Tuesday, 11 December 2012

PCC Posts Set for Cronyism Scams

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Okay folks, all aboard and full speed ahead as the Gravy Train Express pulls out of the station at Crony Central – and for those unfortunates left behind due a lack of political or Masonic connections, just wave bye-bye to the forty-one newly-appointed Police & Crime Commissioners as they toss you all the proverbial digitus impudicus and go laughing – with official impunity - all the way to the bank – for four years at least, until the next election in 2016.

So once again the common herd get shafted by an inept bunch of money-grubbing scrotes out on the make – as accusations are flying thick and fast that the newly-elected PCCs are on a mission to surpass the excesses of some Third World basket case ‘kleptocracy’ following gutter press reports that this cabal of Plod Squad overseers are already abusing their positions with acts of cronyism - and too nepotistic practices – by appointing family members and friends as their top notch salaried deputies.

Out of the forty-one newly-elected PCCs, sixteen of their number have appointed their drinking buddies, former colleagues and shady contacts as deputies on a salary that equals those of our overpaid Members of Parliament – specifically £65,000 quid per annum.

One egoistic panjandrum wannabee, Adam Simmonds, the Tory commissioner in crime-ridden North Scamptonshire - and a man renowned for his bad taste in ties and political agents – is planning to get heavily into empire building and hire 17 extra dogsbodies and jobsworths – along with his perennial ‘blonde moment’ election agent Kathryn Buckle - to assist him at taxpayers’ expense - including four assistant commissioners on £65,000 quid a year – fielding a budget of £260,000 quid for staff alone.

For fuck’s sake, if the system wasn’t corrupt enough previously, with the top rank Plod Squad morons overseeing the system themselves as local authorities hadn’t a fucking clue which way was up - now we have a bunch of low life career political apparatchiks scumbags in charge - for whom the public service aspect is a mute point – all on a graft and corruption-ridden Masonic cronyism bender using the immoral old boy / public school camaraderie networks to get their pals a cosy sinecure on the civil service payroll – pension guaranteed.

Stark evidence regarding the true provenance of this immoral farce has been recorded and duly exposed by the Daily Shitraker this week with the news that Matthew ‘Three Chins’ Grove, yet another Tory deadleg who beat John ‘Two Shags’ Prescott to secure the post of commissioner for Scumberside, has appointed a fellow Tory crony for the post of deputy - while New Labour’s fungus-faced Blob Jones will pay his dodgy deputy Yvonne ‘Buzzy’ Mosquito £65,000 per year for a 32-hour week – on top of the £27,000 nicker she already gets for council-related non-jobs around Brummystan.

The money-grubbing Buzzy, a member of the Church of Latter Day Grasping Gits, who worships before the altar of Mammon, is refusing to stand down from her £10,574 p/a role as chairman of the Ladywood District Committee and intends to stay on as Labour councillor for Nechells, for which she rakes in a poxy pittance of £16,267 councillor’s allowance.

No shit, things are tough all over. How the fuck can she manage on a mere £92,000 a year? More to the point how can she give value for money to any one job while getting paid for doing three of them? Alas the fact is that someone’s taking the piss big-time – and by the sounds of it there’s 41 of them involved.

Nice one – how to win friends and influence people to your political corner – when the starting pay of a police constable has now been slashed under this pathetic excuse for a Libservative Coalition government’s ‘austerity campaign’ to a pauper’s wage of £19,000 quid per annum – before tax and NI and a host of other deductions set in like cancer.

While the PCCs were elected by the common herd last month, the role of a deputy commissioner is not subject to a ‘democratic vote’ (sic) thus doesn’t need to be advertised – and can be filled by any fucker or their dog – or cat - appointed by the new commissioner – and while a panel of councillors can scrutinise the decision they hold no veto power – hence opening the doors for nepotistic abuse and rampant cronyism.

One independent West Mercia commissioner Bill Longmore, has appointed his campaign publicity manager, Joe Goebbels, as deputy - justifying the move with an excuse that “Due the fact I’m a bit of an all-round thick twat I really need Joe here to explain all the big words on these documents they keep piling up on me desk - and to sign things for me.”

Thought for the day. Okay, what’s the difference between the all-new PCC and an organised criminal extortion syndicate? Right first time – absolutely none.

Hmmm, little wonder Leveson and Co want to impose a press gagging equivalent of a D-Notice on anything that exposes government criminality and incompetence – or officialdom’s ingrained culture graft and corruption.

Come back Diogenes – all is forgiven.

Regardless, fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the government’s burgeoning CCTV panopticon surveillance New World Order.

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wiggins said...

Poor old Diogenes wouldn't know where to start with this shower of shite.
'Looking for an honest man' - in your dreams. An honest man would be classified as a 'terrorist' in these dark times.

Patrick said...

There's a growing popular movement to get rid of posts we did not need or want in the first place. A petition has already been signed by over 6,000 people in a few days, with no party machine behind it. Go to: