Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Psycho Krauts Given ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

The Germany government has discontinued an investigation into the circumstance surrounding a soldier who killed an Afghan woman and two children last year, citing the innovative and novel excuse of ‘Murder by Fright’ as just cause for slaughtering innocent civilians.

The unnamed staff sergeant (Heinz Dorkfelder) from the 350th Military Psychopaths Battalion killed the mother and her two kiddies in a hail of bullets on August 28, 2008, when he opened fire at them from behind in the town of Kuntrut, reported Der Shitraker Online.

He claimed that he was frightened of being attacked and therefore decided to act pre-emptively against the Afghans, although the woman and children were pushing their supermarket trolley in the opposite direction to the German checkpoint.

At the time, the Kuntrut Chief of Police and Security, ‘Big Al’ Qaeda , blasted the Germans for being a bunch of trigger-happy morons. Nevertheless, German authorities decided that the fact that the soldier was frightened and had shit his pants justified his attack.

The soldier's attorney, Berlin lawyer Klaus Klunt welcomed the decision, as it was "an important signal to German troops in Afghanistan," who now have a de facto immunity to shoot first and ask questions later, in whatever circumstances that they see fit.

Bravo and Hooray : yet another first for Western democracy.

Since the 2001 illegal invasion of Afghanistan by the US and its grasping blood-thirsty neo-colonial allies, ostensibly to ‘liberate’ the Afghans from the tyranny of Taliban Dan and play ‘hide and seek’ with Osama bin Laden and his Jolly Jihad mujahideen, tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed by the gung ho psycho’s comprising the occupation forces.

Sagacious observers, displaying at least one ounce of common sense, calculate the resulting resentment for this unjustified slaughter has boosted the resurgence of the Taliban - whose ranks are being regularly reinforced by those seeking revenge after losing their friends and relatives to their Western 'liberators' gun-happy headbangers.

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