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Obama Pushes Gun Control via Hypocrisy

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Over in the good ole US of A this past weekend the newly re-elected Pres’ Barky O’Barmy - devoid of his cocaine-snorter’s shit-eating grin for a change - gave a soundbite-ridden opportunistic crocodile tear-jerking live performance for the cameras during an inter-faith vigil at calamity-stricken Newtown, Connecticut - calling on legislators to impose a total firearms ban to prevent further massacres of school children by squirly lone gunmen with a matricidal anti-social attitude problem.

Twenty children and six women were massacred in the assault at the Sandy Hook School by a 20-year old Adam Lanza who then took his own life as he was pre-programmed to do: a patsy self clean up / no messy paperwork or trial / no more awkward ‘conspiracy theory’ questions raised like the 1999 Columbine massacre or Fort Hood or Oikos University or Virginia Tech’ - or the Aurora, Colorado ‘Batman Goes Postal’ cinema shootings.

The violent death of any child, be it through the failings of a supposedly ordered ‘Big Society’ and the delinquent neglect or abuse of a dysfunctional family unit – or at the gun-slinging hands of nonce pimps like Thomas Watt Hamilton – should outrage all still possessed of that 21st Century rarity - a functioning moral conscience – and we rightly shout, lobby and petition for radical, remedial changes to the socio-political pact.

Though if this is yet another ‘cause and effect’ black op’s contrived scam like the 9/11 false flag scenario wherein the means justifies the end – (war on Pan-Islam / invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – or imposition of total gun control firearms ban / repeal of 2nd Amendment right to bear arms) – then the alarm bells should be sounding and the bottom feeding political shitbags responsible for such an pre-planned atrocity publicly torn apart by an obliging mob.

However, the subject for debate is gun bans, for if one is enacted then only the Plod Squad – the uniformed protectors and enforcers of the rich and shameless elite – and the military – will have them – right? Er nope, sorry – wrong – with a large capital W for Wrong - and anyone who believes that myth is a special kind of stupid as the criminals will always have guns.

In the UK, gun laws for actual firearms have been around for over a century – and revised every few decades (Gun Licence Act 1870 / Firearms Act 1920 / Firearms Act 1937 / Firearms Act 1968 / Firearms Amendment Act 1988 / Firearms Act 1997).

Then regardless of Britain being firearm free (as far as possession by the unvetted common herd is concerned) and hence ‘safe’ (sic) we have the Hungerford carnage of 1987, followed by the Dunblane massacre of 1996 – along with the more recent Cumbria kill-a-thon of 2010 when a taxi driver shape-shifted into Travis Bickle morph mode and went off on a shooting spree.

Then of course at Dunblane we had a homicidal pederast named Thomas Watt Hamilton, whose main purpose of mortal existence was to pimp cub scouts for his nonce-ridden Masonic Brotherhood masters up in Scotland, and licensed to own various handguns (2 x 9mm Browning automatics / 2 x S & W M19 .357 revolvers) which he used to murder 16 children and 1 teacher along with wounding a dozen more at a primary school back in 1996 – with his firearms certificate application alleged to have been sponsored by a leading establishment politician – and fellow Freemason kiddie fiddler.

One day sane then the next day squirly - and this seems to be a norm for the good ole US of A - from Columbine to Sandy Hook and so many in between where some shit-for-brains psycho goes ‘postal’ to grab his / her fifteen minutes of global notoriety / infamy – as promised us all by Andy Warthole.

So, Mr Hope and Change Obama and his drama queen crocodile tears at the Newtown photo op’ – this Kenyan cuckoo Nobel Peace Prize winner, cries outrage – along with the rest of a selective conscience (and memory) America – over the appalling deaths of the Sandy Hook massacre of children – an act that like so many previous (Aurora, Colorado cinema shootings by the flame-haired numpty-dumpty MK-Ultra patsy James Holmes – visibly loaded to the gills with psychotropic drugs) bears the stench of mind control and the over-clich├ęd Manchurian Candidate assassin – and all to impose gun control across the US - negate the 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms statute and thus defang every fucker and their dog.

But this is where Obama’s hypocrisy bites. We have American children massacred at Sandy Hook and outrage echoes from coast to coast – but when one of the US military’s UAV MQ-9 Reaper drones wipes out fuck knows how many Afghani or Paki or Yemeni or Somali children in a Shitstreak missile attack and the Pentagon says ‘Whoops, sorry’ – or the Israeli’s IDF homicidal maniacs snuff every kid old enough to scream and bleed in their latest offensive against the hapless Palestinians besieged in the Gaza Strip - then no fucker or their dog back in the good ole ‘Democratic’ US of A gives a flying shite.

While the tragedy was being staged at Sandy Hook on Friday morning, at least ten young girls between the ages of 9 and 11 were killed and two others badly injured when one of them trod on a US military anti-personnel mine in eastern Afghanistan while collecting firewood.
Alas, no space for a mention of that all-too avoidable tragedy in the American media pages.

Thought for the day. So much for homicidal maniacs loaded up on medication – aka psychotropic psycho’s. Odd thing about Lanza – he doesn’t fit the all-American mass murderer / celebrity assassin / serial killer profile: no ‘soundbite’ middle name for the media to get rolling off the publics’ tongues like some ad’ jingle.

Oh well, when it comes to fatal incidences of school campus bloodshed let’s not overlook the fact that lone gunmen besides, the shit-for-brains homicidal Ohio National Guard managed one piece of ‘conflict resolution’ by discharging 67 rounds in 13 seconds from their M1 Garand 7:62 mm calibre rifles back in May of 1970 at Kent State University – all aimed point blank at anti-Vietnam War protesters - which resulted in the murder of four students and wounding of nine others.

Thus fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order – the only thing preventing the declaration of a martial law state is the fact the people are armed and will resist the coming FEMA Camp round-ups of non-conformist political dissidents.

Stop press / drop the dead donkey: Well, the media brainwashing effect has taken hold with law-abiding (sic – read ‘numb-nuts) citizens turning in their guns as part of police buyback programs in response to the Sandy Hook massacre - a shocking illustration of how NLP programming works to get citizens to disarm themselves without the need for gun control legislation.

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Yet another great piece of work Rusty.
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