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Whose Side is the Plod Squad On?

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It’s taking quite a time to sink in, but the UK’s tax-paying / voting public – regarded by our Libservative Coalition political masters – and New Labour’s panjandrums likewise - as ‘’the common herd’ or ‘telly-goggling sheeple’ – are slowly but surely beginning to regain consciousness and get the message.

Yep, the message that whether it’s student protests over exorbitant tuition fee hikes, or demonstrations against the G20 and globalisation, or Trade Union industrial action strikes - or anti-war marches - or the saner sections of society opposing (versus ‘appeasing’) the neo-fascist cum raving racist BNP and EDL scumbags – that the Men in Black uniforms – (with all the body armour, plexiglass shields, stab vests , tasers, telescopic steel batons – and no ID numbers on their epaulettes) – are not really out to look after the inalienable rights of the British public – and are definitely no longer our protectors.

This is clearly evidenced by the shift from policing by social consent to policing by intimidation and their adoption of extreme violence and the threats of arrest and imprisonment as a standard field tactic.

To wit, are they for us – or against us – or simply out to look after their own end? – which is the way it seems after the scandalous revelations being made in the News Corporation Hackgate investigations where we have ranking plods selling anything and everything to toerags and tosspots like the manky Murdochs and their festering, septic ilk for thirty pieces of silver.

We need a drastic sea change in the way the administration of our once sceptred isle is conducted. A Malthusian separation of the Four Estates – specifically the Second and Fourth as no fucker or their dog ever bothers with the illusionary concepts of the First any longer.
We require a definite embargo imposed on private interest media and press barons being invited to Downing Street’s MoD strategy planning sessions or pre-budget discussions so they might do a spot of insider trading and cop a news scoop – or an honorary knighthood or life peerage for magnanimously sharing the dishonest spoils.

Next, transparency in government and an end to gagging orders forbidding the media from reporting certain aspects of parliamentary business - plus an end to scheming Freemasons infesting the government and the police force like noxious termites.
Our green and pleasant land would be far better served without the dead weight of the privileged order of the Second Estate’s sciving, scrounging aristocratic class altogether – and too these self-serving career politicians who are only a single step up on the social pariah scale from child molesters. How do you know when your MP’s lying? – Easy - his lips moved.

Ah, what sport Diogenes would have with his lamp, shining ineffectually in the noonday’s sun – searching the corridors of power for an honest man.

But as to the UK’s police force - traditionally a tool of protection for the upper classes and their property, and a one of oppression towards the whingeing unwashed peasantry - then a severe overhaul is required if the public are ever again to trust them or put faith in them as our protectors and not a tool of Draconian suppression wielded by the scumbag politicians running our Big Brother panopticon surveillance society.
And the first task is getting it through the Plod Squad’s thick skulls that they have no power whatsoever – it’s all in the uniform - and the tax-paying public provide their wage, not some cabal of shirt-lifting Hooray Henry poofters in the House of Conmans or Shitehall.

Hmmm, and that trust is going to be a long time in coming while these current Hackgate and institutionally-corrupt Met’s Plod Squad bribery scandal investigations - Operation Weetabix and Operation Eiderdown respectively - are being overseen by the actual perpetrators themselves.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Suzy Knackers has been tasked with running the investigation into bribes of £10 zillion quid paid to five top ranking Metropolitan police force officers by the News of the World in £30,000 nicker big brown envelope tranches - an inquiry conspicuously being overseen by the Independent Police Coverups Commission also.

So what it comes down to is accountability and trust – and the former is as rare as hen’s teeth where corrupt officialdom is concerned.

Hence we’re left with ‘trust’ – and that too is going to prove a bitch when Cressida Dickhead has now been elevated / promoted to head of the counter-terrorism squad following John Yates's long overdue resignation.
That moronic appointment is unlikely to inspire confidence in anyone who remembers her role in authorising the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005, mistaken for a terror suspect because one of her gun-slinging officers decided the suspect / victim had ‘distinctive Mongolian eyes’ and looked a bit like the bloke who played Genghis Khan in a film he saw as a kid.

Obviously the SO19 cretin responsible for de Menezes murder had never been trained to recognise nor distinguish between racial types – specifically Arab Muslim jihadi terrorists or Brazilian electricians. Alas a crime in which the perpetrators yet again go unpunished for the Kratos style killing – an operational standard strategy that is still considered fit for purpose.

Hence a failure to discriminate between a South American ethnic and Semite Arabs or the Asian Indo-Aryan-Malay brown – classifying them all as ‘Mongoloid’ has got to be a warning to anyone suffering from Down’s Syndrome to keep their fucking heads down when the Met’s SO19 trigger-happy Plod Squad are on the loose and loaded for bear with Black Talon expanding rounds in their 9mm Glocks.

(For the record: the World Health Organization officially dropped references to Mongolism in 1965 after a request by Douchbag Chuckabutty, the Mongolian ambassador to the United Nations who found the association ‘insulting’ – with the affliction hence known as Down’s Syndrome).

So, how can we ever come to trust the UK’s Plod Squad ever again after the physical and psychological trauma visited on teenage tuition fee hike protesters, all under the age to exercise their voting franchise - who were badly scalded after being kettled for hours on end by the Met’s Territorial Support Group scumbags – with legions of them shouting “Mummy! Mummy! Help!” - and having to piss on the feet of the hapless kid stood next to them?

When viewed on a broad canvas perspective our police force is dismissive, patronising & apathetic – as are too the Independent Police Coverups Commission and the Courts of Justice when we have Sgt Delboy Stinkie punching G20 protester Nicola Fisher’s lights out on the piss-poor excuse he mistook her orange juice carton for an anti-personnel mine – and gets exonerated for a degree of Neanderthal brutality that would even be questionable in Stalin’s gulags.

Then we have PC Barbarian, back in December 2010, arbitrarily heaving a student tuition fee hike protester, the disabled Jodie McIntyre, out of his wheelchair and dragging him across the road – for his own safety. Yeah, right – why not simply push him across the fucking road – preferably in the wheelchair - or tell the Bolshie twat “Fuck off gimp, before yer get tasered”?

These pricks are simply thugs, possessed by a zero quantity of altruism, who should be sectioned – and definitely not put in uniform and thus given ‘powers’ that go far beyond the scope of their intellects to dispense.

The use of undercover police officers, such as Mork the Dork Kennedy, recently found to have unlawfully spied on environmental activists, has further increased suspicions regarding the motivations for police surveillance, not to mention the fact that its illegality in turn renders such action totally ineffective against those being targeted for eventual prosecution.

In the case of the recent arrests of UK Uncut protesters at Fortnum & Mason, video footage of Chief Inspector Claire Clark disingenuously bullshitting the group into a mass arrest proved highly embarrassing to the police - who nevertheless freely admit that arrests at protests are part of an ongoing dystopic Big Brother data mining and intelligence-gathering operation bent on getting the low-down on any and all Bolshie / anarchist types who dare have the audacity to disagree with the government and even mention the overthrown of our fatally-flawed capitalist system of eternal Debtocracy.

The positive effects of citizen journalism and the internet’s alternative media now make it much more difficult for the authorities to disseminate propaganda and disinformation, such as the stories put out by the Met concerning Ian Tomlinson's contentious death.

Perhaps is it a saving grace that Tomlinson's family may finally be able to see Karma come full circle and some modicum of justice served when PC Slimy Simon Harwood finally appears before a court of his peers this October on charges of manslaughter.

Conversely, if the story had not been tenaciously pursued by both the mainstream and alternative internet media then the police would doubtless have stuck to their venal excuse that a drunken news vendor had collapsed at the G20 protests and the TSG’s Harwood would be Scott free to brutalise, cripple or kill yet another hapless twat at the next protest rally.

Trust is hard won, especially so when revenant memories of Blair Peach, Harry Stanley, Cherry Groce, are brought to mind – along with the Thames Valley force’s conspiratorial involvement in the assisted suicide of Dr David Kelly in the Grassy Knoll Woods, wherein they started the search for his body hours before he actually went out for his final and fateful afternoon walk or was reported missing.

Under the established precepts of British Common Law it is illegal for the police to adopt a ‘Kratos style shoot to kill’ policy. Alas, British Common Law was mainly replaced by the EUSSR-crafted Corpus Juris in 1992.
To wit, since 1992 the British Plod Squad have shot 30 innocent people dead and not been successfully prosecuted in one single instance.
To add insult to injury, there have been 1,100 contentious deaths of suspects in police custody since 1992 - and once again no successful prosecutions.

Just to rub our noses in the brown smelly stuff, we have further Dystopian legislation forced down our necks as instanced by last April’s royal wedding initiated pre-crime arrest policy to get any likely Bolshie types and anarchists off the streets before they can say ‘Boo!’ to a goose.
Too, the fact that under Section 44 of the current counter terrorism legislation, the Plod’s ‘Stop n Search’ operations statistically target 90% more persons with permanent sun tans than whiteys doesn’t impress the British proletariat one little bit – especially so if you happen to be a darker shade of pale – and a Muslim.

Now, how the fuck do you start to build ‘trust’ on that record? Like the saying goes: something stinks in Denmark – and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks.

Thought for the day: A third News Corporation Hackgate graft and corruption investigation, aptly titled ‘Operation What the Fuck Next’, is also being run by Met officers and looking into the activities of their old pal, the disgraced private detective Jack McScally, who supplied the News of the World, the Sunday Mirror, the Daily Shitraker, the Scandalmongers Gazette and too the iconic Graft & Corruption Review – plus a string of other scurrilous red top gutter press tabloids - with hacked confidential insider info’ for donkeys years.

The Met’s plods are conducting preliminary investigations into the vast amounts of documentation – specifically 750,000 pages - relating to McScally, who ran the Twatford Heath-based Scumbag Investigations private detective agency in Slurry with his partner, former Met Plod Squad Chief Superintendent, Sid ‘The Fiddle’ Fiddlesticks.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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