Monday, 18 May 2009

O’Barmy Tells Israel : ‘Kiss My Black Ass'

US President Barky O’Barmy is to deliver a blunt warning spelled out in plain old Kenyan English on his new teleprompter to Israel's psychopath prime minister, Binman Nuttyahoo that the era of the blank US cheque is over.

The Kenyan Kahuna will use a meeting with Mr Nuttyahoo in Washington today to drop the hint that from now on Israel must earn its privileged relationship with America by kissing some Christian ass occasionally and not rely on AIPAC’s slimy lobbyists giving Congressmen and Senators the Chinese burn until they squeal and comply with the Zionist bullies' latest egocentric demands.

O’Barmy will make clear that he will not allow Zbigniew Brzezinski’s foreign policy objectives to be opposed or conflicted by the Jewish state's interests, and that its warmongering fascist leaders must apologise to the Palestinians for stealing their country (Palestine) in 1948 and calling it Israel.

The President has already fired warning shots across the bows of the Israeli government to signal that he will not be pushed around by Mr Nuttyahoo’s newly elected right-wing coalition while he’s already getting pushed around by the White House’s zany Zionist Chief of Sleaze, Rahm Emanuel Slimeberg.

Many within Israel's government are openly hostile with key aspects of American policy on the Middle East : specifically that they give some land back to the accursed goyim Palestinians - and the fact the Pentagon hasn’t nuked Iran yet.

However Nuttyahoo's political survival may depend on him sticking to his position. Avigdor Lieberman, the rabid dog Israeli foreign minister whose right-wing 'Nutty Yids' party is essential to the survival of the Likud-led coalition, is forthrightly opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state and wants to nuke all non-Jewish Arab types through out the Middle East – especially the worshippers of Islam.

But O’Barmy's hand in confronting Mr Nuttyahoo was strengthened last week by a new Numpty Dumpty poll revealing that voters who backed him in the election overwhelmingly support a policy which amounts to "kick some mad-dog Israel butts" - ending illegal Israeli settlements within demarcated Palestinian territory and establishing a real Palestinian state.
Anti-Zionist Jewish voters, 78 per cent of whom voted for O’Barmy, are rumoured among the strongest supporters of the plan.

O’Barmy has already shocked Israeli officials by publicly declaring that a two state solution was in America's national interest - a clear sign that Washington will no longer automatically leap to support Israel every time some equally bonkers Arab sheikh despot barks at them or they fancy a spot of ethnic cleansing and launch yet another genocidal Willy-Pete attack on Gaza’s under-fives Kindergarten Regiment.

The O’Barmy administration has also broken a long-standing taboo against discussing Israel's nuclear weapons, by calling for Israel to declare and give up its weapons arsenal, said to be around 50 warheads but in all reality number well over 250 strategic weapons – plus the micro-nuke arsenal they usually deploy covertly to bring down World Trade Centre type skyscrapers, assassinate Lebanese Prime Ministers, flash-toast Ozzie tourists in Bali and make fucking big holes in Mumbai hotel car parks.

A senior State Department official said O’Barmy’s mentor and foreign policy guru Zbigniew Brzezinski wants Israel to sign the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and commit to disarmament.
What the Kenyan imposter has not done yet however, is query the $3 billion in military aid which is reluctantly milked out of the US taxpayers and sent to Israel every year to facilitate the murder of Palestinian civilians , although that could yet happen given the straitened times.

But Israel is meanwhile rattled by Mr Obama's willingness to attempt dialogue with Iran, claimed by Nuttyahoo and Lieberman as the biggest threat to the illegal Jewish state - and Galactic peace in general.

As he scans the Oval Office for friendly faces, Nuttyahoo’s eyes may light on two of O’Barmy's most trusted kike advisers - the White House chief of staff and former eyeball twister Rahm Emanuel Slimeberg - and the President’s chief extreme rendition advisor, Tommy Torquemada.

Both men are veterans of Chicago's rough and tumble politics, where O’Barmy was originally brainwashed - and both are also closely connected to the ruling US Shylock community.
(Slimeberg’s father was born in Israel and worked for the Dancing Camel brewery as a liver damage assessor before being appointed Minister of Nasty Tricks by PM Golda Meir)

But alarm bells rang in Jerusalem earlier this month when it was reported that both Slimeberg and Torquemada had warned the ruling Shylocks that US efforts to stall Iran’s nuclear ambitions would depend on the positive progress of peace talks with the Palestinians.

Though protective towards Israel, both advisers are said to consider that for many years American policy has been skewed by hard-line allies of Israel who do not represent the majority Jewish American viewpoint - and most definitely not the viewpoint of your common or garden American red-necked goyim peasants.

Both spent months during the presidential election campaign trail helping to brief the Kenyan on the muddled intricacies of Israeli-Palestinian affairs, and both are convinced of the need for a two-state solution.

Mr Nuttyahoo, one of the most Arab-hating Israeli leaders in recent history since his days as a bouncer at Bethlehem’s Manky Manger Bar, has many friends and supporters among the US Republican Party, and will do his best to get his own egocentric way as usual, despite the worrying developments for Jerusalem since O’Barmy took office.

However insiders fear O’Barmy will deliver Brzezinski’s tougher line on the Palestinian question with his characteristic idiotic shit-eating grin while staring brainlessly into his ubiquitous teleprompter – fingers crossed and praying to Allah that the piece of shit doesn’t break down again and make him look more of a total prat than he already is.

There was grave concern in Israel when O’Barmy moved to allow US aid to flow to members of the Palestinian unity government who were backed by Hamas and the Gaza Gangsters - a sign that the O’Barmy administration may now be preparing to talk to enemies it until recently considered Jolly Jihad terrorists and was occupied 24/7 pulling their fingernails out at the tropical Guatanamo Bay Recreational Rendition Rendevous Resort to learn Osama bin Laden’s secret Afghanistan zip code.

President O’Barmy also sent his CIA chief, Leon Panpizza, on a discreet mission to Israel two weeks ago to warn Nuttyahoo not to lose patience over Iran's progress to nuclear weapons - and above all not to launch preemptive air strikes against suspected nuclear enrichment facilities that turn out to be baby formula plants with the half-life of a Mexican pig farmer.

Mr Panpizza's message to the Israeli prime minister was that Iran would not be a serious threat even if it develops a nuclear weapon.
With the true state of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq still fucked up beyond all recognition, the US has neither the stomach nor the manpower to take on another major conflict which Israel will not be able to fight on its own.

On his way to Washington, Mr Nuttyahoo sought to convince Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and King Abdullah of Jordan that the Iranian nuclear programme threatens them as much as Israel – at which they erupted in laughter at Nuttyahoo’s stupid rhetoric logic.

Old Nutty’ claims that the Iranian regime is attempting to use nuclear weapons to impose its fundamentalist sectarian agenda on Arabs as much as Israelis and that it could be stopped by working together – with the Egyptians using their secret Pyramid Power against the Persian Peril.

A hacked electronic communication between Nuttyahoo and Mossad Director Isaac Kunt referring to ‘the Kenyan’ as quickly turning into another potential JFK hit job target has been labelled by Israel’s Ministry for Assassinations with their trademark denial of a baseless ‘anti-Semitic smear’.

Regardless, the war-mongering Zionist state of Israel has been at constant odds with the goyim Christian West since nailing Jesus the Messiah to some big pieces of wood around 2000 years ago – a deed for which nobody – God included – has yet forgiven them.

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