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Public Jury for Government Oversight

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The gospel according to Percy Pullitt - author of the iconoclastic best-seller ‘That Twat Christ’ – (castigated by the Vatican and Church of England as a venal work of heresy that deserves the attentions of the Inquisition) – states that Britain is being run by a elitist cabal of Zionist Freemasons, the Satanic-Illuminati Council of 13, whose task it is to ensure government and commerce are rigged towards the benefit of the few and to the eternal detriment of the many – and whose foul members are responsible for everything that’s wrong with our once sceptred isle, this bankrupt panopticon surveillance society nightmare it has now become.

Pullitt’s group claim that a one thousand strong public jury should be selected at random to draw up a ‘Common Interest First’ criterion which will ensure that power is totally removed from the fiddling fingers of remote interest groups that currently treat the tax-paying – and voting - public with the same contempt they do for French waiters, swan-roasting Pikeys and Chinese cockle pickers.

The call for a public jury has been signed by 56 self-promoting academics, Bolshie trade unionists and mediocre back bench politicians – who like to boast more degrees than a thermometer and unfortunately posture themselves as ‘intellectuals’.
This dodgy clique is comprised of refugees from the ranks of New Labour, the Librarian-Dummercats and the grotty Green Party, and presents a catalogue of personalities with their own agendas to pursue who are barely segregated from the insidious touch of the elitists themselves when one takes a shufty at the dodgy disciples queuing up to serve - the type of people who give criminals a bad name.

Signatories to this piece of treason include Greg Dork, former director general of the BBC, Caroline Lucas, the one and only Green Party MP - who has a bizarre pathological obsession with firewood; and the civil liberties campaigner / New Labour peer Mrs St Helena Kennedy, a neo-Nazi eugenicist and Agenda 21 advocate who was bestowed with a life peerage in 1997 by Tony Bliar, and gazetted as Baroness Kennedy for the Shits & Handcarts of Glasgow.

To add a touch of the surrealist to the entire pantomime, Guardian columnist Polly Toyboys has also signed the declaration. Toyboys, much to her undying shame, is a raving hypocrite who declares her ardent support for state education, though stooped to educating two of her children at the private St Sodom’s School for Latter Day Catamites.

Hmmm, any crusade Toyboys signs up for sort of blemishes its validity and purpose when one is reminded of a qualified opinion of her, once passed by London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense, the-then Tory MP for Old Scrotum, who referred to her as: “Polly is the high priestess of our paranoid, mollycoddled, risk-averse, airbagged, booster-seated culture of political correctness and 'elf 'n' safety fascism – and a skanger who fails to qualify for a slot in the index of Linnaean taxonomy.”

Launched by Neal Lawson, whose most dubious claim to fame is that of being a former adviser to Gordon ‘Incapability’ Brown (more of a disqualifier than a recommendation), the group claims that decisive action is needed to wrest power back from this microcosm elite who have treated our sacred Isle of Albion as their personal bailiwick for dynastic centuries on the strength of the facts they look halfway decent in ermine and with a crown on their noggins – and are all descendants of King David – the Jewish bloke who snuffed Goliath.

The group’s treasonous charter states for the public record: "Something is unravelling before our eyes. From the scrounging, idle-arsed Monarchy to usurious banksters, to meddling and manipulative media barons, to catering to the dystopic EUSSR in Brussels, and to the private commercial interests of Baron Rothshite’s crime syndicate family for generations – since Waterloo actually - have bankrupted and suborned the public realm to the extant that our governing establishment and civil service administration are now so mired with institutionalised graft and corruption they can no longer function without such venal accoutrements.”

Hence they are canvassing for a common uprising against this abuse of power – a deviation from Posh Dave Scameron’s ‘Big Society’ concept – that we, the sheeple, will take over running the country since our politicians, so heavily invested in self-glorification, have been found wanting in scruples, morals and decency.
Alas, they’ve pawned their moral franchise and are short on credibility – and on the social pariah scale are a single, short step above child molesters.

Thought for the day: Epictetus, a first century AD Greek sage and Stoic philosopher once prudently observed and discerned that "Appearances are of four kinds - things either are as they appear to be; or they neither are nor appear to be; or they are but do not appear to be; or they are not and yet appear to be.

That might sound like Humpty Dumpty’s gobbledegook but to comprehend the pecking order structure of this elitist cabal it should be realised from the start that Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron, alike Tony Bliar before him, is simply the ordained figurehead of an unelected government.

This sinister cabal who rule by proxy is composed of our so-called 'Royalty' and associate 'aristocracy', plus a gaggle of corporate Brahmins – commercial, financial, military – which govern with the same core social, economic and foreign policies regardless of who the fuck is in Downing Street – a situation that is more at dictatorship than democracy.

If Pullitt & Co do achieve the impossible and rid our pathetic system of faux democratic government and capitalist society of the cultures of DOSRI (Directors, Officers, Seniors, Related Interests) and too the Curse of the Four C’s (Cronyism, Collusion, Corruption, and Complacency), then sanction a referendum on our reluctant EUSSR membership which will extricate us from the evil grip of Brussels and veto the right of EU member state citizens to come over to the UK scrounging welfare benefits and stealing our jobs – and impersonating plumbers.
Then we can ignore the Chicken Little global warming scam, cease and desist from this self-destructive practice of outsourcing, and re-industrialise – and perhaps start to make Broken Britain ‘Great’ once more.

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