Thursday, 25 August 2011

IPCC Confirm Plods Are Scumbags

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The latest report released by the Independent Police Complaints Commission simply goes to confirm public opinion - and that which the more cognisant of the common herd have known for years – precisely what protesters at last December’s tuition fee hike demonstrations were shouting at the Plod Squad: specifically “Scum!”-“Filth!”-“You cunts!”-“Bastards!”- and “Pigs!” – plus several other choice expletives which amply served to describe the uniformed barbarians – sans shoulder tag IDs - who tossed the disabled Jody McIntyre from his wheelchair into the middle of the road and dragged him by the scruff of the neck to the pavement.

After viewing a most embarrassing, and too incriminating, video recording - originally posted on You Tube, and which won acclaim and prizes in this year’s Cannes Film Festival’s ‘Police Brutality’ section, the ‘Cop Complaints’ watchdog has upheld a grievance from Jody McIntyre, disabled since birth with cerebral palsy, and the man thrown into the road after his wheelchair was up-ended and then unceremoniously dragged to the kerb by PC Bazzer ‘Pitbull’ McGnasher from the Met’s ‘Thug Squad’.

As if to confirm the reason the IPCC were branded with the disparaging misnomer of the Independent Police ‘Coverups’ Commission, the unscrupulous watchdog, bombarded with a plethora of witness statements, sworn affidavits and video coverage of the criminal event, finally held their hands up and admitted that the hapless McIntyre had been subjected to a serious and unjustified assaulted by one of the Met’s licensed yobsters applying ‘excessive force’.
However, the time limit for a prosecution had now passed – as under the statutes of the Gimps & Cripples Whinge Act 2009, such requires action by the Crown Prosecution Service within six months of the offence taking place.

In May 2011, Scotland Yard’s ‘Scandals Control’ department cleared officers who had ‘moved’ McIntyre based on the perceived risk to him being in the middle of the road in his wheelchair, and simply recommended "management action", rather than more serious disciplinary proceedings, against the officer who had dumped McIntyre head-first onto the tarmac then dragged him across the road like a sack of shit.

Following the investigation a revision of wheelchair user handling techniques was undertaken by the Common Sense & Logic Office – which now actually advocates pushing wheelchairs and not man-handling their disabled occupants in front of scores of Bolshie protesters with video recording devices.

Thought for the day: Hmmm, the IPCC prove yet again that the UK’s Plod Squads exist to serve as the enforcers of the political elite and the rich and shameless – to the benefit of the few and the detriment of the public at large.

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