Friday, 7 December 2012

Nobel Peace Prize goes to Warmongers

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Former Nobel laureates, including South African Archbishop Desmond Two-Three, are up in arms and screaming blue murder at plans by the shit-for-brains awards committee to present the actual 2012 Peace Prize to the Brussels-based EUSSR on December 10th.

Letters of objection from Archbishop Tutu were hand delivered to the Nobel Committee’s Oslo offices and the EUSSR in Brussels by a man bearing messages in the cleft of a forked stick earlier this week – and further signed by Mairead Maguire of Northern Ireland, who won the Peace Prize in 1976 for her efforts to bring a halt to the Proddy / Papist blood sport pastime of bomb chucking - and by Argentine artist Adolfo Perez Esquivel who won the laureate in 1980 for his human rights and wrongs activist work against the despotic rule of a series of corrupt government regimes – specifically the Peronistas and Videla military junta.

A copy of the open letter given to the media stated: “The EUSSR is clearly not the champion of peace that Alfie Nobel had in mind when he laid out the qualifying parameters for the award of the Peace Prize – albeit the Norwegian committee has taken it upon themselves to redefine the spirit of his last will and testament to suit their own warped purposes.”

The objectors added that the committee should respect the original wishes of the Nobel founder who died in 1896 and called for the $1.2 million bucks in prize money not to be paid to the EUSSR’s hierarchy – who will doubtless blow the lot on another hedonistic splurge of whores, booze and more whores around the Rue d’Aerschot – with the accompanying diploma and gold medal ending up in some Brussels pawn shop window for the price of a pint of Stella and a half-hearted blow job.

The awarding of the Peace Prize next Monday has already sparked discord within the EUSSR community itself – with several national leaders opting to skip the gross hypocrisy of the event – an act seen by euro-sceptics and critics as being reflective of the ambivalent attitude that is now fostered towards the insolvent 27 state Debtocracy.

British MEP and UKIP leader Nigel Barrage, informed one press hack that “The Nobel Committee appears to derive some perverse pleasure from courting controversy – not only for awarding the Peace Prize to the war-mongering EUSSR who are pushing for a fascist Federation of Europe and a European standing army of aggression to enforce their will, but the White House cuckoo Barky O’Barmy back in 2009.”

“Seriously, the word hypocrisy fails to cover their shortcomings as at the time they awarded the Peace Prize to this political Hope and Change joke - this Indonesian Muslim Barry Soetoro character with a forged Hawaiian birth certificate posing as a Kenyan African-American – the Great Satan was engaged in two foreign wars of aggression of their own making – and as President he’s been responsible for the extra-judicial deaths and maiming of countless civilians by authorising these despicable drone attacks – and supplying the ZioNazi terrorist state of Israel with arms to maintain their Mid-East military hegemony and further victimise their Palestinian captives in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

“Of course these are the same clowns who presented that warmongering Zionist scumbag Henry Kissinger with the Peace Prize back in 1973 – though his co-awardee, the North Vietnamese leader Le Duc Tho, refused to accept the prize. Add to this calumny the award given to Menachem ‘Skeletor’ Begin in 1973, an ex-Irgun terrorist who gained a questionable legitimacy as the PM of the rogue apartheid state of Israel.”

“And while we’re on the subject of gross hypocrisy, let’s not overlook the same prize going to US President Woodrow Wilson back in 1920 – and this is the same guy who – at the insistence of his personal Rasputin, Colonel Edward House, took the US into World War One and secured the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 following the Jekyll island conflab’ – which is the main reasons the good ole US of A is owned by the shifty Shylock banksters and in debt up to the eyeballs to this very day.”

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wiggins said...

I think the whole Nobel Peace Prize thing has got to be a piss take when past winners have included Kissinger and O'Bomber.....nuff said.