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An Invocation for Martyrs of Conscience

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The multi-denominational ‘God Save Robert Green’ 24/7 Prayer-a-Thon is scheduled to begin at 10:00 am GMT today - Monday 16/01/2012 - as the Sheriff’s Court convenes in Stonehaven to finally adjudicate on this contrived Breach of the Peace 'vendetta' case filed against ‘the accused’ for his exposure of the Scaberdeen establishment crime syndicate mafia and their Masonic paedophile cabal - guilty of the abuse of disabled and special needs children over the past two decades - and beyond - at the Beechwood 'Special School' – at private houses in the Ferryhill Road and Ferryhill Place areas of AB11 - at Binghill Road West in Milltimber AB13 - and addresses various in Biedleside AB15 - to name but a sampling.

The above ‘prosecution’ (read ‘persecution’) is a travesty of justice to silence Robert Green - to make him 'disappear' from the public landscape - that has its festering origins with the 'globally-viral' burgeoning scandal known across the internet and Universal cyberspace as the Hollie Greig Sexual Abuse & Serial Rape Case.
A litany of wickedness has been concealed by perverted Freemasons belonging to this cabal of pederasts and their fawning Brotherhood minions infesting the once-hallowed halls of the Holyrood Parliament - and too Scotland's Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service officialdom - now corruption-ridden due this prevalent culture of vile dishonesty that ranges from lies to bribery to blackmail to shameless breaches of the Ninth Commandment - to conspiracy - and, with thoughts on Roy Greig - to downright murder.

Hence as the Scottish legal system is a graft and corruption-ridden farce then perhaps this entreaty via prayer for ‘Divine Intervention’ might well be the final solution to pursuing justice viz the conspiratorial concealment of ranking establishment officials involved the kiddie fiddling ring – and the contrived Breach of the Peace (Jury Denied) vendetta case filed against Robert – and at last achieve satisfaction and closure for Hollie and her Mum, Anne.

A renegade junta of the Brotherhood of Scottish Rite Freemasonry dominates officialdom and the legal profession in and around Grampian’s crime and paedophilia capital of Scaberdeen – with Masonic clique links to influential individuals in the Crown Office, judiciary and at the highest ranks of the Holyrood Parliament, able to obstruct and pervert the course of justice – going so far as to coerce Robert’s successive legal teams into states of self-preservation / career suicide procrastination - with one brief from Upshot, Bagrot & Shitpot, Ms Sue Fleecem, pressured into advising her client to plead guilty to anything the Sheriff suggested.

This insidious cabal constitute an ongoing threat to public safety and have by their criminal acts relating to the Hollie Greig child rape case - and Roy Greig’s murder - stigmatised the wider public perception of Freemasonry by alluding to its becoming synonymous to the ritual sexual abuse of disabled children and a catalogue of illegal conduct to suppress and avoid exposure – ranging from lies to blackmail to threats of violence to illegal sectioning – to outright murder provided with an official verdict of ‘suicide’.

While various religious groups from around the world have e-mailed and stated their interest in hosting the Prayer-a-Thon for the dismissal of the concocted Breach of the Peace charges filed against Robert Green – and too their intention of calling upon a ‘Higher Power’ to smite and lay waste to the tents and tribes of the ‘ungodly’ minions of Satan manning the halls of Holyrood and the COPFS - the actual benediction and mass will, after careful considerations, be led from the Vatican by Pope Benny, the German built to last Mark XVI Papal model - due the Roman Catholic Church’s traditional culture of personal involvement with the evils – and costs – of kiddie fiddling.

Simultaneous mass prayer meetings will take place upon hallowed ground from Western Samoa to the Church of What’s Happening Now in Wallamaroo, Australia – and to Saudi Arabia's Mecca – where Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer, the Grand Imam of the Kess Emakk ibn Himar Mosque, will direct the haji faithful to jog seven times around the Kaaba while reciting a mantra of ‘Elish Angiolini Sucks’.

Rabbi Sheldon Weaselberg has promised to be on the ball in Jerusalem with his cadre of devout followers, and take a break from taunting the hapless Palestinians for a couple of hours as they set to banging their foreheads against the Wailing Wall and invoke He who has no name (Yahweh) to vent his wrath upon the Stonehaven prosecution team and Scaberdeen’s ungodly pederast hordes.

The Archbishop of Canterbury did kindly offer to have a chat with ‘the Boss’ and put in a good word for Robert Green, but unfortunately his Monday schedule conflicts with the Prayer-a-Thon due a BBC interview on the subject of the corrupting influences of Wi-Fi phones and the texting culture on the youth of today – obviously considered of greater importance than the corrupting influence of child sex abuse and establishment-sanctioned paedophilia.

Pastor Hiram T. Redneck, the Supreme Revelator at the Church of Latter Day Morons in Utah, a devout polygamist, declined his services in this particular instance as he believes child sex is one of the divine bounties bestowed upon man by the good Lord – as per the fruits of Eden.

Conversely, down in Haiti, the Very Reverend Wormhole Jaffacake, a chartered Juju-man, has conjured up a stream of Dahomean voodoo-generated Stuxnet computer viruses specially for the occasion - to be e-mailed to Masonic lodges globally – and through to Holyrood, the COPFS and Stonehaven Court at 10:00 am precisely - to shut down the entire corrupt Scottish legal system.

So, with reflection on the above, that’s what this nefarious renegade junta of Scaberdeen’s kiddie fiddling criminals have done to the once noble Brotherhood of Scottish Rite Freemasonry – diminished its stellar mystique, dignity and honour to the stuff of scandal found within the pages of the red top gutter press tabloids – and shamed the memory of the Widow’s son.

"Yes, The Freemasons – a ‘secret society’ specifically conceived for people with guilty ‘secrets’ to hide.
So if you’ve something nasty to keep under wraps, like Caledonia’s pederast fraternity, then the Brotherhood of Scottish Rite Freemasonry might just be the place for you".
Apply now – send your CV, along with a photocopy of your criminal record and latest probation report – plus your Sex Offenders Register entry number to: – and get your free Boy’s Own copy of ‘Secret Handshakes for Dummies’.

To quote Ben Johnson: "Much may be made of a Scotchman, if he be caught so young."

Hmmm, Dr Johnson’s delusional view besides, the eyes of the world are on Stonehaven Sheriff's Court and ready for the next immoral and unscrupulous acts of injustice in this rigged 'No Jury Allowed' pantomime staged against Robert Green.
Too, what industry the misanthropic Diogenes would make of this kangaroo court charade as he ceases to scowl at the world from his barrel and ventures out in the noonday sun, wielding aloft a lighted lamp – in search of an honest man.

Thought for the day: Fuck the Freemasons and the entire crooked Grampian-Scaberdeen establishment – and their bent Holyrood / COPFS cohorts.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a Freemason-infested area and may contain traces of elitist abuse of privilege and an exaggerated sense of entitlement

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