Friday, 5 November 2010

Obamanomics Trashed at Polls

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Following the devastating mid-term poll losses US President Barky O’Barmy has announced he believes this could well be a sign that US voters are feeling frustrated with the state of the fubar national economy and having their mortgages foreclosed by greedy, grasping kikester-owned banks.

The Republicans captured 60 seats to take control of the House of Representatives while the Democrats managed to cling on to the Senate by a margin so narrow it doesn’t bear a recount – or another election.

Republican leaders have already vowed to shitcan the Kenyan cuckoo’s insane healthcare reforms and cut all unnecessary spending – but not on the zillion dollars per day funding of the fiasco of a war in Afghanistan (which they kick-started personally back in 2001 with their moronic choice of President – George Dubya Bush) – or on slashing support for the 50,000 non-combat troops still hanging around like a bad smell in Iraq.

O’Barmy, going into his customary empty / broken promise mode, pledged to bolster support for his useless administration – by finally producing a copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate and proving he’s a real American and not some sneaky nigger in the woodpile acting as the mouthpiece puppet for the Zionist-controlled military-industrial cabals.

The election result is a stinging rebuke for O’Barmy, who was elected only two years ago on a platform of ‘Hope and Change’ – which has materialized with the proletariat praying each night “I Hope I don’t get fired or evicted from our home” – with the only ‘Change’ being ‘change for the worse’.

Of the Republican gains, dozens of the House seats and several in the Senate were made by candidates backed by the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party movement – whose explicit aim is to block and undo O’Barmy's Rothshite-scripted agenda to bring the US to its knees.

Compounding the misery for O’Barmy’s Democratic camp, a Republican candidate – Captain James T Kirk - captured the President's old Senate seat in Illinois – the same one Governor Rod ‘Charvet’ Blagojevich was caught red-handed trying to auction off to the highest bidder for his own personal material gain a couple of years ago – much to his undying embarrassment, which he’ll have years to mull over in the slammer – hopefully the sodomite’s paradise of USP Marion.

Plus O’Barmy’s now lost his right-hand harpy as Speaker in the Lower House - the ousted Democratic Party gorgon face-lift queen – old mutant-features Nancy Pelosi – another Zionist-controlled stooge.

So Mr Hope and Change is in a tizzy as to why the fuck nobody believes his bullshit anymore – especially so when Dubya Bush kept the voters guessing for two terms and O’Barmy isn’t even halfway through his first one yet and the public have smelled a rat.
"Well, I guess I've got to take direct responsibility for the fact that we ain’t made as much progress as we needed to make – which I blame on havin’ to kiss Israel’s ass every five minutes – plus this new goofy teleprompter that suffers more snafu’s in a week than Wiley T Coyote."

Perhaps his first priority should have been to keep a couple of his campaign promises – like pull a few troops out of the illegal theatres of war in Afghanistan – the Graveyard of Empires. But he did a complete reversal and dispatched another 40,000 to reinforce the depleted ranks of the 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment and the 18th Body Bag Brigade – and serve as target practice for Taliban Dan and his Jolly Jihad Gang.

Perhaps O’Barmy might have a bit more credibility if the White House and administration weren’t packed with more Shylocks than a Saturday synagogue – and if he’d told Israel to FOESAD once in a while, and sided with the marginalised Palestinian population - forced to live under the IDF’s jackboot and struggle for survival in the biggest concentration camp on the planet – Gaza.

Maybe he should have gone with the suicidal electioneering promise to abolish the Fed’ and fractional reserve banking - and refused to bail out the failing financial houses like the pond scum Goldman Sach – just let them all go under according to the principles of Darwinism and the survival of the fittest – and granted licence to the US Treasury print their own greenbacks at zero interest –a la Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln and JFK – a scheme which proved wholly fatal to the latter pair.

Perhaps if he’d ordered official inquiries into the dirty doings of the Dubya Bush administration’s ultra-Zionist Neo-Cons and the false flag travesty of their new Pearl Harbour - 9/11: murdering Americans to the tune of Tel Aviv’s manifest destiny globalist agenda – and giving the quiet nod to how many false flag op’s since.
Just like Bush and Bliar - to justify their illegal wars in Afghanistan (gas pipeline and opium control) and Iraq (Weapons of Mass Distraction) – one more false flag attack after the other. The Madrid Station bombing 911 days after 9/11 (how occultishly coincidental) – or another 7/7 attack on the London Tube train system by Mohammed al Patsy and Co.

Knickers bombers over Detroit getting through security and onto planes in Amsterdam without a passport. Now we have Pakistan labelled as a terrorist base for the non-existent al Qaeda – and Yemen joins the list of targets against the war on terror. Hence the repeated false flag op’s – to keep the propaganda machine pumping out fear 24/7 and the dumb public xenophobic (preferably Islamophobic), wholly paranoid and scarified shitless - so they can usher in total martial law over the grave of Posse Comitatus.

Yep, the concocted War on Terror that is still short of one vital ingredient: Terror.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Neo-Cons and the Zionist apartheid state of Israel, and Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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