Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Kenyan Cuckoo to Seek Re-Election

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US President Barky O’Barmy – aka Barry Soetero – aka the “Kenyan-Indonesian nigga in de woodpile” has announced his military-industrial cabal masters’ intention for him to stand for a second term of office in 2012 and carry on making a total fuck of the American economy – boosting corporate tax holidays, unemployment and homeless figures – and furthering the establishment of the Constitution-shredding New World Order police state.

O’Barmy's PR team released a new ‘Mr Teleprompter Man’ cartoon video on his official website and sent an e-mail to his supporters in Nairobi and Tel Aviv announcing the plans to run for re-election.
However, no surprises there as the announcement was widely expected, and his campaign team are set to file eligibility papers for his re-election this week – which critics and detractors in both the Democratic and Republican parties are giving 100 to 1 odds will not include an American birth certificate.

O’Barmy took office via stealth in January 2009, promising gullible voters he’d written to his Auntie Winnebago Jaffacake in Hawaii asking her to send over a copy of his US birth certificate to prove to all and sundry that he was as American as kosher matzo and not some Kenyan wetback.
However, while he slithered into the Oval office with near-record approval ratings, the fact he only ever produced a ‘live birth’ document with the word ‘Mombassa’ crossed out and ‘Honolulu’ scribbled in with pencil has seen his electoral support drop like a lead balloon with a hole in it.

Regardless of loading the Supreme Court bench with ZioNazi kikester appointees to cover his arse – such as the ginger mingin super-dyke, Elena Kagan - in November 2010 O’Barmy's Democratic deviants lost control of the House of Representatives and shed several Senate seats to the GOP in mid-term elections to Congress due his mismanagement of the country and fostering a foreign affairs and international relations policy based on Chaos Theory.

In the e-mail to supporters, O’Barmy’s PR team mentioned the campaign would start small and grow over time, with Department of Homeland Security agents being sequestered and tasked to organise block-by-block canvassing across the full 50 states of any voters who might misguidedly be thinking of putting an X in the Republican box.

So, what’s it to be with the campaigning promises this time around – more Hope n Change – where it all stays the fucking same – or gets worse – and O’Barmy simply breaks every promise yet again. Jeysus H Christ, if Dubya Bush was a psycho’ moron, this cretin’s got him beat ten times over, under and around.

The man’s a Zionist kikester stooge, put there with Rothshite crime syndicate money via Soros to conjure and kick start Zbigniew Brzezinski’s World War Three game plan out in the Mid-East and Greater Asia once the next Israeli false flag dirty nuke goes ‘hot’ and “Ka-fucking-Boom!” in some continental United States or European metropolis and gets blamed on one of the imaginary Muslim terrorist groups to provide an excuse to bomb the shit out of Iran and gain hegemony over the entire Persian Gulf region – with the schedule set to kick start before December 2012.

But first O’Barmy’s got to get his criminal arse re-elected and the opposition for office is mounting already with a mob of career scumbags vying for position and announcing their candidacies.
The irascible and terminally obnoxious Newt ’the Zoot’ Gingrich – a clot about two steps away from a fatal coronary or a stroke (or both) – wants a go at the top job – but what are the chances for a 69-year old intern-bonking hypocrite who divorces his wife while she’s in hospital recovering from cancer.

Then we have wannabes from both sides of the political fence – Mutt Romney, Minnesota’s Timbo Pawlenty, Mike Fuckabee (the apian rapist), Mississippi’s GOP Haley Barbour (a reformed catfish molester) – and last but not least, that old thorn in everyone’s side – Ron Paul - the most unique of God’s creatures -– an honest politician with a moral conscience.

Too, we might well ponder if any split-arses are going to make a bid - and if the rug-munching Hilarious Rodent Clinton will have another bout or simply settle for staying on as Secretary of Sleaze – conjuring up flawed foreign policy strategies alike Wiley T Coyote and continue to feather her personal retirement fund nest via the tried and tested avenues of influence peddling, simony and outright corruption

Well, regardless, anyone who’s a pro-Zionist and Israeli apologist - and prepared to maintain the foundation stone of US foreign policy as ‘Israel First’ – and further demonise Islam as a ‘terrorist religion’ - is in with a chance.

Thought for the day: Be nice to see the presidential election debates – when each and every opposition candidate holds up his or her US birth certificate and waves it in Barky’s face - saying "Where's yours?"

Oh, and by the way, fuck the ZioNazi military-industrial cabal and their New World Order.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on about Ron Paul! If he was in power the world wouldn't be half as fucked up as it is today.