Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Bliar Receives Mega-Bucks Israeli Prize

Ex-British PM Tony Bliar last night received the $1 million ‘Desperate Dan Dirty Tricks’ prize for towing the Zionist warmongers’ line at a ceremony at Tel Aviv’s Rothshite Institute for Bent Politicians, a prize awarded for "achievements having an outstanding cultural and social impact on our world." (read Afghanistan and Iraq)

These include eleven long years of lying to the British public, holding Baby Bush’s hand at the start of the illegal invasion of Afghanistan; lying about WMD in Iraq and again joining the brainless Shrub in kick-starting a war against Saddam Hussein.

Let’s not forget Tony’s essential efforts in sanctioning the ‘assisted suicide’ of Dr. David Kelly; consenting and contriving to expedite the 7/7/2005 tube – and bus - bombings - then demonising Islam and Moslem types in general to further the NWO Orwellian Big Brother agenda of scarifying every bugger and their dog into screaming : “Oh my God – we’re all gonna die! - Tony, save us Tony! – We’ll all be good and carry your new ID cards; snoop and snitch on our neighbours and accept the EU without a referendum – and simply bow to your intended cashless society and go for our toxic vaccinations and get our micro-chips and keep voting New Labour forever. Just stop blowing shit up and blaming it on the Arabs and Paki’s.”

A $1 million prize – wow! Nice one Tony – is that what prostituting your moral franchise and selling one’s soul is worth now?

Blair's office said 50% of the money from the Dirty Tricks prize – named after the Zionist Shylock political meddler Desperate Dan Slimeberger– would be donated to the Cherie Bliar Retirement Fund which promotes materialistic squandering and ostentatious waste.

49% was being set aside for continuing research by cosmetic surgeons, construction architects and civil engineers into the feasability of performing a successful facelift on Cherie Bliar and correcting her burst-tyre, slack-jawed gaping-gob.

The remaining 1% of the prize money is ear-marked for donation – after taxes - to alleviating poverty in and around St. Albans.

The former prime minister has been envoy to the Quartet of the EU, the US, Russia and the UN, for the past two years, negotiating peace between the Israeli land usurpers and the dispossessed Palestinians – single-handedly doing absolutely nothing to stop the genocidal Israeli attacks on Gaza over the Christmas festive season and New Year periods – mainly due the fact he was on holiday and not in a “Peace on Earth” Santa Claus mood.

However, while Bliar refuses to visit Gaza and open a dialogue with the democratically-elected government of Hamas – as the Israelis say he can’t - one of the flagship causes Bliar has championed can be found on the northern edge of the Palestinian shithole of Jenin, on the occupied West Bank.

It has a large stretch of uninspiring land – defined in a dictionary as ‘desert’ - with a handful of second-hand sheds erected to house a weekly car boot sale.
While this is forecast to eventually become an major new industrial park, all it has achieved to date is provide target practice for bored Israeli tank commanders

Muhammed bin Mohammed, the Palestinian governor of Jenin, told a reporter from the Anti-Semites Gazette that Bliar’s efforts had been more scent than substance in boosting the Palestinian economy and he only appeared there for quick photo shoot opportunities while the Israelis were restocking with artillery shells.

The Jenin industrial park is typical of the retarded Palestinian progress, purposely stunted by the racist Israelis. Work has been delayed since 1995, but construction should start next year – or the year after that – perhaps – with a big ‘maybe’ on the perhaps bit.

Security in Jenin, once a city under the sway of the Palestinian militant groups, has improved remarkably – it now has running water (when it rains), a functioning flush toilet and two wheelie bins.
If it ever takes off the weekly car boot sale could provide jobs for several Palestinians, making a welcome dent in the current 100% unemployment levels.

* This article has been corrected to include the fact that the remaining 1% of the prize money intended to alleviate poverty around St. Albans was in fact spent – post-award ceremony - on several rounds of drinks at Jerusalem’s White Phosphorous Bar.

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