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Tories to Field Child Protection Scheme

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Senior civil servants at Whitehall’s Department for Wasting Time & Money, in conjunction with the Ministry for What Can We Fuck With Next, are working flat out like a lizard drinking to cobble together an online system that will identify children who may be in danger of abuse from kiddie fiddling Tory cabinet ministers on a tour of North Wales juvenile care homes - or villainous BBC DJs posing as do-gooder philanthropists – a system that when fully operational, will be under the aegis of Parliament’s newly-established Paedo-Alert watchdog.

The £9 million quid Child Protection Information System is primarily intended to set off alarm bells and act as a wake-up call to somnambulant doctors and nurses manning the National Ill-Health Service’s A & E departments if kids being brought in with suspicious injuries are known to be at risk from pikey child sex traffickers servicing the debased and licentious carnal requirements of Masonic Brotherhood perverts and Swiss-Irish breakfast cereal tycoons - or have previously sought treatment at other hospitals for such injuries as a prolapsed sphincter – or appear to have been used as a punchbag.

So it’s basically a ‘six and two-threes’ approach – child molesters on the one hand and dysfunctional families on the other – where a shit-for-brains 16-year old mother of three has been on a bender and neglecting her brood to the point of unwashed starvation - or her alkie-druggie boyfriend’s guilty of booting the crap out of his bitch’s sprogs as a means of stress relief after the DWP and Jobcentre put the brakes on his welfare benefits and he can’t get a daily fix of B & Q’s finest vintage meths or a couple of lines of snort.

A pilot scheme fielded throughout 2011 at the prestigious Harold Shipman Centre for Clinical Excellence in Hyde, Greater Manchester, uncovered a chronicle of sexual abuse visited on vulnerable underage teen girls from neighbouring Rochdale by a gang of Paki taxi drivers – all of whom were found to have contracted doses of the dreaded ‘Karachi Clap’ – juxtaposed with the shocking injuries inflicted on pubescent boys - consistent with them being forced to engage their primary school contemporaries in gladiatorial style mortal combat at a covert Salford-based cage fighting pit located in the basement of the Eccles Old Road branch of Pestco’s Greedy Grocer supermarket.

The discovery led to the successful prosecution of staff from the Broughton branch of Flatbrokes, the UK’s ubiquitous High Street bookies, who promoted the scraps and paid off corrupt teachers at the St Sodom’s School for Latter Day Catamites to ‘borrow’ pupils for an afternoon to fill their junior ‘Fight-to-the-Death’ fixtures where 11-year old kids beat the shit out of each other with tyre irons and hockey sticks in return for a guaranteed pass in their SATS exams.

Under the new system, injured children arriving at a hospital A & E or urgent care centre will be checked on the National Ill-Health Service’s CPIF computer system which is tasked to clarify whether the youngster is on the register for kids considered to be at risk or in one of a local council’s paedo-friendly orphanages.

Dr Freddy Patel, a consultant on cage fighting injuries and 'Tomlinson's Syndrome', informed BBC Two's ‘Junior Strictly Come Scrapping’ programme that if a member of the clinical team - a nurse, doctor, pathologist or mortician - or visiting DJ - made a judgement call and believed a child might be at risk, they could escalate their concerns ‘up the ladder’ – and ultimately result in an autopsy, revealing not only the fact that the victim had suffered serious head wounds and brain damage from being subjected to a fatal 'Harwood Manoeuvre' back strike - or clubbed to death with a cricket bat, but also the fact his prolapsed anal sphincter revealed he’d been the toyboy sex slave of a cabal of sinister Tory cabinet ministers making after dark visits to his care home.

Thought for the day. Satire and black humour besides, what twisted fuck could do that to another sentient being – let alone a child? What is wrong with a mature, lusting sexperienced woman fucking your brains out? Problem is, these scumsters are sexual sadists who get off on hurting kiddies.

Thanks to the crusading likes of MPs Tom Watson and John Hemming, down in England and Wales the Plod Squad have three independent child sexual abuse investigations on the go – Operation ‘Yewtree’ (nice bit of Masonic Brotherhood symbolism there) - Operation Fairwank and Operation ‘Palliate’ - all trying to outdo each other in the whitewash / coverups department to protect their fudging, paedo' political masters.

Meanwhile, up north of the border in bonny Scotland, thanks to devolution and hence independence from Westminster oversight, Alex Salmond’s Scottish Nonce Party are still striving to divert attentions from the Hollie Greig scandal involving the alleged serial rape of special needs and disabled bairns by a notorious gang of establishment elitists Freemason paedo’s in Aberdeen – which now surpasses even Edinburgh’s infamy as a centre for rub n tug massage parlours and rent boy brothel-based sexual sin – and has been labelled across the UK and abroad as Caledonia’s new kiddie fiddling capital.

Anyone with a moral conscience who dares mention ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ and the offending parties fingered in her testament of abuse – or those guilty of suppressing and covering up the scandal – and it’s a summary swoop by the Grampian Plod Squad armed with international arrest warrants and a conjured set of charges to ensure a pantomime stitch-up trial by the secret handshake merchants running what passes for a justice system. Hmmm, doubtless William Wallace, a true Scot’s patriot, is turning in his grave.

Mind you, child molesting being a top scoring sicko sin on the human rights abuse monitor scale, that’s fuck all to what the homicidal maniacs assigned to the Israeli Defence Force are doing with Palestinian kids – kidnapping them for their internal organs to feed the rabid rabbi’s international black market transplant trade – and never a mention about the unclean goyim or things not being too kosher - or breaking Moses’ Fifth Commandment.

But there lies the character flaw in human nature – with us being an actual prime example of Mother Nature’s failed experiment with intelligence-equipped bipeds – stricken with what science is chomping at the bit to isolate in our DNA – the ‘evil gene’ – and thus demolish the foundation stone that mainstream religion sits upon viz God = good / Satan = bad.

The 'dark side' of spirituality or conscious intent besides, we’ll always be stuck with sexual deviants – fudgers, rug-munchers and paedo’s – and a line of jobseekers queuing up to work for Huntingdon Life Sciences’ vivisection / animal cruelty division, ready to punch a few beagles and put in an 8 hour shift of hamster strangling.
And let's not overlook the legions volunteering to turn on the gas in the showers at the local FEMA internment centre and stoke the camp’s crematorium furnaces – just as the Poles and Slavs – ‘and’ Jews of convenience - did for the Nazis at Auschwitz-Birkenau and a host of other Final Solution centres around Europe – until it came round to their turn to choke and burn.

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Dr Freddy Patel and Tomlinson's Syndrome - a very slick piece of Wordsmithing to get the point across.