Friday, 21 December 2012

UK Hypocrites Seek Syrian Diplomatic Solution

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Broken Britain’s closet case Foreign Secretary Willy Vague joined with the government’s tosspot of a Defence Secretary Philip ‘Dandruff’ Hammond yesterday to announce that the Libservative Coalition is seeking a diplomatic solution to resolve the unrest in Syria – a piece of brazen hypocrisy considering the conflicting public knowledge of their continued participation with a cabal of Zionist-dominated Western states providing all-out support for the foreign ‘for-hire’ Jolly Jihad and Saracen Scally mercenary groups comprising the ranks of the so-called rebel Free Syrian Army.

When questioned on this duplicitous 180 degree ‘aggression to diplomacy’ volte-face, the Foreign Office’s chief dogsbody Dumfuk Naanbread informed a press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that Posh Dave Scameron was, in light of recent unfortunate events, inclined to condemn the terrorist attacks against civilians in Syria and wanted a political solution to the ongoing conflict - before it all went tits up and the ham-fisted, inept rebels loosed off a barrage of chemical agents - gassing not only themselves but also a legion of hapless civilians – and the blame could no longer be heaped on the shoulders of Basher Assad’s regime as planned – but would rather fall squarely on the Western military source who supplied the chemical weapons of mass distraction.

Naanbread added that Westminster has not severed its diplomatic relations with the Syrian government – for which Downing Street and the FO now thanked their lucky stars as a good thing considering the asymmetrical black propaganda the rebel groups were broadcasting against each other.
“There is too much factional in-fighting by these power-grubbing rebel cadres - all working to impose their own agendas – and unable to set aside petty rivalries over which tomcat might eventually get the cream.”

“Seriously, we’ve got a bevy of wannabee rebel groups springing up like weeds, and claiming to be the one true voice of the Syrian people – and none of them hold that mandate – but they’re all far too absorbed in Hegelian dialectics to know which way is up and who’s actually pulling the strings - that they’re fighting against each other and all seem to have forgotten that Basher al-Assad is – or was – supposed to be the common enemy.”

“Hence our efforts to offset the neo-imperialist aggressor label that’s been stuck on us and preserve what’s left of our shattered credibility with the Damascus regime – thus Downing Street dispatching President Assad a personalised touch Merry Christmas and Happy, Prosperous New Year card via an MI6 diplomatic pouch courier.”

This gob-smacker of an official Foreign Office revelation comes as conflicting reports claim the UK and Great Satan have organised training for entire battalions of Jolly Jihad and Saracen Scally muhijadeen fighters inside the safe confines of cross-border Jordan - in the use of light and heavy weapons, including sophisticated anti-aircraft batteries - and ground to air shoulder-fired Shitstreak missiles.

Several Western states, obeying their Rothshite crime syndicate masters instructions to the very letter, including France and the US, have recognized the so-called National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary Puppets as the country’s legitimate political stooge government - without even a thought for Democratic process or the opinion of the hapless Syrian ‘electorate’ – who wouldn’t know what a ballot box was if one crashed through the roof of their house instead of the usual mortar rounds anyway.

So, the cat’s out of the bag – and the truth along with it - regardless of the brainwashing hype that Barky O’Barmy’s US administration is still ‘considering’ whether to provide military assistance, including logistical support and sophisticated weapons, to one or the other rebel factions – or all the Syrian militants.

Obama’s hype amounts to utter bullshit as if it wasn’t for the Yanks and Israelis funding and supplying these foreign mercenary faux ‘rebel groups’ with weapons via their Turkish, Qatari, Saudi, Iraqi and Jordanian pro-Western proxies, then Syria would be looking forward to a peaceful Christmas and the so-called rebels still firing catapults and not contemplating how to pull off a false flag festive season mass killing exercise with the VX or Sarin gas WMD ordnance they’ve been furnished.

Thought for the day. Fuck this diabolical Western NATO alliance and their New World Order.

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Nice one Rusty - good exposee. Hypocrisy isn't in it with these NATO-aligned states.