Friday, 1 April 2011

Two-Facebook: a ZioNazi Puppet Website

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Those cry-baby perennial victims of Gentile goyim hatred, the ZioNazi Israeli Jews of convenience, have petitioned the shylock boss of Facebook, Mork Zuckerscumm, to have a controversial page calling for a long overdue Palestinian Intifada to be ‘obliterated with extreme prejudice’ from the jingoist social media website.

Zuckerscumm, author of the world’s thinnest book ‘How to Win Friends’ and recipient of Time magazine’s 2010 ‘Arsehole of the Year’ award, agreed to the blatantly racist request following a bunch of whingeing e-mails and phone calls from the neo-Nazi Israeli government and Baron Rothshite’s lawyers that the webpage was designed solely to incite violence against the land-grabbing Zionist scumbags who continue to steal Palestinian farms and houses in the occupied West Bank while under the protection of the IDF’s Thug Squad - and in contravention of UN mandates and the statutes of International Law regarding human rights and wrongs – and of further imprisoning the civilian population of the Gaza Strip – kept besieged behind the 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall – which now constitutes the biggest racist ghetto and concentration camp on the planet.

A statement from the duplicitous Facebook’s spokeswoman Mingeeter Cameltoe, announced that the group page entitled "Third Palestinian Intifada" – which had garnered more than 350,000,000 zillion "likes" over the course of the past month -- was removed from the website because it contained certain innuendo that might incite violence and was seen to be anti-Semitic and in denial of the shylocks beloved Holohoax fantasy.

Ms Cameltoe informed one press hack from the Xenophobes Gazette that "The web page began as a call for peaceful protest, even though it used a term that has been associated with extreme bloodlust and brutal violence in the past – specifically Zionism.”
"However, after the page received its first ten zillion ‘like’ hits, the comments took on a surrealist quality and deteriorated to direct calls for justice for the disaffected Palestinian people who have been marginalised and suffered gross privations due the Knesset’s enforcement of this ultra-Jabotinskyist ‘Iron Wall’ policy for Yahweh’s Chosen People.”

“In the interests of all-round fair play we were primarily inclined to ignore the protests from AIPAC and other pro-kikester lobbying groups but after our boss, Mr Zuckerscumm, received a call from a certain Abe Poxman who runs the Anti-Defamation League, warning him that if the page wasn’t taken down by morning then someone from Mossad would be dropping by to have words, we decided it might be best for Facebook staff’s health if we removed the page completely.”

"Conversely, while we continue to believe that people on Facebook should be able to express their opinions, and we don't typically take down content that speaks out against the injustices of despotic outlaw regimes like Israel – or countries, religions, political entities, or ideas – in this case Mr Zuckerscumm agreed with Mr Poxman that he would like to see his 27th birthday in May and not end up as a pecking snack for seagulls on some Palo Alto landfill site.”

The page's removal follows heavy criticism from the Knesset and pro-Zionist organizations that the Third Palestinian Intifada’s Facebook webpage’s use of such words and terms as “hateful”, “threatening”, and “incites violence” might be construed as some sort of algorithmic cipher, graphically describing Israel’s barbaric treatment of the marginalised Palestinian peoples.

Yuli Edelslime, Israel's Minister for Ethnic Cleansing & Genocidal Affairs, informed one reporter from the Shitbags Review the removal of the page showed that "Facebook management understood the ‘Intafada’ webpage was a blunt abuse of freedom of speech to incite to violent actions against God’s Children of the Covenant."

Typically, demonstrating their customary kikester hypocrisy, the rabid racist Abe Poxman’s Anti-Defamation League also praised the move.
"After receiving an offer for Mossad to help monitor its social networking pages, Facebook’s management now understand the requirement to constantly scrutinise their pages with applied vigilance to eliminate any and all groups that call for violence or terrorism against the Jewish state – or even dare to criticise Israel."

For the benefit of the uninitiated and those who have been off-planet for the past century, the ‘Intifada’ webpage called for a ‘third’ rebellion against the Israeli oppressors to kick start on May 15th – a date that goes down in infamy for the Palestinians and is known as the ‘Yawm an-Nakbah’ -- or Day of Catastrophe -- which commemorates the displacement of three quarters of a million Palestinians from their homes in a campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocidal warfare conducted by Jewish terrorist groups to drive Palestinians out of ‘Palestine’ and that led to the establishment of the illegal and rogue state of Israel in 1948.

Thought for the day: Should Zuckerscum’s website be re-named Two-Face Book to cater for its obvious adoption of a ZioNazi kikester policy of non-criticism?

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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