Saturday, 1 December 2012

Palestine Recognition Sparks Kikester Kickback

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So Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority (occupied West Bank) has achieved its objective this week, limited as it may be, to gain their symbolic diplomatic recognition by the United Nations and go from being a totally ignored non-entity ‘conquered and usurped’ nuisance state without even a pot to piss in - to getting added to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonie’s Christmas card list – a move that wholly disregards the fact of the chasmic geo-political divide between the West Bank’s unelected Abbas and the democratically-elected Hamas government running Gaza.

However, on the negative side we have the hard core racist Knesset’s ZioNazi reaction to this latest Palestinian treachery - for the audacity to go begging to the not-fit-for-purpose UN to recognise their right to sovereign nationhood and hopefully get some of their usurped (read ‘stolen’) lands back - the kikesters are set to inflict yet another ‘collective punishment’ reminder that Abbas and Co are now uninvited guests (squatter / refugees) in their own country and in the way of Israel’s ever expanding ‘hitnakhlut’ (illegal settlements) continuing to be established on stolen West Bank lands.

Thus with Abbas giving the preposterous roadmap the big finger and once again saving Israel from the lurking moribund spectre of a ‘negotiated peace’ – PM Bobo Nuttyahoo led a round of catcalls condemning the UN recognition as an act of anti-Semitism against the ‘victim’ state of Israel – then summarily authorised the construction of a further 3,000 illegal housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank – plus the fast track rubber stamping of 10,000 extra ‘illegal’ planning permission applications for any fucker and their dog who wants to throw up a shed and squat in some hapless Palestinian’s olive grove.

Hence any pretence of negotiations are more at scent than substance after two decades of on-off peace talks - a total pantomime – as the Palestinian Authority has now stated for the official record they refuse to return to talks of any kind without a freeze on the building of illegal settlements – which just about puts the mockers on any kind of harmonious accord this side of Eternity.

The vindictive ‘Let’s Get Building’ announcement by the Knesset’s Ministry for the Misappropriation of Palestinian Lands follows the successful upgraded status vote at the UN General Assembly – a move strongly opposed by Palestinians who rightfully claim that this continued construction of illegal settlements on their lands will cut the West Bank in two, (much as the Zionist Knesset did to prevent any semblance of a united Palestine ever manifesting by dividing the West Bank and Gaza Strip) preventing the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state – which is the whole idea.

Of course, with the illegal ‘Jews of convenience’ kikester settlers being a fussy lot and insistent on the matter of ethnic segregation - not wanting any ‘grungy goyim’ Arab Muslim types lowering the tone of their neighbourhood - then the rightful Palestinian occupants have to be evicted first – which presents no problems when you’re equipped with a few CAT D11 Rachel Corrie memorial model 'activist crusher’ bulldozers weighing into the fray at 115-plus tons apiece – backed up by a couple of platoons homicidal maniacs from the Israeli Defence Force’s Half-Cock Brigade and their notorious Ethnic Cleansing Squad psychos.

So in one respect Abbas and Co walked headlong into a trap which the Zionist kikester strategists had planned for – that the West Bank administration and Hamas’ Gaza Gangsters can’t even sit down together and agree to disagree - and now intend to take full advantage of this factor in yet another exhibition of Israeli ‘divide and conquer’ brinksmanship.

This will doubtless involve displaying a further stark example of their much-vaunted ‘higher culture’ – this deep rooted racism woven throughout the whole cloth fabric of the Ashkenazi / Israeli society – which they believe entitles them to ignore the statutes of international law to dispossess the hapless and marginalised population of the West Bank and Jerusalem of their rightful historic lands as they continue to search for that one-off grand slam Final Solution genocide stunt to solve their ‘Palestinian problem’ - much as Hitler’s Nazis did with the Slavs, Gyppos, Blacks - and Jews.

The US’s arrogant Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, responding to the Israeli government’s ‘collective punishment’ declaration, claimed that building illegal settlements right across the West Bank was not the answer to any sustained peace - and the Palestinians had to be persuaded that renewed negotiations with the Israel thugs were the only path to an independent state.

Well, that might be the Rodent’s unqualified opinion, but Hamas and the PLO could always take an alternative route and kick start another Intifada and by force of arms take back the lands stolen from them in the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah – and 1967 – and ever since - by the Israeli terrorists posing as the Knesset government.

Thought for the day. While Abbas Palestinian Authority was at the UN in its own right, as a significant diplomatic aside the General Assembly also recognised the Gaza Strip coastal enclave was in itself a ‘nation state’ – on a par with the Vatican – albeit being besieged behind the Israeli’s Great Apartheid Wall in the biggest concentration camp in the known Universe – and the only thing missing to illustrate this factor was an Arbeit Macht Frei sign over the Nahal Oz and Karni checkpoints.

To wit, fuck the ZioNazi Chosen People and their Greater Israel / New World Order.

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