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Libya Falls – Syria Next – Then Iran

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Rather overstepping (read ‘flagrant abuse of’) their UN-sanctioned remit of ‘humanitarian intervention', NATO troops, specifically US/UK special forces teams and a full company of US Marine Corp grunts from the 26th MEU, led the rag-arsed NTC rebels into Tripoli over the weekend in ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ - with drones and planes bombarding likely Gaddafi-held targets – including Millett’s display of camping equipment and tents – plus a branch of Achmed’s Barf Burger outlet on the south side of Chew n Spew Square.
By morning 1,300 hapless unarmed civilians were lying in the streets in various states of deadness, with a further 5,000-plus wounded from the constant bombings and Apache gunships blasting the shit out of all and sundry.

Rebel leader Mustafa ibn Himar, head of the National Transitional Council, told a press hack from the Mayhem Gazette “Once we have secured Gaddafi’s Bab Al-Aziziya compound then it is me and my commanders who shall be sitting in his jacuzzi hot tub tonight after Iftar is sounded from the minaret – and we will be eating Spam fritters and hotdogs - drinking his French wines and pissing in his bubbly bath – while our 21st Cannon Fodder Battalion revolutionary fighters go on a well-deserved rampage of rape and pillage.”

So, has the raving bonkers Colonel gone at last – either escaped to Venezuela or captured – or dead via his own hand in a copy-cat version of Dr David Kelly’s assisted suicide in 2003?

In fact is anything that NATO’s propagandists and the rebels are gobbing off about actually true? Yesterday they claim to have captured Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam, who turns up in Tripoli the same evening at the head of a force of loyalist troops and gives a fucking press conference while tucking into a four course dinner at the Rixos al Nasr Hotel. Next the NTC forces claim to have captured Gaddafi's eldest son Muhammad - who reportedly escaped from rebel custody shortly after being detained.

Really, who’s in charge and commanding of this bunch of rebel dog wankers – Wiley T. Coyote?

When questioned at the hotel bar, post-prandial, by foreign press hacks concerning his father’s whereabouts and state of health, Saif responded “He’s down at the Oasis Club in his Kevlar tent, watchin’ the new X-Factor on the telly. Me Dad’s got better things ter do than worry about a bunch of scabby rebel amateur insurgents pissin’ around wiv a revolution.”

So, if the Gaddafi’s eventually do a runner, doubtless the Zionist political commissars will be on hand to direct occupational NATO forces to seize control of and secure the eastern oil fields before they set to work systematically looting the place and then Balkanise the entire country – in an identical repeat of the socio-cultural and political disasters they’ve purposely – and with calculated malice aforethought - made in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Establish a totally dysfunctional society with every ethnic tribal Bedouin and their dog at each other’s throats. Divide n conquer – a tried and tested prime military strategy that goes back beyond even Sun Tzu’s era.

An editorial in the latest issue of Carnage Weekly speculates that the Rothshite crime syndicate’s ZioNazi warmongers running the US and Israel have already issued orders to their stooge political leaders around Europe to be ready to commit further troops to the scheduled NATO (now re-branded as the ‘Atlantic Alliance’) ‘humanitarian intervention’ campaign in Syria.

Oh yes, Syria’s next on the list – and by stealth also – arms supplied via Turkey and the Golan – plus military advisers and a mob of agents provocateur to get things stirred up nicely for Mr Assad while the Afghan-based neo-colonial NATO army gets set for a spot of mischief in Pakiland – ready to grab their Islamic nuclear arsenal.

It’s all about regime change – total control of the Middle East and the monopoly on the oilfields – and establishing the Greater Israel.
Then, finally, onto Iran – which has been atop the battle plan drawing board since 1999 – just like the next scheduled false flag terrorist attack on the US to provoke an all-out invasion scenario response – tactical nukes targeting the Iranian atomic research sites and uranium enrichment plants will be in the air before the ‘9/11 Part Deux’ dust settles in whichever hapless US state cops for the dirty bomb this Autumn – California or Illinois?

Thought for the day: In a most moronic statement comprising ‘the bloody obvious’ and total hypocrisy, the Zionist stooge puppet UK Prime Minister, Posh Dave Scameron, has announced to anyone interested in listening to his pathetic drivel that “Colonel Gaddafi’s regime is falling apart at the seams and in full retreat – and while there will undoubtedly be difficult days ahead, the Libyan peasants are now closer to their dream of a better future” – just like the hapless proletariat in Afghanistan and Iraq – and anywhere else the Rothshite ZioNazi crime syndicate get their greedy, grasping hooks into.

Meanwhile, off on an ‘ego’ trip of his own, Deputy Prime Minister Mick Clogg – the type of person who gives hypocrites a bad name - made a speech in London about the wider Arab Spring, which has seen uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa.

Cloggy stated for the public record that these countries were "on the right side of history" and the UK would do all it could to help the pro-democracy protesters and demonstrators - offering practical support to create new political parties, prevent corruption, promote a plural press and register voters.

Er, yeah right Mick – apart from in the ex-British protectorate of Bahrain - where the ruling Royal despot, Sheikh Fizzy al-Kaseltzer, can carry on ordering the extra-judicial arrests, torture, imprisonment and executions of dissidents who don’t agree with the piss-ant fascist regime’s policies, and petition for domestic reforms – and no-one utters a single word of reproach or condemnation.
Hmmm, double standards anybody?

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