Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Obama Slams Assad with Hypocrisy Bomb

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The Great Satan’s failed ‘Hope n Change’ Messiah – President Barky O’Barmy - recently re-elected to play the White House cuckoo for a further four years – went into total hypocrisy mode earlier this week, by scrying a prized Indonesian crystal ball and speculating that his fellow Muslim, President Basher al-Assad’s Damascus regime, might have plans to use chemical weapon nasties against Western / Arab-funded (and armed) foreign mercenaries stirring up all kinds of socio-political and sectarian hatred shite across Syria.

On Monday the Indo-Kenyan impostor, whose corrupt administration is a key segment of an international ZioNazi coalition attempting to destabilize Syria – and anywhere else around the Muslim world that dares oppose the Project for a New American Century – had the bare-faced hypocritical audacity to warn the Damascus regime not to use chemical weapons against the militants – or there would be consequences if they dared ‘cross the US red line’ - adding that ‘the world is watching you’.

Hmmm, and canny moralists still possessed of a conscience are watching the Great Satan and Israel too – along with their sabre-rattling European stooge partners – and keeping a tally of the genocidal human rights and wrongs abuses and war crimes against humanity committed by this collective of neo-colonialist scumbags in furthering their New World Order agenda (read Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion).

Then we have the ongoing drone attacks and false flag Islamophobia-generating terrorist operations ranging from 9/11 to the present day – and the faux NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ campaigns against the likes of the hapless Gaddafi regime that has turned order into chaos – and in Libya’s case - a devastated ruin – carbon copies of Afghanistan and Iraq – and blueprints for what is intended for Syria, Lebanon, and Iran – Havoc with a capital H.

So what’s worse – the hypocrisy or the fact that Israel plans to loose a false flag attack barrage of Sarin or some other nasty gas or chemical agent from the Jordanian border with Syria against a bunch of hapless civilians or rebel militia – and thus justify a NATO humanitarian intervention military blitzkrieg to take Assad and Co out of the game and install their own corrupt muppet leadership – then leave the mess of pottage to be Balkanised – same as Iraq and Libya – and settle a litany of old scores in a campaign of sectarian conflict?

Don’t doubt it for two seconds – as Israel have no qualms on that score if we recall the micro-nuke planted by a Mossad Kidon Unit in the storm drain outside the Sari Club in Bali back in 2002 – remotely detonated to flash fry as many Aussie tourists as possible and get Canberra whole-heartedly behind the West’s war on terror.

To consider the charade in its entirety, the word ‘hypocrisy’ doesn’t cover it – nor is there a single term or phrase that does. Here we have this Indonesian Muslim Barry Soetoro character with a forged Hawaiian birth certificate posing as a Kenyan African-American - along with his rug-munching slut of a Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton – aka the Mena Mafia Matriarch – jointly warning Assad that the use of chemical weapons by his troops against the foreign mercenary forces would be ‘totally unacceptable’.

Whereas the Great Satan’s inventory of war crimes and use of banned weapons in the chemical, nuclear and radiological range surpasses anything Assad might be guilty of along with the condemnatory fact they not only supply Israel with the same but a host of other despotic, rogue regimes (including Saddam Hussein’s Iraq) with these weapons of mass distraction.

Anyone like to give O’Barmy a kick in his bony brown ass and remind him about the use of Agent Orange dioxin defoliant in Indo-China and Central America – and Columbia – which contaminated the water tables to such a degree that it’s still responsible for widespread birth defects, physical and neurological disabilities and cancers.

Then we have the saturation bombing of North Vietnam – explosive and napalm ordnance. The Reaper drone / Shitstreak missile attacks on civilians across the Mid-East theatres of conflict – Afghanistan and Pakiland – and Yemen – and Somalia. The use of depleted uranium munitions that contaminate everything their micro-nano particle atomised essence touches for a thousand years. Nice job on Fallujah by GI Joe & Co.

And let’s not forget the good ole US of A is the only nation to have ever gone Nazi style delinquent and dropped two strategic nuclear bombs on a civilian population – specifically Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki – just to gauge the damage they’d cause.
Nice people, the Yanks – if one manages to overlook the macho bullshit and gross hypocrisy.

But on the funny side (if such a thing could be construed out of this tragic-comedic mess) Broken Britain’s pro-Zionist / Friends of Israel Club member (no conflict of interest here) Foreign Secretary Willy Vague says the UK and the US have seen hard evidence that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons. And what might we ask was the actual provenance of this ‘hard evidence’? Why none other than a report broadcast on the Pox News channel (proprietor Raving Rupert Mudrock).

Thought for the day. Nutty NATO chief Foggy Rasmussen, has underlined the Kenyan cuckoo’s warning to Syria - as the Zionist-dominated bully boy alliance is set to hypocritically approve the deployment of Patriot anti-missile batteries on Turkey's border in an attempt to instigate some false flag incident that can be blamed on the hapless target Assad regime and provide an excuse for a Libya style Operation Kill Every Fucker ‘humanitarian intervention’ full scale military invasion by the Great Satan and their European and Arab lackeys.

Regardless, fuck the Great Satan and their Ashkenazi kikester ZioNazi masters - and their doomed New World Order – and too the panopticon fascist states and regimes such a manifestation would be the harbinger of.

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wiggins said...

I think you can add 'assistance' in the Japanese Tsunami(Kikester Division) to the above list.

Gonzoland said...

Use of Agent Orange in District Columbia, Columbia Records & Pictures, CBS and Columbia Colleges in the USA is one of the minor conspiracy theories that needs more attention.

Ally said...

Ally for Rusty: Ah Wiggins, mon ami - not enough space to list their crimes and misdemeanours - false flag and otherwise - same as the 2004 Boxing Day Asian tsunami - but the jury's still out on that one - 2 x 40 megaton nukes on the seabed of the Sumatran Trench or a HAARP hit.
The tsunami nuke conspiracy theory was put around in the May of 2004 by some online blogger named 'Aussie Bloke'.