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Minister for Ignorance Pushes GM Crops

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Accessing his infinite capacity for unqualified arrogance rather than a resource of personal knowledge and experience – or Google's all-seeing eye - the Tory’s not-fit-for-purpose Environment Secretary, Owen ‘The Cobbler’ Paterson, prattled on like some Common Purpose NLP-brainwashed local council authority jobsworth, eulogising the stellar achievements of GM industry bullies such as Monsanto – then cockily informed one gutter press hack from the Frankenfoods Gazette that the common herd’s negative concerns about genetically modified agricultural products were – in his conceited opinion – utter moronic nonsense.

Paterson’s typically bovine ‘rhetoric versus facts’ outpouring came as a cabal of equally pompous government ministers prepare to relax controls on the cultivation of GM crops, which they claim will have a real financial benefit for the profit-motivated agri-corporation giants pushing their carcinogenic Insta-Tumour ear corn cobs and other toxic Mutant Meals crap on a hapless public.

In their perennial states of blissful ignorance, senior Libservative Coalition figures - this oafish agri-industry stooge Paterson included - have been duped to accept the spiel put out by the Rothshite crime syndicate scumbags who fund their political ambitions - and pledge lucrative directorships at the end of their public service (sic) careers - that GMO technology - which has been propagandised to the Nth degree and painted as the panacea for global food shortages by guaranteeing increase crop yields and preventing insect infestations and plant disease - is essential for assuring Britain’s future food security.

However, any official move to sanction the planting of GM crops in the hallowed soil of our sceptred isle’s green and pleasant land will prove highly controversial and provoke a most radical reaction, regardless of the obnoxious Paterson dismissing critics of the dubious technology as latter day Luddites.

Couple this cavalier comment with a series of similar remarks made by the knobhead MP on this subject and the alarm bells start pealing in the ears of all opponents of GMO products who rightly suspect the untested crops will loose not only a plague of irreversible environmental damage of Biblical proportions due the spread of GM pollens onto organic plants - but cause mutations to human DNA.

Oh yes, GMO products and Big Agri’s toxic fertilisers and pesticides – just the thing to be juxtaposed with the cellphone booster tower antennas and associated electronic smog that’s detrimental to the health of every living thing – bees and plants included – and another wholly overlooked major pathological calamity just waiting to manifest its longer term effects on the youth of today’s profit-motivated world.

This pantomime of a Libservative Coalition has so far allowed small-scale cultivation trials for GM crops but its widespread use is effectively banned. While some GMO products are contained in foods imported from countries already in the corrupt thrall of the likes of Monsanto, most supermarkets (Mammon & Snobford adopt zero tolerance) have had the nuance – so far – to ban the ingredients from their own-brand name products due fears of a negative public reaction seeing them boycotted and profits drop like the thermometer readings at the Global Warming Conference in Copenhagen - circa December 2009 (an ironic minus 4 Celsius and 10 centimetres of snow overnight).

But the push for foisting GM shite onto the British public is no new deal. After slithering into 10 Downing Street in 1997, New Labour’s war criminal PM Tony Bliar, a scumbag short on any semblance of credibility whose popularity now rates on a par with chemotherapy – (and who misery and death seem to follow around like the Grim Reaper) - promoted the use of GM crops and foodstuffs but finally retreated in the face of public scepticism and campaigns against mongrel ‘‘Gumby Mutant Meals’ and ‘Insta-Tumour’ Frankenfoods.

The bully boy Monsanto’s litany of crimes and misdemeanours visited on the environment and human health through the effects of their fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides – plus the vindictive campaigns of litigation against farmers who dared allow pollen from GM crops to land in their fields – along with the congressional lobbying and political corruption of the US-based Food & Drug Administration - reads like a Nazi nasties charge sheet from the Nuremberg Tribunals.

Take also into consideration that Monsanto, along with the other GMO Big Agri’ company majors are now pushing ‘terminator seeds’ to ensure that farmers are forced to purchase fresh seed from them every year and thus establish a corporate controlled food supply monopoly and give Mother Nature the finger.

To wit, the name Monsanto has become symbolic of the greed, arrogance, scandal and hardball business practices of the GM corporations. Seriously, in light of the above, would you buy a used car from someone called Monsanto – or Takeda or Bayer AG? They’re the ones who are pushing the US Environmental Protection Agency approved crop pesticide Clothianidin – which has been proven as responsible for killing off entire colonies of honey bees – mankind’s prime pollinator mechanism.

Paterson’s juvenile cheerleader support presents a boost for the biotech majors such as Monsanto, who’ve been lobbying ministers and civil servants to allow them to make sure Britain gets totally ‘Broken’ and turn our national agricultural programmes over to 100% GM faming.

But here we must behold the gross hypocrisy of Paterson’s enthusiasm with genetically modified crops and foods – a sea change shift from promoting the advantages and benefits of organic farming – for in 2000 the same man challenged New Labour ministers to ensure proper separation distances were in place around GM crops to avoid contaminating regular crops.

Now he’s into voicing smarmy remarks viz GM products by stating that protesters need to wake up to the fact that the meat they’re buying in supermarkets – especially sourced from animals butchered in continental Europe - will have been reared on GM feeds – and which they’re willing to eat simply as it hasn’t been labelled as such.

Yet successive governments have gone to great lengths to ensure there is no label to identify food that comes from animals reared on a GM diet – and here our tosspot Libservative Coalition government are lacking and delinquent in their duty of observing the values and ethics code and protecting the common good – the very task they were elected to office to expedite.
These pricks go into public service and have a moral responsibility of trust and a duty of care for the well-being of those they have been tasked to represent.

However Paterson seems to take Monsanto’s word for the fact their mutagenic crap is healthy and the best thing since sliced bread - when all research reports wholly contradictory findings.
Ah well, it’s always a problem when ego surpasses intellect, and Paterson simply isn’t up to the job - and ‘we the electorate’ would rather have some fucker with a background in gardening or nutrition as Environment Minister than this moron with his NVQ 1 Diploma in Leather Tanning and whose only claim to fame is riding a horse across Turkmenistan.

Confucius say: “Little knowledge is dangerous thing” and a clot with Paterson’s limited IQ should leave well alone things he knows next to fuck all about – especially if his information on GM crops and foodstuffs have come from reading Monsanto’s own advertising flyers.
Hmmm, bollocks to the Tory’s MP for North Slopshire – let him tuck into GM foods – and just wait til his kids start looking like Blinkie the Fish and come down with Morgellons.

To conclude, here’s one for this tosspot Paterson to think about where Monsanto’s dodgy lobbying is concerned. Michael Taylor has been appointed senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA by the Kenyan cuckoo Barky Obama. This is the same dog wanker who was in charge of FDA policy when GMO’s were allowed into the US food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety.

To add to the calumny, Taylor was Monsanto’s corporate attorney prior to becoming policy chief at the FDA – then became Monsanto’s Vice President and chief lobbyist.
Now the twat’s been appointed America’s food safety Tsar. Conflict of interest anyone?
Hmmm, something stinks in Denmark and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks.

Thought for the day. Anyone recall DDT being declared harmless? Same with ‘minor’ exposure to nuclear radiation - and cigarette smoking being good for you – or so said the US Surgeon General.
Hence fuck Owen Paterson and the big bully boy GMO agrichemical companies—Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Agrosciences, BASF, Bayer AG, Takeda and Pioneer / DuPont. History will treat none of them kindly.

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