Saturday, 8 December 2012

Paedo Crim’s to get Slap on Wrist

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While the more cognisant elements of the common herd that comprise the semi-conscious population of Broken Britain are still high in oath and condemning the level of criminal corruption that involve the nation’s elected government and elitist upper class ‘Untouchable’ nobility regarding this current child sex abuse scandal which has morphed to encompass the iconic Beeb and Tory Party – and deceased Heath / Thatcher era cabinet ministers – (all sodding off to Welsh Wales or Jersey for a weekend’s ‘Shitty Break’ to sodomise the hapless juvenile inmates of some orphanage / care home) - the Sentencing Council has gone into total dingbat mode by suggesting that persons convicted of possessing or trading child pornography should receive no harsher punishment than having their names entered into the local Plod Squad’s naughty book and cop a caution or unpaid community service order sentence – such as 100 hours supervising a kiddie’s playground.

To wit, the current benchmark prison sentence for those with less than a couple of thousand images of naked minors engaging in BD/SM activities or penetrative sex with 'Uncle' is three months – but under the proposed revised legislation guidelines for courts, the scumbag paedo’s who trade child porn will no longer be jailed for their sins.

Hmmm, with regard to this position, one is given to seriously ponder on the sexual proclivities of members of the Sentencing Council that have so ordained these guidelines: such exalted legal figures as Chairman Brian Leveson, President Igor Sludge, Director of Pubic Prosecutions Keir Stammerer and Lord Justice Sir Colman Treacle.
In light of the afore-mentioned scandals are they out to cover their own arses – or those of their Masonic Brotherhood and blue blood / political masters who might inadvertently fall prey to Operation Yewtree’s ever-expanding net?

The gospel according to Sentencing Council Chairman Lord Brian Leveson – he of press phone hacking inquiry fame – has been laid down for posterity and states without ambiguity that: “Sentencing Council members are all highly valued and bring with them a wealth of diverse experience.”

Really – does this include their personal experience of pederasty too? Basically, on the subject of child sex crimes, the Sentencing Council is not fit for purpose and needs to get its head from up its collective arse and take a closer look at the victims of paedophile abuse to sense and connect with the psychological trauma they’ve suffered - in addition to the temporal physical / sexual mistreatment – for this proposed revision of the criminal code with regard to sentencing is definitely transmitting the wrong message to the perpetrators of kiddie fiddling crimes.

How does the term ‘zero tolerance’ come across on the moral justice scales – hopefully not too heavy for these misguided libertarians who disregarded the Holy Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality and canvassed for its legalisation - and now, Like PM Posh Dave Scameron, wave the banner for same sex marriages to accommodate Adam and Steve – and too Madam and Eve – along with the bug-bear reduction of the age of consent.

Perhaps it is too harsh a sentiment to speculate on their reaction if their own pre-pubescent / juvenile child was groomed by a pederast via the internet and whose nude photos traded with like-minded perverts as masturbation fantasy material – or was put up for auction on the paedo’s Satanic version of eBay – to be bid on and kidnapped to order and become the centrepiece of some diabolical deflowering Black Mass blood ritual sacrifice on the Devil-worshipping altar in the subterranean vaults of one of Belgium’s notorious – or perhaps Scotland’s – Masonic nonce-haunt stately homes or castles – such as Glencoe House or Balmoral.

Cynicism aside, hopefully they’re never faced with that traumatic dilemma – but many have as a result of the kiddie fiddling criminals that should have been tagged and monitored – or imprisoned – being footloose and at liberty to exploit underage kids and commit child sex offences again (and again) – thanks to their lobbying for such reforms.

Thought for the day. So, at the end of this 14 week consultation proposed by the Sentencing Committee, how about we follow the common sentiment and adopt a classical punishment - have convicted paedo’s physically emasculated, then blinded with hot irons like Samson before them – and stuffed in a sack with an 'underage' wild animal and flung into a fast-flowing river – or off a high cliff into the cold sea.

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