Wednesday, 13 April 2011

China Slams US on Human Rights Abuses

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The Foreign Minister of the People’s Marxist Utopia of China, Mr Flip Flop Fong, a venerated Sudoku Grand Master, today spit the proverbial dummy big-time, informing one press hack from the Hypocrites Review that “The United States government and this Kenyan character posing as President, this Barky O’Barmy bloke, who is he to be preaching to China about human rights and wrongs, ha?”
“At least our Premier, Mr Who Wat Wen, can stand up proudly on the public podium and speak without the aid of a teleprompter – and wave his Chinese birth certificate for all to see. His is not some forgery with the word Kenya crossed out and Hawaii scribbled in with pencil.”

“So, Mr O’Barmy, take heed – no more pontificating to us about human rights and stop interfering in the affairs of other countries just as an excuse to invade them and steal their natural resources – like Afghanistan’s opium for your heroin trade to finance the CIA’s black-op’s– and Iraq’s oil and strategic Mid-East location for your military – and now your greedy multi-national corporations and banksters want Libya’s oil as well and to keep Chinese competition out of Libya and all of Africa.”

While the Middle Kingdom’s own historical record of human rights abuses is comparable to that of Genghis Khan, Hitler’s Nazis and the Israeli government’s combined, Fong was quick to point out that “The Yankees have the brazen hubris and gall to mention our crackdown on pro-democracy activists and the imprisonment of that nihilist radical pop group, Falun and the Gongs, but overlook their own explicit war crimes and violations against the civilian populations in Iraq and Afghanistan – and too in Pakistan – and God knows how many more ‘Stan’s.”

“They come here to Asia before as neo-colonialists and invade Vietnam under false pretences after the foul and foreign French get their sad asses kicked out – and they get beat hands down by General Giap. Ha, Tricky Dicky Nixon and his ‘Peace with Honour’ - my ass.”
“Now they’re back again – these stupid people never learn from history – and try to conquer Afghanistan and the Taliban under the pretext of human rights issues – in the Graveyard of Empires. The place buried the armies of Alexander the Great as it will defeat and bury this Western Coalition of the Stupid likewise.”

Conversely, the rug-munching super-dyke US Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, yesterday declared, for anyone interested enough to listen to her disingenuous babble, that Beijing’s record of human rights and wrongs abuses since Chairman Mao seized power and imposed the political doctrine of Communism on the country was a pathetic mess and travesty of injustice.
Here she made specific mention of their kicking Habeas Corpus out of the courtroom window, and the imposition of draconic restraints on civil liberties, internet access and press freedom – plus the arbitrary arrests and imprisonment of political dissidents such as pro-bono lawyers, poets, writers, artists and free-thinking philosophers without trial - was worsening almost as fast as the O’Barmy administration’s threadbare credibility.

Clinton’s diatribe against the Middle Kingdom was tactically timed to follow the annual release of a US State Department report on international human rights abuses – which apparently, and with malicious prejudice aforethought, unfairly targeted Beijing for criticism while wholly ignoring the current barbarity being doled out and visited upon the pro-democracy activists and protesters around North Africa and the Middle East – where the US puppet regimes who kowtow to and serve Western-Zionist interests (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen) are allowed to suppress and murder their restive populations with impunity while the likes of Libya’s Gaddafi – and next in line Syria and Iran - are targeted for divine retribution.

How is your human rights and wrongs record? Have you poured a kettle of boiling water down an ants’ nest recently? Taken pre-emptive action and swatted a wasp for invading your personal space? Kicked a neighbour’s dog for crapping on your lawn? Wheelie binned any annoying moggies?

Send your comments using the online reply form below and you could receive a mention at the next UN Security Council session and perhaps win you very own personalised no-fly zone.

Thought for the day: The Zionist West’s sinister shadow governments, comprised of military-industrial multi-national corporations and sinister Shylock banksters, and led by the US global super-bully, demonstrate yet again they’ll brook no challenge, especially so from China, to compete with – let alone usurp – their hegemony viz control of the world’s natural resources and strategic military bases.

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