Thursday, 21 May 2009

FBI Foil Own Fake Bomb Plot

Four males have been arrested over alleged plots to attack targets in New York, according to the Fox News ‘Propaganda’ channel.

The men were planning to blow up a chain of Jewish-owned kosher Dimona Deli’s around the Scumdale area of the Bronx, District Attorney Seymour Scroungeberg told a reporter from the Perjurers Weekly Review.

They were also rumoured to be plotting to shoot down National Guard military aircraft stationed at the Neverland Airport, in Crapsburgh to the north of the city.
The group apparently intended to use Stinger surface-to-air missiles to bring the planes down, which they bought from a Homeland Security car boot sale.

The four will appear in court on Thursday in Upstate Patsyville, and face from 100 years to a possible life imprisonment sentence if found guilty of the conjured-up charges.

The four FBI patsies were named as Pierre McPatsy (also known as Abdul Patsy), Jules McDork (aka Abu Dork ), Francois McTwat (aka Ali Twat) and Kermit McFrogge (aka Idi al Gorf). All are unemployed Cajun rednecks and were reportedly born in the United States.

New York Mayor Carlo Corruptioni said in a statement that the alleged plot showed "Islamic militant threats against New York City were sadly all too real and Americans need to remain totally petrified of future terrorist attacks at all times – and to keep taking their daily Xanax panic medication and not get too complacent".

US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalmo told a reporter from the False Flag Gazette that “Our terrorist attack anxiety readings were right down – the sheeple were getting too smug and relaxed that we and the FBI are on top of the terror situation – which we are simply by being in control of who does what to whom – and where something actually goes ‘Bang!’”

“These people need to realise it’s only a matter of time before the nasty Islamic types get a nuke from Iran or Pakistan – or Israel - and set it off on US soil. That’s why everyone needs to forget this silly out-dated Second Amendment crap about the right to bear arms.”

“They need to dump all their handguns and rifles into our 'Jolly Jihad' firearm recycling bins, get themselves micro-chipped and jump on the freebie DNA register database then we know who’s who – and where every fucker and their dog is at.”

New York City has been on a red alert Panic Level 1 status for fresh terrorist assaults since 9/11 when the World Trade Centre buildings were destroyed in toto by Shylock Silverstein and his high-fiving Israeli Mossad agents from Urban Removals in a set-up airliner attack blamed on non-existent al-Qaeda militants.

Speaking to a reporter from the underground Mole Tunnel Review - on conditions of anonymity - over a few drinks in Brooklyn’s famous Black Op’s Bar, FBI agent Sheldon Machiavelli revealed that Homeland Security’s ‘Demonizing Islam’ division had received direct instructions from David Rockeslime following last week’s Bilderberg caucus that the US population needed a fresh terrorist scare to get them back on track with the New World Order’s agenda.

Machiavelli reckoned “ As the FBI had done a great job of setting up the dork-brained Moslem patsies for the 1993 WTC bombings – supplying them with the plan, explosives and tech’ support – we were asked to help out with this one as well.”

“We originally planned to do another attack on the WTC North Tower but then some smart-ass history nerd mentioned that Mossad blew the whole caboodle up with micro-nukes in 2001 so they could kick-start the military invasion of the Middle East.”

”Luckily we had a Plan B – and a bunch of disaffected unemployed / homeless Cajun rednecks set up for a spot of Weather Men type mischief – and remember these guys have never forgiven Washington for the Louisiana Purchase."
"So we gave them all Muslim code names and a few ‘Them and us / the Jews did it’ type brainwashing sessions, hired a Ryder truck like we used in Oklahoma City, then loaded it up with dummy ground-to-air Stinger missiles and a pallet of house bricks done up in brown paper packages with C4 Plastique stamped on them.”

“As soon as the rednecks got back to their hideout we called the NYPD on the old QT, who then called us - and Homeland Security – and we pulled a pre-emptive strike and voila – an insta-terrorist plot organised and foiled in the same week.”

Are you scarified of where the US military-industrial cabal’s next false flag terrorist attack will occur? Do you ever shit your pants if a car backfires down the street? Would you volunteer for one of our Patriotic Patsy operations? Have you been on anxiety medication since the Ivy League establishment assassinated JFK back in 1963 – or only since the Al Qaeda magicians attacked the Pentagon on 9/11 and then made the airplane disappear?

Send us your negative comments using the online form below and we’ll pass your personal details onto Homeland Security – and the Taliban’s ‘Jolly Jihad’ Brigade.

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