Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Nuke Hypocrites Slam N-Korean Bomb Test

The incumbent US Kenyan-Hawaiian hybrid President Bozo O’Barmy today made the wholly useless and sycophantic political gesture of assuring Japan and South Korea of US defence support following North Korea's nuclear test – as if to imply the Nor-Kor’s are intending to nuke Seoul and Tokyo tomorrow.

Mind you, the Japanese have been understandably nervous about possible terrorist state nuclear attacks since the US dropped two very nasty bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki without a mere hint of warning or – ‘by your leave and thank you’ - back in 1945 – simply to see how much damage they’d do to a populated city.

Nor-Kor might be governed by their most eccentric Dear Great Leader – Kim Mah Jong – however he’s never given any indication of being hell-bent on illegally invading anyone else’s sovereign country via false flag attacks or concocted WMD terror tales simply to steal their natural resources – like the US did to achieve it’s Project for the New American Century agenda in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Late on Monday the UN Security Council strongly condemned Pyongyang for developing the technology to blast the living shit out of aggressors – and making a big hole in the ground.

The UN Security Council is composed of five permanent members — China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States : all of whom are nuclear powers, and one – the US of A – the only member of the UN to have actually used nuclear weapons against civilian targets in warfare.

So much for selective consciences and duplicitous codes of morality. They simply don't want nasty North Korea joining the club

UN diplomats have begun drafting a resolution to punish the communist state by issuing further sanctions to deny imports of Pol Pot Insta-Noodles but North Korea appears unfazed and doesn't really give a flying fuck about what they do.

The UK's Ambassador to the UN, Sir Jarvis Scumford, explained that the Council had decided to act in two stages, first issuing a statement stating the Nor-Kor’s were “very, very naughty” and sending one of the UN’s new Community Support Officers round to the Dear Great Leader’s house in Pyongyang to impose an on-the-spot fine.

“Secondly we decided to start work immediately on a further Security Council resolution in order to uphold the international peace and security in the region and will be invading Pakistan tomorrow afternoon – just after tea."

Monday's blast, in the remote mountainous Punkrok area, was estimated to have been what international seismologists termed “a fucking big bang” and to have the power of an 8.5 magnitude earthquake, and appeared to have been much more powerful than their last nuclear test in October 2006.

So Kim and his Generals have made their point – yet again. They have nukes – and their kimchi warhead missiles – and aren’t afraid to use them.
Hence the paranoid Western hypocrite brigade now go on the propaganda warpath demonizing the Nor-Kor’s for a change and giving Islam a breather.

Pox News is busy getting the message out – North Korea is a threat to world peace and regional stability – and the people who control the US of A – and Europe - the ones who own and pull the strings of the banks, media – and government – the Zionist Israelis – are shitting kittens that they’re not in control of the situation and a Nor-Kor nuke might just turn up at a Palestinian car boot sale.

But that’s the propaganda angle. As Mark Twain once stated : “A Lie can travel halfway around the world while the Truth is putting on its shoes.”

While Russia and the Middle Kingdom might tolerate Western posturing and sabre rattling against the Nor-Kor’s they will not for one nanosecond allow her sovereign integrity to be compromised by the West – even at the threat of all-out war .

And that is where the line gets drawn in the sand and woe betide any Occidental hawk who dares cross it. A pity the Western hawks simply do not understand the Korean mindset.

They are, after all, of the same race as the stalwart Chinese – and descendants of Ghengis Khan. Faced with nihilism they believe anarchy’s not so bad an option.
Conversely, faced with a New World Order invasion and conquest, perhaps nihilism’s not so bad an option after all.

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