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Rothshite’s Inter-Alpha Bank Bail-Out Scam

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Calls are coming from on high, and the entire length and breadth of the Emerald Isle, for the slack-jawed Irish leader Brian ‘Biffo’ Cowen - who started life as a County Offal turnip polisher - to admit he’s a dog wanking tosspot and not fit to run a pikey car boot stall, never mind the once-proud sovereign nation of Eire - the country that invented Guinness and supplied navvies to the world – plus the red-neck foundations of the Boston and New York police forces.

Further, critics are clamouring that Taoiseach Cowen and his ‘not-fit-for-purpose’ Fianna Failure government personally accept responsibility for the economic disaster that’s seized the country by the short and curlies – and now requires a 90 zillion Euro bail-out by the EUSSR and IMF (added to the 50 zillion already spend last year) – which is designed to solely benefit none other than Baron Rothshite’s Inter-Alpha Bank financial speculators and gamblers group – with the underlying message from the Euro sceptics being “Bollocks to IMF and EU debt - let the fucking banksters fail and go under – then the vultures can pick and gnaw over their festering remains.”

Cowen, a hung-over piss-artist political puppet renowned for his inability to think straight, has now engaged in a round of ritual arse-kissing with opposition leaders in what is seen as a bid to win support for delaying an election until his new budget is passed next month – and his Shylock bankster masters have by then secured their mega-bucks bail-out.

This current economic crisis in the Irish Republic has been brought on by the casino-like gambling frenzy behaviour of the Rothshite crime family syndicate’s Inter-Alpha Bank Group’s obsession with speculation in financial derivative debt-swaps, sub-prime mortgage crap – and incompetent hedge fund management (who the fuck invests in hedges?) - that critics and financial regulators jointly view as irresponsible bond market speculation – and which should follow the tried and tested principles of Darwinian philosophy and logic - and go to the wall.

Eire, once known as the Celtic Tiger for its phenomenal economic growth – boosted by low corporate tax rates and money laundering - the country experienced a property bubble burst on a Biblical scale due the idiotic system of valuing houses at fifty times more than the pile of bricks and timber they consisted of - leaving the banks with huge liabilities when no fucker or their dog could meet their usurious mortgage repayments – which thus pushed up the cost of borrowing for them and the government to a ‘typical APR’ figure of 100% - per day.

However, for Biffo Cowen - the founder of the County Offal Halitosis Society, who’s known to friends and Parliamentary colleague alike as a ‘fat slob’ and a ‘drunken gobshite’- it’s not so much the country’s economic woes that have his critics and the leftist radicals up in arms but the fact the Irish no-vote to EUSSR membership / Treaty of Lisbon acceptance / ratification was deemed ‘unacceptable’ and a further referendum forced on them and conjured by political legerdemain to produce the required ‘yes’ vote.

Such has resulted in their Euro-zone serfdom and being beholden to Baron Jackoff Rothshite’s Inter-Alpha Bank Group – a cabal of politically-powerful banksters and parties of self-interest who couldn’t give a flying fuck about the fiscal health of the ailing Celtic Tiger as long as they’re getting bailed out for their stupid investment gambits.

The Inter-Alpha Group of Banks was created in 1971 by six of the Black Nobility’s Venetian 'counting houses' spread across the EUSSR in order to provide a platform for the regular exchange of ideas and source suitable areas for exploitation via the tried and proven routes of national debt enslavement.
Since 1971, which saw the idiotic US puppet President Richard Nixon shitcan the Bretton-Woods Agreement financial system of stable and adjustable exchange rates based on gold bullion reserves, the Inter-Alpha Group’s function has developed to provide a platform to expedite the Shylock-style enrichment of members at the executive and senior management levels of usurious banking through salaries and bloated bonuses.

Members of Rothshite’s Inter-Alpha bankster syndicate include the AIB Beggars Group, Ireland; the Banco Greedo Corruptioni, Portugal; Kunttzbank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; ING Debtors Bank, the Netherlands; Banco Interesta Maximus, Italy;
the KBC Bank of Usury, Belgium; the Nordea Bank of Scamsters, Denmark, Finland and Sweden; the National Insolvency Bank of Greece; The Royal Bank of Scumland Group, UK; The Bank of Leeches & Santanders, Spain; and last but not least, the Société de Penury Générale, France.

Now, a minute’s silence and a whispered prayer for Christopher Story, the 72-year old veteran British writer, publisher and government adviser specialising in intelligence and economic affairs – who worked diligently and with tenacity to expose the rotten and corrupt cabals controlling the Nazi-designed EUSSR – revealing it to be a strategic deception operation - masquerading as a means of institutionalising cooperation between the European states while destroying sovereign autonomy.

Story revealed the usurious global banking systems for the crooked outfits they actually are – with specific focus on the privately-owned US Federal Reserve and the world’s central banks – all under the thumb of the Venetian Black Nobility - with the Rothshite crime family syndicate acting as their bird dog.

Further, he illuminated the fact that the fractional reserve lending system and all financial derivatives are more scent than substance and thus a legalised scam, doomed to failure in the long term – and for his efforts was targeted and murdered on the orders of these kikester bottom feeders – infected with a designer retro-virus from Fort Derrick while on a trip to the US in March, which led to his untimely demise and death in July.

Thought for the day: Do you realise that if you were of a criminal mindset, just like the Rothshites, you could establish a privately-owned Jekyll Island style Federal Reserve central bank in some Third World shithole through kickbacks and bribes – then print your own money and lend it to sovereign states at a rate of usurious interes.
Then, when things get tight, just introduce a programme of ‘quantitative easing’ (printing more money) until the entire system goes tits up in a Busby Berkeley spectacular fashion – just as the Fed’ have done in the US – and central banks around the globe – and have ‘your’ government use taxpayer’s bucks to bail you out at a rate of 100 pence on the £ pound. Now that’s what you call legalised theft.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck Baron Rothshite and the kikester IAB Group - and their Jew World Order.

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