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Millipede Pushes 'One Nation' Integration

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The gospel according to New Labour’s child prodigy leader, the juvenile Ed Sillyband, claims too little has been done to integrate the hordes of unwashed foreign types who believe they’re a part of British society simply due the fact they managed to wangle a national insurance number and now rake in mobs of child tax credits and welfare benefits.

Hence Millipede is out to kick start a drive to promote proficiency in the English language as part of his One Nation concept (er - is this a copycat plagiarised take on Posh Dave Scameron’s flawed ‘Big Society’ thing?) – though did admit that the Bliar and Broon administrations committed howling mistakes in tackling the realities of segregation in struggling communities – mainly due the fact Teflon Tony was too busy justifying the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – and gagging the media (and Crown Prosecution Service) on the findings of the paedo-busting Operation Ore to protect his kiddie fiddling Masonic masters – while Gordon was bogged down with personal lack of self-esteem issues such as how he’d fucked up the economy and apologising for calling pensioners ‘bigoted old bags’.

Getting carried away with his own verbosity after some clot applauded the rhetorical blather and spin doctor crafted vote-catching soundbites, Millipede related how proud he is of multi-ethnic, diverse Broken Britain - being a pick n mix cocktail blended offspring of Polish-Belgian Marxist-Jewish immigrant DNA and cultures himself.

Among his pointless, impotent proposals Ed – (the new poster child for hypocrisy) in his English only learning drive - is all for banning those who can’t speak English from a variety of public sector jobs that involve working closely with the common herd - specifically 999 emergency services switchboard operators – and the ever-dwindling ranks of our national Plod Squad – moves he wants to see expedited in London and intends to discuss with Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense after the 2011 census showed that fewer than half the people living in the Metropolis are British honky white trash.

The census figures further revealed that in 2011, 13% of the residents in England and Wales – including sheep – (that’s 7.5 million out of a total ‘official’ population of 56 million) - were born outside the UK – to say nothing of the legions of darkies, slopes, gyppo’s and pikey illegals hiding in the underground economy jungle and poaching swans and carp off local council park ponds – along with anything else that’s free and looks tasty – magpies, pigeons, squirrels, cats, hedgehogs etc.

Millipede admitted that people of mixed race are among the fastest-growing group in the population of our country as they breed like rats – which he considers to be a saving grace and not detrimental, informing one press hack from the Xenophobes Gazette “It’s a situation that I’m personally quite at ease with as these immigrant types prefer to vote for New Labour – especially when our spin doctors put the word around that the only other option is for them to vote for Nick Griffin and his BNP.”

Conversely, critics claim Millipede is away with the nids with this obsessive ‘of the moment’ enthusiasm for promoting ethnic diversity in the UK when the majority of the Anglo-Saxon population would prefer to see them fold their proverbial tents, get on their bikes and piss off back from whence they came.

"We are stronger for it - and I love Broken Britain all the more for it. A multi-ethnic society gives us access to new ideas and perspectives – like kebabs and stuffed pittas and arse-scorching curry take aways instead of the same old fish and chips to scoff down after a session at the pub . For instance until I saw some Muslim chap walking down the street, wrapped in a duvet cover, with several women in tow I didn’t realise Islam was a religion that permitted a bloke to have several wives – and as many odd-bonk on-the-side concubines as he wants.”

“However, in the same instance I do realise there is anxiety about immigration and all these Euro-scabs and darkies coming here intent on stealing British jobs by working for less than the statuary minimum wage and risking their lives collecting cockles until they’re bollocks deep in seawater – plus how this criterion can be offensive to inherent national sensibilities and tends to clash with our dogmatic, set-in-the-ways Anglo-Saxon culture.”

Cultural and ethnic diversity? Que? WTF? We already have the Cornish – and the Welsh – and the blokes in tartan skirts up in Nonce Land – and the Paddys unfortunately – even though they are on a different island - and a shitload of Polaks impersonating plumbers and posting Cyrillic alphabet flyers through the letter box – all thanks to this shower of shithouse jobsworths running the EUSSR in Brussels. How much more diversity do twats like Millipede want?

“But just look at how my One Nation concept’s working up in the North of England where we have blissful community interaction and a group of Paki taxi drivers throwing culture and colour to the four winds by bonding with a group of local Lancashire lassies – and it was just an unfortunate mistake that they were all slightly underage and that sordid paedophilia scandal erupted.”
“But of course that’s all died down now since the Jimmy Savile scandal blew up and implicated half of Maggie Thatcher’s Tory cabinet with being on a par with the Catholic Church for kiddie fiddling crimes.”

One Nation / Big Society - whoever pushes it – Millipede or Scameron – the concept doesn’t work, thanks to human nature. Hence we reject the idea that people can exist side by side in their own communities - living separate lives – but never learning to appreciate one another as our Anglo-Saxon culture no longer believes in stoning women for screwing around – or chopping some hapless sod’s hand off if they’re caught shoplifting at Pestco.

It’s about time the politicos got it through their thick skulls that these immigrants don’t want to integrate – they only come here to scrounge off the welfare system - and in the case of the Muslim side, to be critical of our corrupt Western culture - with the radical crazies expounding their Islamic fundamental philosophies in the mosque’s madrassers as they hate our democratic freedoms – or at least that’s what the government-run media would have us believe.

Hence the reason why we get infested with these one-eyed, hook-handed bomb making bodgers – for the freedom of speech factor – as they can’t get away with it back in their own Third World basket case shitholes like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and Pakiland.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, Millipede’s One Nation concept basically mirrors Posh Dave Scamerons ill-conceived Big Society / Hug-a-Hoodie objectives – yet bears a similar potential for disaster on a Biblical scale that to the discerning eye is unnerving.

Let’s not forget we’ve only recently accepted the fact that the 8th Century Viking invaders are now an integrated part of our society since they’re confined their ‘berserker’ displays of running amok to soccer matches and the occasional riot when the Plod Squad do an extra-judicial snuff job on some Tottenham mixed race scally to save on arrest paperwork and a trial.

Regardless. fuck Ed Millipede and New Labour – and the Libservative Coalition – vote UKIP.

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