Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Israel Pleads with US: Please Attack Iran

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Binman Nuttyahoo, Prime Minister of the rogue state of Israel – recognised internationally as a man with profound learning difficulties- and whom clocks up a top-end reading of 10+ on the international Scumometer scale, has called on the United States and the Kenyan cuckoo President – Mr Hope n Change O’Barmy – to unleash an Armageddon- style all-out military strike on Iran’s leadership structure and civilian nuclear programme research facilities before they develop atomic weapons and become a stand-alone threat to Israel’s current (read dwindling) military hegemony in the Middle East.

Obviously the Zionist kikesters who stole Palestine and now run the illegal usurped state simply cannot bear to contemplate the fact that their extant military predominance around the Mid-East might be challenged – or equalled – or – Jehovah forbid – surpassed – by an Islamic nation that’s just as fundamental and belligerent as the mad dog state of Israel itself.

It has now come to a Catch 22 impasse that any fucker and their dog with two brain cells to rub together no longer believes the false flag attacks expedited solely to demonise Pan-Islam and Muslims in general – and Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen - and Iran in particular – were committed by the non-existent bogeyman Big Al Qaeda – regardless of the lashings of propaganda dished out by the Hi-Fivers Gazette and the likes of pulp fiction scribblers such as Tom Clancy and Andy McCrab.

The world has now woken up to the fact that the Neo-Con’s New World Order ‘War on Terror’ is in all truth still actually short of one vital ingredient: Terror. (apart from the new Pearl Harbours they create themselves – 9/11; 7/7; Sari Club, Bali; Madrid train bombing; plus the Mohammed al Patsy shoe bombers and non-exploding knicker bombers; etc et al)

In reply to Nuttyahoo’s ‘mad March hare’ latest demand for a pre-emptive first strike against Iran – plus mobs of pressure from AIPAC, the US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates, answering on behalf of the delusional Pres’ O’Barmy (who is currently on a mega-bucks armaments canvassing junket to India) has informed Tel Aviv he has no intentions of kick starting World War Three just to please a bunch of punch-drunk psychopathic Shylocks.

Gates foresees a situation where they end up with the Persian Gulf strategically mined and blocked across the Straits of Hormuz with the hulls of US Navy carriers sunk by SU-27 Sunburst missiles - and the West in a pickle for oil supplies – plus bollocks deep in yet another unwinnable military conflict that will act out just like Afghanistan is today – or worse.

The result will manifest as a true Jihadi conflict that will expand well beyond the geo-political boundaries of the Middle East – to encompass the whole planet – with a war of attrition targeting the Great Satan’s (US and Israeli) interests wherever they are found. Another Groundhog Day – without the happy ending.

Regardless of Gates’ reluctance to initiate the Apocalypse, Nuttyahoo and the kikester pond scum running the Knesset are in a hysterical state of nail-nibbling paranoia that another Mid-East state (Iran or Syria) might obtain a covert nuclear weapons arsenal – just like theirs.

As a slap in the face to the Democrat Gates, last weekend the warmongering stooge-hawk Republican Senator for South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, acting on orders from his Zionist sponsors (controllers), urged Washington to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran through direct military actions – and kill every fucker old enough to bleed.
Positioning himself and the US alongside Israel – in defiance of the morals and mores of civilised nations, Graham seeks to place the US above the strictures of international law and the regulatory controls of the United Nations – just like his war criminal buddies running Tel Aviv.

Graham’s belligerent declaration of hostilities on behalf of his Zionist kikester masters follows a recent similar outburst of aggression against Iran by career psychopath US Admiral Mad Mike Mullen, the incumbent Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, who stated he personally was ready to start another world war if it meant stopping Iran achieving nuclear capability – justifying his squirly logic by adding such a military strike would be good for the economy.

While we realise that the Zionist kikester lobby via AIPAC (and scores more) actually influence or control every aspect of US / Western commerce and government, who the fuck is actually running the US – a bunch belligerent lunatics on a mission of self-destruction?
Good for the economy indeed - inciting further illegal wars and wholesale murder of civilians – and these clowns have been voted into office to run the US government?

Conversely, Iran has stated for the public record that its domestic nuclear power programme is not to develop weapons and hence is peaceful in purpose – in accordance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – to which it is a signatory – while Israel are not.

Speaking in Tehran to one journalist from the Warmongers Gazette, Iranian Energy Minister Mustapha Jaffacake, pointed the fickle finger of fate back at the illegal Israeli state’s mad dog leaders. “The Jabonskyists running the Knesset are total hypocrites. Our nation is in compliance with all the regulations and requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency and they have inspected our nuclear research facilities regularly – whereas Israel will not allow the IAEA inspectors anywhere near their nuclear facilities and atomic weapons arsenals secreted away in the Negev Desert. They were terrorists in 1948 when then stole Palestine – and they are still terrorists to this day.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck Zionist Israel, and the Neo-Con kikesters, and their New World Order.

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