Saturday, 9 May 2009

‘Second Home’ Smith Twists DNA Ruling

The DNA profiles of innocent people released without charge or found not guilty by a court of committing any crime could be stored for up to 12 years on the same UK national Gestapo database where records are kept right now.

The proposal, announced by Jacqui Smith, the expense-fiddling ‘Second Home’ Secretary, is in response to a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights that criticised the Government for keeping genetic records of innocent people.

Opponents accused ministers of defying the spirit of the court’s decision by drawing a distinction between DNA samples - which will be destroyed - and the genetic profiles they generate : for specific racial targeting.

The judgment last year ruled that the indefinite storage of samples, profiles and fingerprints of everyone arrested was unlawful.

Such illegal retention only served to fuel public anger and paranoia that this was the first step in establishing a compulsory Big Brother / New World Order DNA database which would store the genetic indexes of the entire population of the Earth’s landless peasants and useless eaters – ready for future selection for ethnic elimination and targeting racial groups for genocidal euthenasia to reduce the global population.

This practice could be further applied to pinpoint undesireable genetic types for elimination and is highly suspect of being the foundation stone of developing genetic bio-weapons to target specific racial types in warfare.

However, campaigners against the police’s national DNA database were elated by the fact the ruling reins in – for now - the government’s plans for the mandatory procurement of DNA samples from babies at the time of birth and adding them to the cradle to grave database.

However Jacqui Smith’s plan to interpret the Human Rights court ruling to suit the government’s nefarious purposes means that the DNA profiles of many of the same people would still be stored for years.

An adult arrested or accused, but not convicted, over a serious crime such as not paying their council tax on time would have their profile stored on the database for 12 years.
In cases involving lesser imprisonable offences like not having a goldfish licence, DNA records will be kept for only six years.

Hence opponents declare the Home Secretary’s proposed practice is one of a presumption - not of innocence - but of future guilt, which is most disturbing and wholly unbalanced and disproportionate.

After growing protest at the storage of DNA profiles of children, the Government has been pressured into removing those of children under the age of five who were accused of violent crimes and acts of terrorism and will no longer retain them in future.

The militant civil rights group ‘Fuck New labour’ gave warning of further court action against the Government. Shabby Jackrabbit, the director, said: “This well-spun proposal proves that the Second Home Secretary knows absolutely sweet fuck all about the presumption of innocence and value of personal privacy in Britain.”

“Her private life’s been spread across the scandal sheets of the gutter press tabloids over her expenses fiddles - and the fact her hubby’s a pervy porno’ addict who jacks off at the taxpayer’s expense – does that mean their DNA samples are going to be on file for twelve years as well?”

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