Thursday, 28 May 2009

Holy Land Charity Jailed for School Donations

Shitcan Abu Bonker, 85, and Gaspipe Elastic, 97, were among the five members of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development in Palestine sentenced to decades in prison on Wednesday in good old JFK murder country : Dallas - Texas by presiding Judge Billy Bob Slimeberg.

The men and the Holy Land Foundation itself were convicted in November last year on 10,800 charges, following a circus-like mistrial in 2007 in which the AIPAC-backed prosecutor Sheldon Weisendork failed to convince any of the common-sense goyim jurors that the charity was a front for terrorist funding.

However the 2008 retrail was assured of convictions when the jury was strategically stacked with twelve brainwashed Zionist kikes who didn’t fancy a late night visit from any of Mossad’s high-fiver mass-murdering psychopaths.

Muffy Mohammad, 79, was sentenced to 200 years on three thousand conspiracy counts. Mohammad al Mohhamed, 83, got 150 years for eight hundred counts of conspiracy to support a terrorist organisation - Palestine.

Abcess Boiledegg was sentenced to 250 years for three conspiracy counts – of reading the Koran, eating Iranian figs and wearing a silly gingham tea towel around his head.

The Holy Land Foundation leaders were convicted on charges picked at random out of the New Talmudic Litigator’s Dictionary – ranging from Aggravated Abortion to Zoophilia.

However the group was not accused of violence, but of charitable works (now a Homeland Security classified crime) which included donating funds for schools and social welfare programmes in the West Bank and Gaza which AIPAC and the crooked Israeli government say are controlled by the democratically-elected government of the independent state of Palestine : the political party Hamas.

Hamas was designated a terrorist organisation by the US government in 1995 on the orders of Dodger Bill Clinton’s Zionist masters as they refused to kiss Israel’s land-grabbing bully boy ass.

Conversely the Holy Land charity's thousand of supporters say the prosecution was a kyke-fixed and politically-motivated product of George W. Bush's "war on terror" and a prime example of continuing post 9/11 - 2001 anti-Islamic sentiments and demonisation to justify the Mid-East invasions and continuing conflicts.

Holy Land Foundation leader, Shitcan Abu Bonker, told Judge Slimeberg in Dallas on Wednesday: "We donated to the Palestinians because we cared about the orphans and the schooling – not to help Hamas."

But prosecutor Sheldon Weisendork argued that the humanitarian aid sent by the charity allowed Hamas to divert resources to militant activities.

This prompted Mr. Bonker to speculate in reply “How are ‘Dot to Dot’ or ‘Abdul meets Fatima’ reading and writing books for 5-year-old's supposed to aid Hamas’ terrorist efforts against Israel I ask you?”

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