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Kikesters Slam UK War Crimes Law

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The gospel according to the Shylocks Gazette claims that the strategic talks between Britain and the rogue Israeli regime have been suspended by PM Binman Nuttyahoo in a row over the Universal Jurisdiction law which allows members of the public to petition British courts to issue warrants for the arrest and prosecution of persons (read Israeli government and military officials) accused of war crimes anywhere on the planet.

For some mysteriously weird reason Britain and Israel hold a strategic dialogue brain-storming session annually to discuss defence and security issues, and bilateral relations. This year's strategic dialogue meeting, which was scheduled to take place in London last month was cancelled as the Israeli participants were shit scared of getting their collars felt and tossed in the slammer for their crimes against humanity – specifically the Palestinian population of Gaza – currently besieged and invested behind Israel’s Great Apartheid Wall - in the biggest concentration camp on the planet.

Ms Candida Scumberg, a spokeslut for Prime Minister Posh Dave Scameron's office, however refused to comment on the diplomatic impasse, stating for the public record "We don't talk about the strategic dialogue meetings. It's a sensitive issue and nothing to do with nosey journalist types.”

Tel Aviv’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Sheldon Weaselstein denied that the latest development was a deliberate ambush to humiliate British Foreign Secretary and life-long ‘Friends of Israel’ arse-kisser, William Vague who arrived in the outlaw state to head the UK’s panel at the cancelled ‘strategic dialogue’ discussions.
Vague, obviously speaking from a personal viewpoint and not one held by the people of conscience who voted himself and the Tory party into office, told reporters that the British government was moving to curb the use of "mischievous" arrest warrants so Israeli war criminals could visit Britain whenever they felt like kicking off their jackboots to relax and doing a spot of expensive shopping around London.

So, why the fuck are our elected representatives in Parliament bending over backwards to accommodate the capricious demands of a bunch of kikester racist criminals – with the Knesset dominated by a cabal of Khazar-Ashkenazi scum – these ultra-Zionist ‘Jews of convenience’ – who in 1948, via the route of ‘terrorism’, founded Israel as the sovereign base for the Rothshite’s criminal empire. Why are the Israeli Zionist psychopaths now above the rule of international law – any and all laws of moral decency by the sound of things.

Are the likes of Willy ‘Closet-Case’ Vague and Cabbage Patch Scameron too moronic to realise you can’t negotiate with rabid dogs – the rogue Zionist state – not Jewish state – for the Knesset does not represent the mood of all Jews – just the Jabonskyists - the ultra-Zionists.

This impasse has come about due an arrest warrant being issued through UK courts to apprehend and prosecute the piranha-toothed former Israeli Foreign Minister Tipzi Livid in December last year. The warrant was granted by a London court at the request of disaffected Palestinian plaintiffs as she was proportionately responsible for the genocidal military actions in the ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker Old Enough to Bleed’ blitzkrieg attacks against Gaza’s besieged population during the Christmas season of Goodwill to all Men & Peace on Earth.

This Universal Arrest warrant dilemma provoked a shit storm of Israeli anger from the Knesset, who immediately labelled the Broon Labour government as a bunch of anti-Semites and Holohoax deniers.
Hmmm, so it’s obviously okay for Mossad to hunt down purported German Nazi war criminals and kidnap them anywhere on the planet – a la Eichmann - but mention Israeli war crimes against the usurped Palestinian population and you’re immediately branded as an anti-Semite. Right – gotcha.

To add further fuel to the above stand-off, Israel's Intelligence Minister (sic), Chaneph ben Ratsach, was recently forced to cancel a trip to Britain amid concerns that he too risked being arrested on war crimes charges.

Conversely, one glaring item that Willy Vague will purposely overlook is the fact that segregation of Jews and Arabs in the rogue state of Israel in the year 2010 is nigh on absolute.
Under the guise of the deceptively mundane name "Amendment to the Cooperative Associations Bill," the Knesset's Constitution, Law and Justice Committee have this week finalized a bill intended to bypass previous rulings of their own High Court of Justice.

Once this legislation is approved by the Knesset plenum, it stands out alike a sore thumb ‘Apartheid Law’ – and the amendment will give acceptance committees of communal villages the authority to limit residence in their towns exclusively to Jews.
Using deceptively sanitized language, the bill mandates committees in small rural suburbs to reject applications from families that "are incompatible with the social-cultural fabric of the community, and where there are grounds to assume that they will disrupt this fabric." Amen – ethnic cleansing no less. Racial and sectarian discrimination and segregation of the goyim – the Palestinian Muslims.

Israel’s ‘anti-Semite and Holohoax victims’ propaganda has worn too thin – like the kid crying ‘Wolf!’ – when their sins against their geo-political neighbours – the very people they usurped Palestine from - transgress every moral and international law in existence.

Much to their eternal shame, and regardless of the Israeli’s selective memory and re-writing history to suit their own devious purposes, the history books of pan-Islam and the Arab nations – and of the West - will record well and with definite accuracy the sins of the illegal Israeli state for posterity - and the review and enlightenment of future generations - that the Nakba and 62-year Palestinian Holocaust continues to the present day.
A tip-toe policy of genocide against the true and historical occupants of Palestine – and the biggest war crime of all - that inside Israel’s Great Apartheid Wall, Gaza has been turned into the biggest concentration camp on Earth – a foul blot on the conscience of humanity for all time – for allowing a throwback from the dark ages of history to manifest again in the 21st Century.

These ultra-Jabonskyist Israelis – these Jews of convenience - have now surpassed any of the horrors the Nazis ever devised or committed in their collective inhumanity towards their fellow man. They are a people driven insane and far beyond the edge of reason by their own belief in this Children of the Covenant fantasy.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Protocols of Zion and the Satanic Rothshite family’s criminal empire of Israel.

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