Saturday, 9 April 2011

NATO Snuffing More Rebels Than Gaddafi

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NATO commander, US General Genghis McTwatt has refused to apologise for a "friendly fire" attack on rebel tanks in eastern Libya that killed a nice round baker’s dozen of the anti-Gaddafi pro-democracy forces.

"We ain’t apologisin’," McTwatt informed one reporter from the Warmongers Gazette this morning, “In fact we’re not even gonna send one of them there “Whoops!” sorrygrams or a bunch of flowers.”

“It’s their own fuckin’ fault for havin’ tanks. One minute they’re whingein’ that Gaddafi’s got all the fighter jets and helicopter gunships, so we enforce a no-fly zone and blast the crap outa his air force to give them a helpin’ hand. Then they start moaning that Gaddafi’s got all the tanks and they’re stuck with just assault rifles, so we start blastin’ the crap outa the armoured vehicles too. Next thing the rebel guys have got tanks as well – in fact they’ve got more ordnance and arms than Gaddafi’s people an’ they still can’t win sweet fuck all.”

“Hey, such is the *military intelligence shortage in Libya that we don’t know who the fuck’s who – or who’s got what – especially when you’ve got both sides runnin’ around with red gingham tea towels on their pointy little heads, shoutin’ “Allahu Akbar!” and “Yankee go home!”
“It’s a very fluid situation on the ground there – slippery too - a right old snafu - probably due to all the blood an’ guts that’s gettin’ spilled – an’ I’ll guarantee you it’ll turn out jest like Iraq an’ Afghanistan – another major fubar clusterfuck cos once again the Pentagon’s ZioNazi brainiacs haven’t thought it through before they got the UN to give them the go-ahead to kick Gaddafi out.”

*Hmmm, military intelligence – the perfect oxymoron.

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