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UK Child Protection Services Corruption

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The UK’s General Social Care Council and their bands of Common Purpose-trained (read brain-washed) Gestapoesque social workers are coming under a barrage of flack from civil rights groups who have labelled them ‘licenced pimps for child sex abusers’.

Concerned GSCC whistleblowers with some semblance of a conscience, have passed information to Ox-Rat, the international snitch and grassers watchdog charity, that of the 7,340 children seized by social workers last year from supposedly abusive parents or ill-suited home environments – with applications for care orders of all made to courts - only 20 were refused – resulting in a phenomenal 7,320 kids sold off to fostering and eventual adoption.

To seize children, social workers seem able to enlist the unquestioning support of their local Plod Squads, who arrive mob-handed with PCSO’s or Community Enforcement Officers on hire from Renta-Thug, then kick in front doors, taser the objecting parents, then snatch babies from their mothers' convulsing arms – with the powers to arrest and detain said parents in custody for up to 36 hours while their children are conspiratorially kidnapped into foster care.

The parents then have to work around an impossibly frustrating Kafkaesque system of ‘injustice’ rigged against them in every way possible. They find themselves in courts where the normal principles of British justice have been turned arse about face – with corrupt social workers – aka ‘parties of self-interest’ - presenting disingenuous documented evidence to a judge - which the parents are disbarred from seeing nor allowed to cross-examine such.

Further to these travesties of justice, this evidence often originates – or is supported by – medical ‘specialists’ - psychiatrists or paediatricians who earn professional fees of up to £35,000 per shot for their reports - and receive regular batches of ‘consultation’ assignments from the shifty social workers involved.

Unsurprisingly these bizarre practices are geared to serve the interests of a vile and corrupt social care system. To wit, the children themselves are handed over to indifferent foster homes, which receive £400 a week or £20,000 per annum for each child, and where many kids are intensely unhappy and frequently abused and traumatised – physically, sexually and emotionally.

The purpose of all this, funded by hundreds of millions of pounds of public money, is partly to keep the wheels of the vastly profitable fostering industry, run by dozens of agencies, often owned by ex-social workers - who also receive £20,000 a year for each child they kidnap and foster out / place in adoption.

Another purpose of the system is to ensure that as many children as possible are adopted - at a cost of £36,000 per placement - in accordance with Labour Prime Minister Tony Bliar's insane personal commitment a decade ago that the target for adoptions in Britain should rise by 40% - with local councils still receiving millions of pounds a year for meeting daft adoption targets.
Conversely nary a squeak of this disgusting scandal reaches the outside world due the fact the corrupt system is hidden behind an almost impenetrable veil of official secrecy.

Just take one look at Scotland’s ‘Sin City’ kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen, where it’s actually illegal to file charges against the Masonic pederasts who infest the area’s establishment of officialdom – from education through medical through social care workers through the entire policing and injustice system.
Simply Google up the Hollie Greig sexual abuse case and the murder of her uncle to keep him from upturning one very nasty can of wriggling maggots.

As to the General Social Care Council and their social workers – read ‘social pimps’- boasting of their Common Purpose indoctrinated decision-making and leadership attributes. However, it’s more of the ‘power over others’ / control factors that attract them to the job – just like flies to festering shit.

And let’s not be fooled into thinking the Common Purpose Neuro-Linguistic Programming mantra is a recent innovation – it’s been around for Millenniums in various guises – mass population control – from the Vatican’s Inquisition priests of yesteryear, to the totalitarian Nazi Gestapo, the secret political police of Stalin’s Russia and the Maoist People’s Utopia of China - and Pol Pot’s equally repressive regime.
All constitute the very essence of the base storyline of Huxley’s, Kafka’s and Orwell’s dystopian worlds.

Meanwhile, across the water in God’s own country (sic) – the United States of America – they experience parallel problems with the Adoption and Safe Families Act, set in motion by raving sex maniac and kiddie fiddler President Bill Clinton, which offers cash bonuses to the states for every child they adopt out to foster care. In order to receive the adoption incentive bonuses, local child protective services require a steady supply of children.

Like any other commercial enterprise run for profit (in this case corrupt profit) they require a type of marketable merchandise (children) that sells and a steady supply of them too - so the buyers can pick and choose. Some US counties are known to give a $4,000 payment for each child ‘not’ returned to their family but fostered out and eventually adopted.

That's the incentive to crooked Child Protection Service workers - to extract children and block all family members who might qualify for guardianship. Plus the Clinton act also pays bonuses if the child has traits that are in greater demand - such as blond hair and blue eyes. Hmmm, cuddly little Aryan types – a paedophile’s delight.

In 2004, that most rare of creatures – an honest politician, or one with a social conscience at least – specifically Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer – declared she had been presented with evidence of systematic corruption within the federal child protective services which handles kids designated as wards of the State. In 2007, Schaefer published her findings which, she later commented, "cost me my Senate seat” – and most definitely cost her life.

During the night of March 26th 2010, due her continuing crusade to censure and re-legislate the entire Child Protection Service system, Schaefer was assassinated execution style with a single shot in the back of the head while she lay asleep in bed. Her husband of 54-years, Bruce, was shot point-blank in the heart – a pair of heinous crimes that the Georgia and national media whores wrote off as a murder-suicide pact. Case closed. Amen.

Senator Schaefer believed the CPS haste in snatching children into care was not only to claim the bonus placement fees but provided a ‘double-earner’ as they were sold off for sexual exploitation (and ritual blood sacrifice) by Masonic and Satanist groups - attributing the conspicuous abundance of child molesters in the foster care organisation to the way the system is constructed – and ultimately concluding the Federal government was running a procurement scam for the international paedophile traffic network.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the General Social Care Council, and Common Purpose, and the Freemasons - and their New World Order.

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