Sunday, 17 April 2011

Banksters: Ring Fenced or Necks Wrung?

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The UK’s Independent Commission on Banking, working under the direction of Sir Dinsdale Spatchcock, the Libservative Coalition’s head honcho at the Ministry of What Can We Fuck With Next, has released an interim report recommending that all British-based banks' retail operations should be "ring-fenced" from their investment banking arms – unfortunately falling well short of emphasising that the two should operate as separate entities and not continue with the fatally-flawed fallacy of being segregated by a half-metre high Chinese Wall that every fucker and their dog can reach across and dip their sticky fingers into for purposes of sub-prime mortgage exposure and financial derivatives speculation.

The commission was established by the government in June 2010 to review the criminal incompetence of UK banks after the gambling casino doctrine and practices of derivative-addicted banksters caused a financial crisis of Biblical proportions and left the public purse bleeding like a stuck pig from bailing them out to the tune of zillions of quid – an amount economists still refer to as ‘a very big pile of dosh’.

However regulators and critical public watchdog bodies alike are already voicing their fears that the ICB’s final report, hopefully due for release sometime in the next five years, will not recommend the ‘Darwin Awards Solution’ to be imposed on banks that are faced with insolvency and collapse in the future – with failing financial institutions allowed to go to the wall under the philosophy of ‘survival of the fittest’ – hence weeding out the inept bunglers from the bankster’s ranks – as per the singular case of the St Shylock Bank of Latter Day Kikesters which was picked up by the Nigerian ‘419 Bank’ at one penny on the pound and the entire operations moved to Lagos.

Conversely, one vociferously fierce banking sector critic, the spokeswoman for Ox-Rat, the public watchdog charity, Soundbite Sally McSkank, informed a press hack from the Spendthrifts Gazette that “Government guarantees of support for the banks - with taxpayer’s money as the resource of bail-out salvation - encouraged an unhealthy culture amongst lenders and borrowers of taking excessive and ill-understood risks.”

”The ultimate solution of course is to dismember this sinister corporate political duopoly that allows big business interests to dominate government and demand implicit protection for their fiscal gambles. In my opinion banks should henceforth be mandated to hold more cash in reserve to protect against future crises, and that creditors, not taxpayers, should be liable for any losses. While ring-fencing the retail side of a bank’s operations might fall short of what many creditors demanded – that the banksters were castrated then strangled with a barbed wire garrotte – it will hopefully prevent future cases of insolvency and being bailed out with public funds.”

“Regardless, with the Bank of England’s piss poor 0.5% interest rate set to skyrocket to 4% and above within the coming months to combat this galloping inflation conundrum, which will add more than a £100 quid per month to a typical mortgage, families need to brace themselves ready for yet another round of evictions."

However, Sir Dinsdale Spatchcock, interviewed on the BBC’s Bankruptcy Hour programme, announced “It’s not a matter of us running out of money again and having to go cap in hand to Uncle Mervyn at the Bank of England to do one of his quantitative easing tricks and print off another truckload of £20’s. We’ve got plenty in the kitty from what we’ve saved so far in laying off half the country’s Plod Squad and re-scheduling the ‘Pikey Patching’ of last winter’s resulting potholes in the UK road system with a blob of tarmac until 2015 – weather permitting.”
“One thing I must say and dispel these nasty rumours going around that the entire purpose of the IBC review is to protect the actual retail banking customers and ‘not’ ring-fence the bankster’s bloated annual bonuses to ensure they don’t lose out if their bank goes tits up.”

So, how the fuck did we actually end up being ruled and governed by corporatism - and a greedy, grasping voracious strain of Shylock corporatism at that too. Okay we know it goes back to Jewish money lenders in the Temple of Mammon - then the Vatican has made an artform of dominant commerce out of religion since the year dot AD.
But for the UK it probably started – this modern theme – with the Stuart monarchs – specifically that cunt James 1st – the great monopoly seller – and the 1694 formation of the privately owned Old Slag of Threadneedle Street – the Bank of England (read Bank of the Black Nobility) – to act as the Government's usurious bankster and ‘debt-manager’to finance William of Orange's incessant foreign wars.

Since then its role has developed and evolved, centred on the mis-management and minting of the nation's currency and its position at the centre of Britain's current bankruptcy system.
As of today it is controlled by a cabal of Satanists posing as Sabbatean-Frankish Jews – headed by that sinister, blood-sucking Illuminati elitist, Baron Ja’akoff Rothshite.

Thought for the day: So much for the Independent Commission on Banking when the UK’s High Street retail financial institutions are allowed to operate this criminally-moronic and fatally-flawed ‘Fractional Reserves’ deposit and loans system where they can lend out a ‘supposed’ maximum (often more) of ten times the amount they have on deposit.

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