Thursday, 11 August 2011

Downing St. Gopher Reads Voters Minds

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In a stellar display of unqualified arrogance last weekend, claiming the ability to scry the mindset of the British voting public, our Prime Minister in absentia Posh Dave Scameron’s PPS glove puppet gopher and Mentat-in-Residence – none other than the ridiculous Laurence Mann - declared to anyone interested enough to pay heed it was his obnoxious opinion that the British people neither wanted, nor needed, an ‘in or out’ referendum vote concerning our continued membership of the EUSSR fascist super-state, as such would be - quote: “artificial and simplistic” – a bit like the hubristic Mister Mann himself.

So, who is this moronic twat presuming to know the minds of the British proletariat?
Laurence Mann – an active member of the Whitehall Halitosis Society and a senior aide to Cabbage Patch Dave - who boasts he’s one of his ‘inside circle’ (whatever that implies) - claims the Prime Minister has ruled out a referendum on EUSSR membership due the irrelevant fact Britain delivered a clear result on the issue 36 years ago.
Instead, Mann, the type of person who gives simpletons a bad name, stated for the public record that Britons should be grateful for the EUSSR’s useful work on global warming and Third World poverty and stand by a decision made almost two generations ago on the far less fascist and totalitarian federal body then known as the Common Market.

For fuck’s sake, where does the government find these idiots - by shaking the trees? Yet another of the Libservative Coalition’s farcical pantomime career clots who will now probably be instructed to go forth and fall on his own paper knife, or take hemlock, for having the unlicenced audacity to rattle the ‘status quo’ – otherwise known as the dozy proletariat’s cage.

Mann’s imprudent declaration was apparently triggered by a letter of complaint from a ranking Tory Party member, Mrs Candida Ffinch-Gargoyle, of Pikeys Crotch in the Surrey stockbroker belt, in which she accused Scameron of breaking his word and bond regarding the promise of a EUSSR referendum – which thus constituted an absolute betrayal to fulfil his sworn manifesto pledges – continuing to allow Brussels to plunder what remains of our heritage when a show of hands vote demonstrates that 75% plus of the British electorate want out of the dystopic EUSSR community immediately, if not sooner.

However, Mann attempted to justify his remarks and the case for staying under Brussels’ Big Brother thumb, stating “Just look how our EUSSR membership’s working to implement PM Scameron’s multi-cultural Big Society by permitting all these jolly gyppo types from the Balkans, along with lots of Poles and vulgar Bulgars and loopy Latvians, to come to Britain and teach us about their customs – such as impersonating plumbers, how to fiddle welfare benefits – or roast a swan - and poach carp from the local municipal duck ponds.”

Regardless of Mann’s sophistry, what we want is that promised by Scameron in his pre-election manifesto – a full, one-off referendum.
If the ‘Circus Without a Tent’ EUSSR kleptocracy of thieving scumbags and career criminals in Brussels are not halted in their tracks, nibbling away at our sovereignty and cultural identity, and bleeding our national purse dry, then Britain’s going to be living in ‘interesting times’, and last weekend’s Tottenham ‘Intifada’ is going to become a daily event until the Nihilist Party have the majority of seats in a fire-gutted House of Conmans and we get the message across to Brussels the hard way.

So, Scameron and his Illuminati masters best listen up: Referendum Now! – and we ain’t going to settle for a replay of the Irish referendum version either, wherein every time they voted ‘NO!’ they held another one until every fucker and their dog got so pissed off they eventually voted ‘Yes’ and said “Fuck it!”

The best thing that ever happened to the UK regarding EUSSR / Common Market membership was Monsieur le Snout – aka President Chazzer de Gaulle – the raving French Anglophobe, who while having no conscience problems with hiding in Merry England until Herr Hitler’s invading German Army went home again during WW2, hated us that much he blocked our membership at every turn.

Alas, after de Gaulle croaked we had that kiddie fiddling traitor Ted Heath in Downing Street, who joined the Common Market / EEC on our national behalf in January 1973 when the Treaty of Rome was signed - followed by the treacherous bastard John Major and his under-the-table criminal accomplice Sir John Kerr, signing away the sovereignty of our once green and pleasant land at Maastricht in 1991 - all to the detriment of the many and benefit of the few.

Thought for the day: Okay, it’s time to squeeze Posh Dave Scameron’s bollocks (if he has a pair) – or man-tits - and ‘demand’ our promised EUSSR membership referendum – or force a general election and vote the semi-indestructible Nigel Barrage and his anti-Brussels UKIP Party into office.

Regardless, fuck the Maastricht Treaty, and the EUSSR Constitution, and the Treaty of Lisbon – and the worthless Euro – and Brussels and the New World Order.

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