Monday, 11 April 2011

Scameron Disses Brit’ Empire Big Time

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Posh Dave Scameron, a master of self-magnification, and a frog who dreams of being a toad, during last week’s jaunt around Pakiland, declared Britain responsible for the creation of the problems of every Third World shithole that was once part of the British Empire – and apologised unreservedly on our behalf - for Britain’s imperial history.

Really, what a typical English twit, wandering around apologising to a bunch of pondscum kleptocrats – and gives them £650 million quid of the UK taxpayer's money as a ‘feel good’ token of this ‘apology’. For Christ’s sake, is this over-privileged public school prat wholly incognisant of what Empire is all about? Progress and gain by one group is not accomplished without the loss of some fundamental values of another party – usually the conquered. Just give the Paki’s a big hug and a kiss and have done with it.

So, we ponder, what the fuck next? Is an apology on the cards to the Spics on behalf of Queen Elizabeth Tudor (ER1) for sinking their Grand Armada in 1588? A whopping big Sorrygram to the People's Marxist Utopia of China for flooding the place with hard drugs and turning the population into a bunch a blubbering addicts during the Opium Wars?

After being elected to office in 1997, Tony Blair apologised to the Paddy’s – on behalf of every fucker and their dog - for the famine Eire suffered in the mid-19th century – as though it was our fault they had a spud blight and couldn’t tuck into their customary Irish Mixed Grill supper of boiled taters, mashed taters, roast taters and chips.

A total contradiction on legs, Bliar, after getting us involved bollocks-deep in the illegal invasion of Afghanistan in 2000, then the same again via dodgy weapons of mass distraction dossiers in Iraq in 2003 - decides in 2006 to confess his personal deep sorrow at Britain’s historic role of being the criminal mastermind behind the running of the African slave trade.

Then in 2009 Gordon ‘Incapability’ Broon, not missing his chance at a display of public penance, issued a formal government apology to tens of thousands of descendants of the convicts shipped off to Australia and Tasmania during the reign of the dumpy royal dwarf - Queen Victoria – for being a bunch of thieving twats and generalised social pariahs. Hmmm, transportation – the Victorian version of an Asbo or community service order.

As if we didn’t suffer enough under the Tories with Twatcherism (offering the British public the greatest discomfort and inconvenience at the highest prices) when she ‘de-industrialised’ the country that gave the world the Industrial Revolution and turned us into a third rate service provider – no longer a nation of precision engineers and shop-keepers, but one consisting of a population of unemployed apathetics and cold call tele-marketing drones – with Jobcentre Plus branches on every street corner.

Why doesn’t Scameron apologise for the gross mismanagement of Twatcher and that other effeminate Masonic clot, John Major – or have Ed Millipede (the Boy Moron from the Planet Fuckwit) apologise for thirteen years of Labour fubars and snafus – and false flag terrorist attacks on the London tube system by MI5 – and murdering the UK’s chief weapons inspector?

Apologise to the hapless British electorate fer Christ’s sake – not some bunch of darkies who, as soon as they sniff an official apology in the wind, they’re onto the local personal injury lawyers to find out if there might be a few bob in litigation compo’ for filing a claim against the East India Company as some Sergeant-Major called ‘Smith’ from Scunthorpe stamped on their great-great grandfather Achmed’s toes during the violent put-down of the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 – which buggered up his intended career as a ballroom dancer in smelly Delhi.

Perhaps be a good idea while Scameron’s on this ‘Round the World Sorrygram’ tour to apologise to the marginalised and disaffected Palestinian populations of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, besieged behind the Great Apartheid Walls, for the British Foreign Secretary’s major snafu of 1917 in drafting that ridiculous and obnoxious document which has since gained global – and too historical – notoriety as the ‘Balfour Declaration’ (a personal memo from FS Arthur Balfour to Baron Wally Rothshite and ‘not’ an official British government policy document) which the Ashkenazi ZioNazi kikesters proclaimed to be a Royal Charter recognising their ‘Chosen People’ Manifest Destiny, which they claim entitled them to steal Palestine from its rightful owners via the route of terrorism - and rename the outlaw state ‘Israel’ - and therein establish a base to implement the sinister canons of the Rothshite crime syndicate family’s insidious ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’.

Thought for the day: Cabbage Patch Dave, while quick off the mark, like a rat out of an aqueduct, when promoting UN resolutions to attack the military forces of Gaddafi’s Libyan regime and protect the civilian population might wish to relinquish his Tory-affiliated Friends of Israel membership and initiate a similar UN action against the Israeli Defence Force’s homicidal barbarians and so protect the hapless Palestinian populations of the West Bank and Gaza from their martial aggression and violent excesses – and kidnapping their kids to steal their internal organs for the kikester's transplant organ donor black market.

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