Tuesday, 16 November 2010

SA Kikester Transplant Organ Scandal

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Scamcare, the biggest health services provider in South Africa, has pleaded guilty to charges of performing illegal kidney, liver, pancreas, cornea, heart and foreskin transplant operations using body tissue materials supplied by the notorious Israeli-linked trafficking syndicate – ‘Gaza-Organs’.

In return for charges being dropped against their Chief Executive Dr Seymour Felonberg, Scamcare has acknowledged in a plea bargain that the donors were all ethnic Arab minors – under 21 years of age - and still alive - at the time that their internal organs were harvested.

The law suit follows a seven-year investigation into the illegal operations at the St. Shylock's Hospital in Durban in association with the Israeli IDF’s ‘Gaza-Organs’ trafficking syndicate.
According to reports from whistleblowers working for Ox-Rat, the international snitch and grassers watchdog charity, while the organs had originally been sourced years ago from penniless Paki’s and Indians on the Third World shithole sub-continent, they were later stolen directly from captured Palestinian children and youths at zero cost.

According to South African prosecutor Mr Winnebago Jaffacake QC, the Israeli military were paid US$ 20,000 a piece for their ‘junior brand’ goyim kidneys and up to $150,000 bucks for a heart that was still ticking - while the grieving Palestinian families in Gaza and around the West Bank occupied territories received little Mohammed’s gutted torso in a second-hand body bag – if they were lucky.

Other calumnious and damning reports have since surfaced following Dr Felonberg’s confession regarding some 25,000 Ukrainian children who had been brought to Israel over the past two years to be used by Israeli medical centres for their ‘spare parts’ and supply the burgeoning black market transplant organ trade.

Coupled with this, the outlaw state of Israel has an entire herd of Palestinian juvenile transplant organ donors – reluctant ones, mind – on hand and ready for culling via sniper fire headshots – safely sectioned off behind their Great Apartheid Wall in Gaza – the biggest concentration camp on Earth that beats anything the Nazis ever built - hands down.

The case against the IDF / Scamcare organ smuggling operations in the US is still under investigation by incumbent NY District Attorney Zayin Kedeshah, with both the principal accused - Rabbi Ja’akoff Scatstein and his mate Dr Myron Mengele of the Mount Nekesher Hospital for Latter Day Kikesters in New York – both released on bail until all the prosecution witnesses accept their bribes to keep schtum – or get knocked off by Mossad.

Scamcare International, whose biggest private investor is the Rothshite crime family syndicate, owns and operates 53 private hospitals with 8,713 beds – and a stellar 1,500 berth chilled mortuary facility in South Africa - plus controls a further 56 acute care private hospitals, comprising 2,907 beds, in Britain – where the well-heeled elite can wholly circumvent the abattoirs that constitute NHS clinics and get a Kwik-Fit organ transplant on the sly.

With their global corporate HQ based in Tel Aviv, Scamcare 9/11, a joint venture project with Mossad, was founded to meet the growing need for 24/7 terrorist activity on a global scale in 2001, is now the largest private call-out emergency service for false flag terrorist attacks and micro-Holocausts anywhere in the world.
Be it a couple of Mohammed al Patsy look-alike dead bodies, a charge of C4 explosive under the floor of a London tube train carriage, a micro-nuke in a monsoon drain outside a Bali nightclub – or a pair of Semtex-laced underpants for the Nigerian suicide bomber of your choice – Scamcare and Mossad can provide.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck Scamcare and the outlaw state of Israel.

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