace case against Robert Green.

In 2003 Tony ‘Charles Lynton’ Bliar - (the Masonic ex-New Labour PM, public lavatory loiterer and notorious international war criminal) - shit kittens and imposed a media gag order on the further release of a bevy of the 3,774 names identified by Scotland Yard’s Operation Ore four-year duration kiddie fiddling investigation (in coordination with the FBI’s Operation Avalanche) following the arrest of his bent Masonic Parliamentary aide Philip Lyon on paedophilia-related charges – to prevent his shirt-lifting Cabinet and half the Masons in the House of Conmans ending up wearing handcuffs.

Operation Ore led to 7,250 suspects being identified, 4,283 homes searched, 3,744 arrests, 1,848 charged, 1,451 convictions, 493 cautioned and 140 children removed from suspected dangerous situations and a 39 suicides among charged suspects.

Anyone who has further doubts concerning the character flaws that demean and corrupt government establishment integrity, then Google up the Waterhouse Report, circa 2000 AD and the sordid tale of Bryn Estyn Children's Home where Police Chief Superintendent Gordon Anglesea and a legion of other perverted plods staged Satanic black mass rituals and sexually abused children in the company of ranking Freemason kiddie fiddlers – including bigwig scumbag Lord Alistair McAlpine, one of the many high-level Masonic paedo’s in power who escaped prosecution following Sir Ronald Waterhouse’s 3-year / £13 million quid investigation and ensuing whitewash / cover-up.

Now Scaberdeen’s Ferryhill, and too Milltimber’s Binghill Road West paedo’ mafiosa, have entered the annals of infamy with the same notoriety due assigning the Beechwood ‘Special’ School the cybernet designation of a ‘pederast’s bordello’ – with its ‘M.A.S.C. After School Club’ - catering to the perverted sexual fetishes of the area’s establishment elitists and local worthies – and Scaberdeen’s Chief Constable Colin McKrackers refusing to investigate the dirty deeds.

Kiddie fiddling aside, let’s not forget the ‘assisted suicide’ illegal killing of Dr David Kelly in the Grassy Knoll Woods in 2003 – a black bag job given the TVP Tactical Support Major Incident Policy Book file designation of ‘Operation Mason’ (the ritual murder of one of the Ancient & Noble Craft’s own) by the Thames Valley Plod Squad a full hour before the good Doctor left home for his fatal walk and an unscheduled appointment with a cruel and untimely Destiny – and several hours prior to him being reported missing.

Alas, the above examples are but a very minor sample of the wrong-doings committed by members of the Brotherhood who have corrupted their core principles in pursuit of personal – and criminal – gain to the detriment of others.

Thought for the day. Let us not lose sight of the fact that Robert Green, in his crusade to seek justice for Hollie Greig and expose the paedophile cabal responsible for acts of serial rape against her and scores of other prepubescent bairns, is being prosecuted by a legal system infested with evil people who not only have no compunction about sexually abusing and torturing children but would stoop to murder those that dare expose and shame them.

The Scottish political and legal system is one habitually infested with criminals and perverts and run on the Three B’s Doctrine: Bribery, Blackmail & Bludgeons - and hence to this day is so riddled with graft and corruption that our Caledonian cousins of moral conscience have actually formed an active political party to combat this pestilent bane (with little success): specifically Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers.

This is the stacked deck that Robert Green is playing against – wherein the rules of the game change with every hand (read ‘court hearing’) to ensure the odds remain in their favour. While Robert needs our moral support in this contest between right and wrong against a conspiratorial faction of criminal plotters, perhaps ‘Divine Intervention’ – and 'a Jury' - should be the order of the day.

Yes, The Freemasons – a ‘secret society’ specifically conceived for people with guilty ‘secrets’ to hide.
So if you’ve something nasty to keep under wraps, like Caledonia’s criminal kiddie fiddling fraternity, then the Brotherhood of Scottish Rite Freemasonry might just be the place for you.

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