Thursday, 25 November 2010

Israeli Psycho’s in Denial: Wot Gaza Crisis?

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Israel’s ruling Ashkenazi kikester cabal, going into their customary ‘victims’ histrionics drama role, have expressed outrage this week following complaints from the European Union Foreign Minister, Baroness Catherine Ashton, that they had failed to live up to their commitments to ease the blockade on the besieged Gaza Strip (currently enclosed by a thirty foot high Great Apartheid Wall) in the wake of the May attack on a ‘Freedom Flotilla’ of foreign aid vessels which killed, maimed or wounded every fucker old enough to bleed.

After a protracted bout of whingeing and dummy-spitting, and declaring Minister Ashton to be an anti-Semite and a goyim Holohoax denier, Knesset spokeswoman Kedeshah O’chel Batachat grudgingly announced that they were still debating how to ease the blockade and continue to deny the Palestinian population access to anything of any fucking use or value – including bog rolls, chocolate and cardamom.

Despite the typically disingenuous pledge, which successfully calmed criticism of the blockade for a couple of weeks - until the IDF’s psychopathic hi-fiving thugs attacked the next foreign aid vessel, Israel kept the sanctions system in place, and has further prevented UNICEF from building schools in the Gaza Strip - or supplying any construction materials that might be used to build bomb shelters to protect the Palestinians from the never-ending homicidal Israeli missile attacks.

Israeli Minister for Propaganda Ja’akoff Scatstein slammed Baroness Ashton’s scathing rebuke and complaints, stating for the public record that Israel has done all they intend to do – and further declared that “there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza”.
Hmmm, much the same as Hitler’s Nazis claimed about their ‘occupied territories’ and walled-in Polish ghettos during World War Two – and specifically the concentration camp at Auschwitz – that there was “no humanitarian crisis – all’s just honky-dorky – the Jews are having a great time”.

Meanwhile, back amongst the harsh terrain of Reality Land, Gaza bleeds - with the life blood of the enclave’s besieged population haemorrhaging away with each new military onslaught or sanction imposed in this game of the slow-snuff genocide of an entire race.

The populations of the occupied territories - the West Bank and Jerusalem and Gaza - the true Semite title holders to the deeds of Palestine – continue to suffer the daily indignities, restrictions and barbaric privations imposed by the Khazar Zionist usurper’s jackboot weighing on their emaciated necks.

So, no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, eh. Well, the outlaw state of Israel is most definitely suffering from blinkered vision and a conscience and empathy ‘crisis’ in their numpty Knesset.
With their Great Apartheid Wall besieging 1,400,000 million people, they’ve created the biggest concentration camp on Earth that beats anything the Nazis ever built - hands down.

The blockaded enclave of Gaza, denied imports – or the right to export – maintained as a fish-in-the-barrel shooting gallery for the IDF’s 21st Mosque Demolition Regiment psycho’s when the get the hots for yet another festive season ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ 22-day duration attack - as per the homicidal forays of Christmas past.

Gaza - maintained as a transplant organ donor farm for the Israeli’s illegal black market trade. Gaza – a concentration camp policed by war criminals with short memories regarding their purported Holohoax myth - and the retributions doled out at Nuremberg.

Ah Kismet, cometh the time, then cometh the man – and all will turn full circle.

Thought for the day: Does anyone ever question the fact that the Israeli / Zionist Jew's stock accusation that anyone who questions the rogue state’s belligerent war-mongering actions against their geo-political neighbours is an ‘anti-Semite’ – and thus constitutes a gross racial representation?

Firstly, Jews are not a racial type – Semites are. Hooked noses, heavy brows, black hair, and possessed with the ability to grow a beard in a couple of days – womenfolk included. Most Arabs are Semites. The Palestinians are Semites. Jews who can trace their ancestor’s genetic roots to Palestine are Semites.

Conversely, the Khazar ‘Jews-of-convenience’ who originated in southern Russia and migrated into Europe and morphed into the Ashkenazi scum they are today – are non-Semites. Forget all the Hasidic and Haredi disguises – big black hats, Darth Vader overcoats, wispy beards and long black greasy kiss curls – they’re Jewish impostors.

Israeli Prime Minister Binman Nuttyahoo stands as a perfect example of a non-Semite – just like his brother Yoni, who got snuffed during the kikester’s Operation Entebbe pirate raid into Uganda in 1976. Both sons of the Polish pro-Jabotinskyist, Benzion Nuttyahoo, whose real name was actually Mileikowsky. Yet another kikester impostor and an Israeli Jew of convenience.

Same again with the Knesset’s ex-Foreign Secretary and wanted war criminal Tipzi 'Zippy' Livid who is currently canvassing the UK’s PM, Posh Dave Scameron – a career ‘Friends of Israel’ apologist – to trash the Universal Jurisdiction laws so she can go shopping in London and avoid arrest for her homicidal sins.

However, this might well prove a dodgy political move for Cabbage Patch Dave and his Tory twats - and one they'll be blocked from implementing as 102 House of Conmans MP’s yesterday signed an Early Day Motion opposing any and all legislation that restricts the powers given to the British courts. The motion stated “Universal Jurisdiction over human rights and wrongs abuses is essential as part of the cause of bringing to justice those who commit crimes against humanity”. Amen

Little Miss Livid is the daughter of Polish immigrant Eitan Livid and Sarah Rosenscum, both prominent members of the Irgun terrorist organisation, whose Polack genes have stricken her spank-eyed bonce with a prognathous jaw and a set of gnashers suitable for eating apples through a concentration camp’s chicken wire fence. Yet another non-Semitic Ashkenazi.

Same genealogy goes for most of the Knesset’s ruling cabal and military commanders. Khazars and Ashkenazi impostors to a man. There’s more Semite blood pumping through the veins of Aryan-Nordic beauty Britney Spears than these usurping Shylock ringers.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

One closing thought: Fuck the non-Semitic Rothshite crime family and the rest of the kikester Zionists - and their New World Order. No wonder Israel and Jews world-wide are regarded as international pariahs with the likes of the ultra-Zionist Jabotinskyist pond scum in the Knesset, and running AIPAC in the US, are fronting as the official voice of global Judaism.

Go Israel: Book your next vacation in Israel and feel safe – the only country in the Greater Mid-East zone with a wall around it. Ideal for non-Muslim tourists.

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