Friday, 26 August 2011

Kikester Tipzi Livid Goes Homicidal

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Officials of the Kadima Parliamentary opposition party, headed by the ginger-mingin genocidal warmonger, Tipzi Livid, are currently demanding that the Israeli government of Bobo Nuttyahoo launch another ‘ethnic cleansing’ military offensive against the Gaza Strip, including a baby-crushing ground invasion with US-supplied M1-A2 Abrams battle tanks – basically a homicidal bloodbath repeat of the 2008 Xmas festive season ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ undertaken by the IDF’s bully boy Hafganat Koah Brigade barbaric psychopaths.

Kadima party officials attacked Prime Minister Nuttyahoo after news of a cease fire between Israel and the democratically-elected ruling Hamas party in Gaza was reported in the Warmongers Gazette this week.

Tipzi ‘Piranha Teeth’ Livid, an outed rug-munching ‘kike dyke’ whose fucked-up dentistry has equipped her with the X-Men mutant ability to eat an apple through a tennis racket - along with the Jabotinskyist war hawk members of the Knesset’s defence committee - Zayin O’chel Batachat and Ratsach Koos Emakk - are pushing for an illegal ground invasion of the Gaza Strip to target the leadership of Hamas and their Gaza Gangster militia infrastructure – and remove them from power.

Obviously the pig-eyed Livid is either stricken with a terminal bout of brazen hubris – or amnesia – relative to her push for further war crimes to be visited upon the civilian Palestinian population of Gaza - besieged behind the scandalous 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall, in the biggest concentration camp on the planet – for she still has an outstanding international arrest warrant for war crimes waiting to greet her if she turns up in Britain.

Livid was the incumbent Foreign Minister who sanctioned the 22-day murderous Operation Kill Every Fucker assault on the Gaza Strip in 2008 - which purposely targeted non-combatant women and children - for no other reason but the fact that the Knesset’s ruling Ashkenazi Jews of convenience are demonically possessed with an inherent prejudice against Gentiles in general – Muslims in particular - and all things ‘goyim’ - for those not members of the ZioNazi kikesters money-grubbing celestial elite – God’s ‘Chosen People’.

At the end of the day, Tipzi Livid is yet another shit-for-brains career hater – raised as a Jabotinsky-inspired racist, being the ultra-hawkish daughter of Polish parents, whose father, along with Menachim ‘Skeletor’ Begin, was a member of the Irgun Zevai Leumi terrorist organisation responsible for the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel in British Mandate Palestine, and the deaths of 90-plus British soldiers and civilians, with scores more maimed, crippled and injured.

Apart from being an all-round sociopathic skanger, Livid further served in the Wiley T. Coyote-organised Mossad unit responsible for Operation Wrath of God in the 1980’s - which attempted to target the PFLP’s Black September muhijadeen fighters deemed responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympics attacks on Israeli athletes.

During this period, covert Israeli assassination units killed dozens of hapless ‘suspected’ conspirators across Europe, including the clusterfuck murder of an innocent Moroccan waiter, Ahmed Bouchiki in Lillehammer, Norway – with Mossad’s over-rated bunglers mistaking him for the ‘Public Enemy Number One’ Palestinian terrorist, Shaheed al Ka-Boom.

Hmmm, ‘Operation Wrath of God’ - (obviously Yahweh and not the Christian deity who tells us all to turn the other cheek) - how typical of ZioNazi chutzpah and their ‘kvelling’ (boastful) mindset.
Livid, now a ranking paliamentary politician, boasting she was part of an Israeli murder squad – wholly illegal under international law – but when have the niceties of polite society ever bothered the Ashkenazi gangsters running the Knesset, Mossad and the IDF.

Israel: funded by the Rothshite family crime syndicate, founded on terrorism, by terrorists – for terrorists. And these racist scumbags have they hypocritical audacity to whinge and complain about Russian pogroms and Hitler’s Nazi Holohoax?

Thought for the day: Fuck the Rothshites and global Zionism and the kikester’s New World Order.

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