Wednesday, 27 April 2011

NATO Impose New Libyan ‘No-Drive’ Zone

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In total conflict with the statutes and provisions of the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 (2011) to enforce a ‘No-Fly’ Zone across Libya to assist the useless General Ras al Nastygit and his anti-Gaddafi rebels in overthrowing the national government, NATO have now adopted their ZioNazi bosses ‘No-Drive Zone’ and a ‘Let’s Bomb Gaddafi’s House’ mandate to try and snuff the elusive nuisance and diminish the strength of his military to zilch.

Hence to achieve this objective a squadron of RAF Tornado fighter aircraft was successfully re-rigged over the Easter weekend with cannibalised spares and attacked three armoured personnel carriers, a full rank of black cab taxis, a Mr Whippy ice cream van and a Domino’s Pizza delivery motor cycle on the outskirts of the besieged city of Misrata yesterday.

Ms Chlamydia Muffitch, the Prime Minister’s spokeswoman told Downing Street reporters "We must prepare for the long haul – Iraq Mk 2, lots of depleted uranium ordnance and three-headed babies once again. This is not a new policy, simply a broad statement of fact and a re-interpretation of the United Nations Resolution 1973 from a ‘No Fly’ zone to a ‘No Travel’ zone for Gaddafi’s troops and supporters.”

On Sunday, in a deliberate dirty finger 'stuff it' contradiction to Pope Benny XVI’s Easter ‘Peace on Earth’ speech from the Vatican, a NATO air strike, carried out by US Predator drones, demolished several civil service buildings at Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli with Shitehawk missiles but typically failed to damage the crazy Colonel’s armoured tent, manufactured from a mix of canvas and Kevlar, and made specially to order by Millets Outdoor Camping Supplies.

General Billy Bob McMoron, the NATO commander, when questioned at a press conference by a reporter from the Warmongers Gazette over the justification for attacking Gaddafi’s ‘Fuhrer Bunker’ compound and snuffing scores of civilian employees, gave the sardonic reply that “This is what we military types refer to as ‘acceptable collateral damage’ which actually translates in any language as ‘dead non-combatants and civilians’. Hey, these guys sup with the Devil so they’re fair game and fuck the Geneva Conventions and Amnesty International.”

“Just wait until these human rights group pukes, who are always whingeing about foreign-funded armed insurrections against legitimate appointed governments, dare turn their backs for five minutes and we’ll have a land invasion force on the ground to help the rebels out and be killing every fucker old enough to bleed. Then the oil majors will be in there faster than shit through a goose and seize control of the Bisto and Marmite wells – and good old Halliburton can come and rebuild the place.”

Thought for the day: It makes no odds who wins or loses (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Pakistan, Iran – Somalia, Ivory Coast - or the West Bank and Gaza) – just look at the massive profits to the Zionist Kikester military-industrial cabals who are pulling the UN and NATO strings – every time something goes ‘Bang!’ or ‘Ka-fucking-Boom!’ their cash registers go ‘Ding!’ and clock up a shitpile more dollars – and the banksters who finance the warring parties grow fatter on the usurious interest that the loan debt generates. And that’s what it’s all about – mega-bucks war profits - plus maintaining and expanding US Yidster military and commercial hegemony across the known Universe.

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